"Kakashi-sensei your here" A blonde boy yelled behind him.

"Yes I'm but I feel two chakra signs coming this way" The silver hair man said back to the blonde boy.

"Then take Sasuke and I'll hold them off" Blonde hair boy said back to him.

"But you'll die!" He said/yelled back to the blonde boy.

"I'll be fine and I'll run away once you get a good long way out" He said back with one of his foxy smiles.

"You better live Naruto" He said as he picks up a boy with raven hair. Once he start leaving he looks behind himself and whispers to himself "Goodbye Naruto and you are one great shinobi and a great friend to give up your life for your teammate, farewell Naruto Uzumaki"

After while Kakashi gets to the gate to see Tsunade, Jiraiya. Kiba who was hurt and was walking around with a bad leg. Sakura who had stars in her eyes seeing her Sasuke alive. Hinata and Kurenai but also Iruka and Anko.

"Kakashi where is Naruto?" The blonde hair hokage asked him.

"He not coming because he told me to get Sasuke and leave so he can hold off the two people who was heading to us" He said as he looks down which they could tell by his eye that he was crying before and they all know when Kakashi cries it's because of something like this.

"He dies just like his father Minato. He dies saving people he cares about" Jiraiya said with tears coming down his face just like everyone has.

"I'm going take Sasuke to the medic shinobis" Kakashi said as he walked over to the hospital.

With Kiba.

Kiba start walking home with Akamaru but he can't stop tearing from falling from his eyes. He never thought the day Naruto would be dead would come this fast and he never thanked him for helping Akamaru that day. *I changed the timeline the whole Akamaru goes nuts and attacks Kiba happened before Sasuke left for snake face* Now he can't say thank you and he wishes he could of say that to him.

Kiba walked in and both Hana could see his eyes of tearing.

"What wrong Kiba?" His sister asked him.

"He didn't come back because He beat Sasuke and told Kakashi to bring him back to the village as he stand back and holds off the two people who was coming to them. Naruto die saving both Sasuke and Kakashi" He said to his sister who was now shocked and started to moved her kneels to her head and cried worst the Kiba.

"Why did he? I never get a chance to tell him that I loved him" Hana said to herself which she couldn't believe that he was really gone because he was her first love. His kindness and sweetness was something that made her fall for him. His charm and that foxy smile of his that he gave her before. To her he wasn't like most men because he didn't like women because of how their look and also he had called her a beautiful woman that day when he helped Kiba and Akamaru. He help him and for none thing he just did it because Kiba was his friend. He was the most loyal and kind person in this whole village. They have hated him and hurtled him but he never stop being loyal to this village and its people. "I want to tell you how I feel about you ever if it just one time" Tsume come into the room to see Kiba standing their crying and Hana crying into her kneels.

"What wrong with you two?" She asked her son and daughter.

"Naruto die giving his life to kept both Kakashi and Sasuke safe. He stands behind in order to save both of them and I never had a chance to tell him that I loved him" Hana said to her mother who started to cry as well. She walked over to her daughter and put her head on hers.

"I guess we both never had that chance to say that to him" She said to her daughter as she cried with them. "Goodbye Naruto but you'll be in are hearts forever"

With Kakashi after he get Sasuke to the hospital which Sasuke wakes up.

"Where is the dope?" He asked Kakashi who had tears in his eye.

"Naruto is dead" He said to him.

"What do you mean" Sasuke asked back to his sensei who has few tears starting to come out of his eye.

"After the fight with you and him I come and we notice two people coming which Naruto told me to take you and flea. Also he said that he would be right behind us but I had a feeling that he was lying about being behind me and I was right he die saving our lives" He said back to his student with more tears in his eye.

"Why did he do it? I backstabbed him and tried to kill him! Why!!" Sasuke yelled with tearing coming from his eyes. "Why did you do it dope why!"

"I going made Naruto dream come true and if he comes back one day I going help him become hokage and I swear it" Sasuke said to Kakashi. "If you come back I going help you be hokage but if you never do then I going be hokage for you"

With Kurenai and Anko.

"Why did that gaki have to go and die?" She asked her friend Kurenai as tear are coming down.

"I don't know but I'm going to miss him" She said back to Anko with tears just like her.

"I'm going miss him to and his pranks" She said. "Goodbye Naruto and please be in a better place now"

With Jiraiya who standing on the 4th hokage head.

"Gakiyour dead and I failed to keep you alive just like I failed you Minato" He said with tearing coming from his face.

"Goodbye Naruto and we will never forget you and I hope that there is someone like you again" He said as he looks down at the hokage heads. "This was your dream to be hokage and now you can't be it. Dammit! I going made you pay for this snake face you bet on it!"

With Hinata at the Hinata clan house.

"Why are you crying Hinata?" Hinata father asked her with Neji behind him.

"He dead! Naruto die saving Sasuke and Kakashi lives. He told them to run away and he stand there and fought to keep his teammates alive" She said back to her father and Neji as tears come down her face.

"I see now he's dead" He said back to his daughter. "Back when he was just born and become the jailer of Kyuubi I wanted him dead but now I guess he changed me just like he did for Neji. I sorry for ever wanting you dead Naruto and I hope one day I can be forgiving and goodbye Naruto Uzumaki:

Ever Neji had some tear coming from his eyes. "This was not your fate but you have die, you helped me and Hinata be stronger and get over are fears but it looks like you never be hokage which you should have been goodbye Naruto Uzumaki"

Hinata looked up at the sky and was lost in thoughts "I'll never get to tell you that I loved you and wanted to be with you. Goodbye Naruto Uzumaki you the one that helped me so much"

With Iruka.

"Naruto you should have had a better fate then this, I remember when you painted the hokage faces. You would say that you going be next hokage believe it. I wanted to see you as the hokage and I wish you were still alive. You been in our hearts forever Naruto and we'll never forget you and hope that you will come back to us one day" Iruka said to himself as he crying.

With Tsunade and Shizune.

"Why did someone else that I care about have to die?" Tsunade said as she crying her eyes out at her desk.

"He die to keep two one of the people he cares about alive and we should honored him by keep on living just like he wanted us to" Shizune said as she tearing and ever her pong the pig is crying.

"He was like a son to me and now now he's gone for good and I never going to get to hear him call me old again and to see his smiling face" She said to Shizune.

"Naruto where ever you go when you die I hope it's a better place and that you're happy" She said to herself.

After the fight with snake face and snake face lap dog.

Naruto is laying there bleeding from his chest and legs. But as he closing his eyes he sees two dogs coming to him and he thinks he about be eaten. Once he closes his eyes a woman comes out and looks at him. She tells the dogs to carry him after her.

Three days later at the funeral for Naruto Uzumaki.

No one was partying about Naruto being dead. No one was happy that jailer of Kyuubi finally was dead. There was no happiness at all from the village. Most of the people in the village were having regrets for hurting him in the past and for hating him. No one would of guess to see how many people come to the funeral and they're all sad to see him dead. The ones that hated him were sad, the ones that hurtled him were sad and the ones that care and loved him were sad because of his death.

"We gather here to say goodbye to Naruto Uzumaki and to hope that he is in a better place now" The hokage said to them.

"Jiraiya with say few words to everyone" She said as she stepped down and let him up.

"I stand here today to talk about Naruto Uzumaki, he was someone who never knows of his family and that he was the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. He never know he was the son of the man that died saving this village when he sealed the demon inside of own son. Naruto was a kid that smiled and was there to help his friends no matter what the cost was. He was a person who would die again and again to keep the ones he loved safe and only thing he wanted was this village to see him as a human being and not Kyuubi. I hope one day that will happen but when I hoped that he would be here and alive to see it with his own eyes. Naruto was a great person and a great student who I would believe that he would have been hokage one day. Goodbye Naruto Uzumaki my student and the hero that died so young" Once he said that he stepped down with tears coming from his eyes.

Kakashi walked up and started to talk.

"I wasn't a good sensei to him but he never said I was a bad one. He thought that I was a great shinobi but I just wish I could have been a better one to him and if he was still alive then I would do just that. As I trained Naruto Uzumaki he was a crazy nut head but he had a great heart and always put his team before himself which was an honorable thing he did. Naruto Uzumaki was someone who could change a person and turn them into a good person who liked themselves and forgiven themselves for their past. He help me over come and stop blaming myself for my team death and because of him I stop living in the past and now I'm living ahead of myself. He saved me from myself and my past and I wish I could have saved him that day. Goodbye Naruto Uzumaki you are a true hero and a great person" Kakashi stepped down with tears in his eyes just like Jiraiya.

Sasuke walked up now.

"I thought he was a weak dope when I first meet him but he was stronger then everyone here. He never gave up and never let his teammates get hurt. He would always say believe it every time he could. Naruto was a teammate that you hardly could find and if you had someone like him on your team then you one lucky person. Naruto would never put himself before his teammates and that is what made him strong. No matter the cost or how powerfully the person he has to fight he will fight them in order to keep the ones he cares about safe. I don't know why he save me because I hurt him and backstabbed him but he did saved me and that is why I going to carry on his dream and to honor his name and no matter what I'm not going give up on honoring him to the end. Thank you for showing me the right path and saving me from going the wrong one. Thank you Naruto Uzumaki for saving my life at the cost of yours and one day I will make you dream come true" Sasuke stepped down and walked over to Kakashi with tears in his eyes.

Hana walked up and started to talk.

"I only know Naruto for a smart time but when I first met him he was a funny person that joked a lot and had a cute foxy smile. He helped out Kiba without asking for anything because he was his friend. Naruto was the most loyal person in Konoha and he was the most kindness one as well. After he helped Kiba and that was the day he took my heart but I never could of told him that I loved him but now I never will because he is in a better place now and that a place we can't go to right now. I hope Naruto will finally found better peace where ever he is now. Naruto Uzumaki goodbye and I will always love you no matter how long pasts and I will always hope that your still alive and that I can be with you. When I go to the next life I hope then I can be by you forever" She stepped down and cried on her mother shoulder.

Gaara came up to talk.

"Naruto saved me from my demon that is inside of me. To me Naruto was like a brother because he lived thought the same kind of life that I had to. We both had demons inside of us and because of that we lived thought a nightmare of pain and loneness. Naruto was the kind of person that would give his life for anyone in this village in a heartbeat and he showed me that on the day sound and sand attack Konoha. I was fighting in my demon form and he didn't run away because he stopped me. He fought against someone that was using demon powers and won. He didn't care if he had die that day as long as he kept his teammates alive. Naruto Uzumaki thank you for saving me from my own demon and one day I wish I could of become like you and live a happy life. Goodbye brother and farewell" Gaara walked down and which shocked everyone he had tears coming from his eyes.

Shizune come up to talk.

"Naruto helped Tsunade return to the village and that was something no one could have done. He was like a brother to me and because of that I miss him and wish he could see be here talking about eating ramen or palling a prank on something. He was a kind person that would have made a great hokage when he gets older. I will never forget him and I'll all always remember my little brother and his silly things. Goodbye Naruto Uzumaki my little brother and I hope you somewhere that you like" Once she get done she walked down beside Tsunade.

The last talker comes up and that was Tsunade.

"Naruto why did you have to die? Why did someone so young have to be taking from us? He was a great person and one kind boy. I thought of him as a son that I never had just like Jiraiya did. He was just like his father Minato and he would always wear orange clothes just like his mother Kushina. I wish I could of say goodbye to him or at least of told him who his mother and father was. Naruto I sorry that I never told you who their are

Please forgive me for not telling you. I wish you would still be alive and call me old again. I will never forget you Naruto and I wish that this never happen that you never die. But you did die and we have to go on living know that we never see you face again or hear your voice. Goodbye Naruto Uzumaki and you will always be in the hearts of Konoha" She walked down crying on Jiraiya.

One by one their put flowers at the grave.

Kurenai "Goodbye Naruto Uzumaki and I never forget you"

Hinata "Goodbye Naruto Uzumaki and I wish I could have told you that I love you"

Kiba "Goodbye dude"

Ino "Goodbye Naruto"

Sasuke "Goodbye Naruto Uzumaki and thank you"

Kakashi "Goodbye Naruto and thank you"

Anko "Why did you have to go and die? I going to miss you Naruto Uzumaki the first person that I loved"

Iruka "Goodbye Naruto and farewell"

Shizune "Goodbye little brother"

Jiraiya "Goodbye Naruto and please forgive me"

Hana "I wish I could of told you that I loved you and wanted to be with you forever so please wait for me up there"

Tsume "But me and my daughter love you and wish we could be with you right now"

Tsunade "Goodbye Naruto and wish you would come back to us"

With Naruto and the woman.

Naruto opens his eyes to see a woman that has long brown hair and two mark on each side of her face but she get green eyes.

"Who are you?" He asked her.

"My name is Rin Inuzuka and I the one that saved you" She said to him.

"I have to go back to the village and thank you" He said to her.

"What your name and you can't wait not a for at least five days" She said/asked him.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki" He said to her.

"You mean your jailer to Kyuubi and son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze?" She asked him.

"I don't know about son part but I'm the jailer of Kyuubi" he replied back to her.

"they are your mother and father" She said to him.

"I the son of Kushina and the 4th the man that sealed this demon in me?" He said/asked her.

"Yes but please don't hate him for doing that" She asked him.

"Are you the same Rin that Kakashi-sensei thinks is dead?" He asked her.

"Yea that would be me" She said to him.

"Come back to the village with him then" He said back to her.

"But I can't" She said back to Naruto.

"If you come back then I will not hate him" He said to her with one of his foxy smiles.

"Ok you win" She said to him.

Five days later in Konoha.

Hana, Anko and Tsume are sitting at a table eating dangos.

"I guess we all didn't get a chance to tell him that we loved him" Anko said to the other two women.

"Yes and I would give anything to said it now" Hana said back to Anko.

With Naruto and Rin also her two dogs Blaze and flame.

Their walking to the gates of Konoha and once Naruto gets to the two guards both of them was shocked that Naruto was alive and walking to the village.

'Naruto your alive!?" One of them yelled out.

"You better believe it!" He yelled back with a smile.

"Naruto let's get something to eat like some dangos" She said to him.

Naruto and Rin plus her dogs were walking inside the dango place.

"Hello Hana-hime . Tsume-hime and Anko-hime" Naruto said to them and once they turn around and see them their turned white as a ghost.

"You're alive!" the three women yelled.

"Yea and it all thanks to you" He pointed to Rin.

"Hello big sister" She said to Tsume.

"Rin your alive!" She said yelled to her as the other two women jumped and pin down Naruto.

"What going on?" Naruto said with sweat dropping from his face.

"Me and Tsume also Hana love you so please don't die again" Anko said as she kissed him then Hana kissed him.

"You love me?" He asked the three girls and their nodded. Naruto get up and helped the two women up. Tsume walked over to him.

"I understand that you don't want be with me because I a lot older then you but" She couldn't finish talking because she was hit by a pair of lips on hers.

"I love you three and want be with each one of you" Once he said that their all hugged him.


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