So it's only 24 days until HSM3 comes out! Yay!! And to pass the time, I've decided to start this. I've seen this with other genres and stories, and I don't know if anyone's done a HSM one, so here's mine. Basically I pick a character, and make up some secrets that I think they would have. Pretty basic, right? I'm going to start off with Troy. Be gentle, this is my first time doing this. Enjoy!


Troy Bolton was a softie at heart.

He seemed like the tough basketball guy, and even when he did the singing thing, he made it look cool.

But there were more layers to him.

When Gabriella made him watch chick flicks with her, he pretended to not want to, but secretly enjoyed them. He loved when his aunt and uncle asked him to watch their two-year-old daughter, because she was so adorable. When she called him "Uncle Twoy" and looked at him with her big blue eyes, he didn't feel like the big guy on the court, but felt even more special.


Old people scared him.

He loved his grandparents very much, but when he was around other older people, he got tongue tied and nervous.
He figured that it was the way they looked at you, and you could tell they thought you were just a stupid teenager,
and not all that smart. And of course they were so much smarter than you.

Even though he wouldn't admit it, part of the reason he was scared because he knew that he would eventually be that old, and
that fact scared him more than anything.


Troy was a worrier.

He constantly worried about what other people thought of him. As the big man on campus, he was constantly scrutinized and watched, and he always worried he'd do something stupid and embarrassing, and be made fun of.

He admired Chad for that, because he made it seem like nothing bothered him, and he cruised through life with no problems.


Troy hated the color red.

It was ironic, because of course, the Wildcat's colors were red, white, and black.

But he hated red.

It reminded him of blood too much, and it was just so bright and intrusive.

He preferred a nice, calm blue, but of course that was the color of West High, so he was stuck with red.


Troy hated Top Friends on MySpace.

For the longest time, he had Chad as his top, and vice-versa.

Then Gabriella came along, and he didn't know what to do. He cared about her, and wanted her as his top, but didn't want to hurt Chad's feelings. So he put her at second.

When he checked Chad's page one day, and saw himself at second, and Taylor at first, he felt slightly left out. Even though he knew that Chad and Taylor were going through a rough spot, and Chad was trying to make amends, he still felt jealous.

He moved Gabriella to his top, but soon after was so confused, that he just made the Top Friends box on his page invisible.

But he still hated it.


Troy's favorite class was Math.

He pretended to moan and groan when someone mentioned math, but in secret, he loved it.

Once he got the equations worked out, the answers seemed to appear like magic. Simple. Easy. Staring you right in the face.
Unlike English, where you had to dig for the answer, and actually make stuff half the time. It was either right or wrong.

He wasn't a huge Calculus student or anything, but Algebra and Geometry were fun to him.


Troy didn't like rap music.

Some were okay, if they had a decent beat, but most rap he didn't really like.

He loved rock, a little pop, R&B and hip-hop, and Gabriella had even gotten him into a few musicals. But not rap.

It just didn't sound like music to him.


Troy was a chocoholic. He was obsessed with the stuff.

Even though he was too old to hunt for Easter baskets and such, his parents still gave him a big chocolate bunny for Easter.

His dad always told him not to eat too much chocolate, because it would slow him down on the court. His mom said not to, because it just wasn't healthy. He still stopped at the gas station on the way to school and bought a big bar every day, though.


Troy tried to be a nice guy, but it was hard sometimes. He faked it at times.

When he first met Kelsi, and helped her out, it was more out of habit. He didn't really care about the music, or her songs.

But once he got into it more, he got excited about the musical, and realized how incredibly talented she was.

He felt bad about not being genuinely nice when he met her, and learned to not judge a person on first impressions.


Troy had dreaded senior year ever since his first day of freshman year.

He of course, loved being on top, and all the benefits that came with that, but what happened after was what scared him.

He didn't know what the future held at all. College seemed so far away and scary, and after that, his whole life would start.

And now with the whole musical thing, he was even more confused about what he wanted to do in his future.

He just wanted to freeze in this one moment of senior year.

So what did you think? Great? Horrible? Okay? This was one of the hardest ones, because Troy's not my favorite character, but I think I did okay.

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