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Tales of the Blade Chapter 2-Chap. 1 of the Fallen

Swords clashed. Sparks flew. In the ancestral home of the Lorn family, three masters fought. Six swords whirled through the air, almost too fast to see. The skills on display were incredible. The combatants were very different. One was a girl, not quite ten yet, and the others were a woman and a man. The girl had a slight resemblance to the woman. It seemed, for some reason, the adults were working together. It seemed, somehow, they were losing. They were spinning, leaping, ducking and striking, so fast it defied belief. But that's what the Blademaster families had always done. Defy belief. Suddenly, the girl jumped, one sword lashing out and knocking the woman's swords away, the other disarming the man in the same way. She landed, catlike between them, a sword held to each of their throats. She stood up, keeping the blades in place.
"Relent, mother? Father?" said Ellen Lorn.

"Relent." they both agreed. Ellen drew back her swords, placing them in her belt. The two adults did the same, and they bowed.

"Come, Ellen. It's breakfast time." said Bethany Lorn. She nodded, and the group walked from the practice room inside.

Both of the girls looked similar. They both have long brown hair, and brown eyes. This was common among their family. They looked similar, but not as much as would be suspected. The man, Benjamin Lorn, had brown hair and blue eyes, and had little resemblance to either of them.

They sat down. Ellen seemed to be in high spirits. It wouldn't last.
"Ellen." began Benjamin. There was an odd note in his voice, both serious and apologetic.
"You know why you're here, right?" he asked, slowly.
"Yes. The Lorn family needs it's chosen heir, so when you didn't have children, you asked my parents if I could be the heir." Benjamin nodded.
"Yes, and my twin sister said yes, reluctantly." said Bethany.
"Obviously." said Ellen. She was getting slightly worried. Where was this going?
"Well, we have a child now. Your… brother, Felix."
"Well," said Benjamin slowly. "Family tradition says that the eldest child of the most direct route becomes the heir. That's him, not you. Do you understand now."
"Yes." said Ellen, her face dark. "I understand." she stood up, and walked from the room.
"Ellen! This position is one of great responsibility! Your mother was glad not to be chosen and-" Ellen whirled round, eyes blazing.
"A great responsibility I have been raised for since I was five. You should know. You did it. and now you say it was for nothing? At least do me the honour of understanding what you have done." with that, she stormed out of the room.
"Should we go after her?" said Bethany. Benjamin hesitated.
"No. Not now. When she comes back in. It won't be too long." he said.

It was.

Later that day, when it was starting to get dark, Ellen was roaming the gardens. She came upon a great obelisk, made of dark black stone. She sat in front of it.

And then she felt it. A wave of hatred for her and all her kind. But then…

It stopped.

And something… something touched her mind.

"What are you, little one, to bear so much hatred to your own family?" a voice asked, inside Ellen's own head.
"I am Ellen Lorn, and my family has taken from me my purpose. My life. My reason." she said, bitterly. "I'll kill them for it." The voice made a noise which, if it was human, would have been accompanied by a raised eyebrow.
"You will? Can you? Are they not older, faster, more skilled than you" it asked. Ellen nodded. Of course, she didn't mean it. Often are the times people threaten to kill their family. But they don't mean it. Who does? She didn't. But she was young. And angry.
"I can. I can beat them both at once. Older, yes. Faster, more skilled? Not a chance."
"That is quite impressive. I am Nemezure. I can grant power beyond your wildest dreams…" it said. Ellen smiled. "Then why are you here?" She could tell it didn't like that question. There was the noise of thunder in her head.
"I was sealed here long ago. By your family. They feared my power." it said.
"I don't." said Ellen.
"Then I will help you achieve your goals, if you wish. But do one thing, to prove your power." Ellen looked up.
"Prove yourself. Kill them. Tonight. Bring their blood. Then you can release me and I will help you."

Ellen nodded.
"I will return." she said, and stood up, walking back towards the mansion. It was dark now. They were probably wondering where she was. They'd soon find out.

"Where is she?" said Bethany, worried.
"I told you, I don't know!" said Benjamin, for what was definitely not the first time.
"We should have gone after her straight away! This is your fault!" she shouted.

"No, it's both your faults." said Ellen. They jumped, and broke into relieved smiles.

"Oh, thank Mew you're back, where were you, and what in mew's name did you think you were doi-" started Bethany.
"Shut up." said Ellen. She did, mostly out of surprise. Then they noticed Ellen's drawn swords, and the glint in her eyes. Benjamin realised first. He saw the intent in her eyes, the darkness, the betrayal, though whose he wasn't sure. Most of all, he saw anger, and hurt. He drew his own weapons and, realising what was happening, so did Bethany.
"Ellen, don't make us do this." pleaded Bethany. Ellen just smiled and ran at them.

Swords clashed. Sparks flew.

"We can't kill her." said Bethany, barely blocking a powerful slash that would have opened her throat.
"You're right, we have to capture her." said Benjamin, just dodging a lunge that would have skewered his heart. "If we can." But there was that thought in the back of their minds. They lost when they practised. What could make them win now?

Ellen jumped, one sword knocking Benjamins weapons out of his grasp, the other doing the same to bethany's.

Four swords skittered across the floor as Ellen landed, a blade to each of their necks.
"Submit?" she said, a twisted grin on her face. Then she moved the swords just a centimetre outwards. Then they lashed inwards.

Two great Swordsmasters died that night.

"It is done." said Ellen.
"I am impressed." said the voice.
"Why? You didn't think I'd do it?" she said.
"No. I didn't." it replied. "Touch one hand to the stone." it said. "Then wipe some blood onto your other hand and do the same." Ellen did so, and there was a mighty crack, a rumble of thunder, and a smell of sulphur, and the feeling of ageless evil.

Ellen screamed as a shadow came out of the Obelisk, without form, and shot towards her, moving into her. A blackness engulfed her entire vision, then stopped. Her vision returned.

In the clearing, there was an obelisk, cracked in two by some unknown force, and a girl, with brown hair and red eyes the colour of blood.
"Well, that was strange." observed Ellen.
"It was." came a voice from her head. "We should leave."
Slightly disconcerted, she did so. A thought cam across her mind.
What about my brother?
"He will be fine. It was foretold."

Far away, someone sat bolt upright.
"One of the five is free. Two of the Blademasters are dead." came the slightly childish voice of Mew, higher even than normal from terror.
"The prophecy has begun." said Celebi, eyes wide open in fear. "Dark times are coming.

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