As Naruto told them he loved them, they hear someone walk into the dango place and she was none other than Kurenai Yuuhi. Naruto looked around to see her as she moves over to him and kisses his lips.

She didn't know what came over her but she had to show him how much she loved him and wasn't going let herself stop her from doing this. She though she lost all her chances to tell him but now she has one and she was going to risk it all on this on chance that she was given.

"Kurenai I'm shocked?" He asked as Anko smirks to him but Anko knows why her friend did that. Naruto on the other hand didn't know why she was doing this but he hopes that everyone isn't mad at him or her for kissing him.

"Looks like you have Kurenai-chan as one of your girlfriends as well you really are a lucky one Naruto-kun." Naruto looks at the three women but he was wondering if this was ok. He wasn't really sure about things like this worked.

"That's ok with everyone?" He asked them and they all nodded to him causing him to let out a smile. He then notices Rin with a pout on her face he was worried that he had made her sad but he was wondering how he made her sad. He couldn't think of any reason why she is pouting for he was hoping that he can make her happy again.

"What's wrong Rin-chan?" Naruto was hoping that she wasn't sad or anything. Naruto never liked to see a woman sad like this so he hopes he can cheer her up right now. She had helped him so much over the five days.

"How come you never kissed me?" Tsume was about to laugh at her sister pouting face and her pouting was all because Naruto hasn't kissed her yet. Naruto smirks to her then cups her face and kisses her lips by doing so causes Rin to smile a happy smile then kiss him back with even more passion. Naruto was glad that she is smiling again and he realizes kissing each woman around it was a lot of fun for him.

He really didn't know what he did to get so many people to love him after all he never really had anyone to love him in the past. He wonders through why each one of the women in front of him truly loves him for. He was hoping to find out soon but he had to go see his Baa-chan so she doesn't think he was dead still.

"I guess it's time I see Baa-chan and tell her I'm alive." Naruto said as they nodded which all of them started to walk out. Naruto had his hand on Tsume and Rin rear which causes both to smirk at him and kiss his neck.

Tsume starts to shake her rear causing Rin to look at her big sister and wasn't going to lose to her just because she may have a better looking ass than her. So she starts to shake her rear into his hand as well causing Naruto to blush because of both of them doing that to him. But he was hoping that they keep doing things like that to him as he comes up with more perverted thoughts and cursing ero-sensei for making him read his porn book.

"I have to ask everyone something after we get done talking to Baa-chan" When they heard Naruto tell them that they nodded to him. When Naruto gets to the Hokage office he walks in as his godfather and godmother look at him like they seeing a ghost. Naruto couldn't help but smirk at how they reacting to seeing him alive again. He was happy that he's alive and to be back with his family even if it is a weird and crazy family.

Both of them in his eyes are become his family that he ever had in his life but now he has a family and it may be growing soon. He looks over to the women he was walking with right now and smirks because it may just be growing into a very big family.

"Hello and what's up with you ero-sensei and Baa-chan?" He asked them as both of them rushed over to him and hugged him to death. Both of them couldn't believe that he was alive again. As they hugging him to death they're thanking kami for bring him back to them.

Tsunade couldn't believe that he was still alive but she was glad that she didn't give up hoping for him to be alive. For once kami had done something to her that made her happy but she knows that if he even tries anything like this again he better be died because she would start hunting him down and kill him for making her worry like that.

Jiraiya on the other hand couldn't believe that he was given a 2nd chance to make sure Naruto stays safe. He does wish he had this kind of chance back when Minato or Kushina died but he wasn't going to regret that Naruto was the one that came back alive.

"Need air please." Naruto pleaded as both let of him and told him sorry for hugging him to death. Naruto on the other hand was happy that they were this happy to see him. He never known what a family was but he does know that this truly is what a family feels like.

"How did you live?" Tsunade looked at d him as he points to Rin who both of them true their eyes to. Jiraiya and Tsunade couldn't believe that Rin Inuzuka was alive. They thought she had been dead all these years but it turns out they had been wrong.

"Rin how are you still alive?" She just shrugs her shoulders because she really wasn't going to go through this long talk again. She understands that they are shocked to see her after all these years of believing that she was died.

"I also told him who his mom and dad are." Rin said and the Hokage looked at him. Tsunade wanted to yell at her but she knows that she had the right to tell him. But she and Jiraiya wanted to tell him but they didn't want him to be hunted down by people that hated his father.

There were many people that would just love to get payback on Minato by killing his son. That was why the 3rd Hokage made a law that stopped Naruto from finding out who his family was. It was in order to keep him safe but in the end it only hurt Naruto more than being attacked by other villages.

"But before you yell at us, we didn't tell you because your father had many people that wanted to kill his family. Also for good news and that is because you're the last of your clan causing you to have more than one wife." Jiraiya said with a pervert smirk on. He was happy that his godson is still alive and was mad at him because he had something most would kill for. He going have his own harem and he wish he could have that.

"That good to know and it makes this a lot easier then and now I don't need to break the laws." Both of them look at him and wonder what he means by that but they don't need to wonder for much longer. That's because Naruto kisses Kurenai, Anko and Hana on the lip he then kisses Rin and Tsume on the lips but also grabs their ass. Tsume smirks to him as she kisses his neck then Rin whispers into his ear. "If you want, you can grab other areas." Naruto blushes few shades of red then tries to look around to hide his blushing face. His godfather and godmother are now in shocked they didn't know what do or say. Should they yell at him for dating older women or be proud of him for finding love for once.

"You make me proud Naruto you really make this old man proud. Your finally have become a man, you have pick five hot women and have good taste in them." Jiraiya said with tears coming down his eyes. Tsunade hits him on the head then hits the pervert for saying that. She then looks at the person she sees as a son with five older women. One was a mother and her daughter but also her sister was with them which Tsunade couldn't believe Naruto had get three members of the same family to fall for him.

"I really need a drink now; I really need a drink right now for kami sake." Naruto just smirks to her because she always says she needs a drink. Sometimes Naruto thinks that she drinks way too much for her own good and maybe one day he will steal all of her sake so she can't drink.

"Tell everyone that I'm alive and I have something I need to talk about with my himes." He walks out as he holds the door for his himes. Which each one of them kissed him for doing that for them Naruto really could get used to this kind of life.

When they get inside his place which everyone notices that was small and wondered how he could live in here. Tsume was wondering if he will get his clan house and if not then he going move in with her. Hana was thinking the same thing as her mother was.

"Can I ask how come you all want be with me?" Naruto asked as he sat on the bed. Kurenai sat beside him and on his other side was Anko. Tsume and Rin move two chairs over to the bed and sat down on the chairs. Hana sat down on his lap which causes him to blush a deep shade of red and making everyone giggle at him. He moves his head to the back of her neck and kisses her neck. He could live like this forever and was hoping that he will.

"For me, I love you because we both know loneness and pain by the village, but you still pushed on ever through all the shit this village pulls you in. You had never once stopped trying to be a shinobi and you did something most wouldn't have guts for and that is standing up to that snake asshole not once but three times. You saved this village when Gaara lost control and thanks to you we are all still alive. You also care about everyone that you think is a good friend of yours and I still remember when you told me that I was one of them. Your become my first love and that what made me happy but also I was kind of scary that you would hurt me in the end. But right now I'm not scary anymore to tell you that I love you." Anko said to him as he smiles to her and kisses her lips which she kisses back as their tongues start a little war. When the kiss ended Naruto was blushing deep red and Anko had a few shades of red as they pant for air.

He never no idea that Anko though that much of him but he was glad that she did but he also like their little tongue war. He was going to try and get another one from her soon because she was a great kisser.

Hana leans into his chest as she looks up at his smiling face. "How about you Hana-hime, how come you love me?" He asked her as she smiles and was waiting for this for a long time. She's going have a chance to tell him how she feels and why. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her. She could just die now and have a smile on her face forever. She looks at him then smiles before she talks.

"I love you every since you helped Kiba out, you never asked for anything for helping him because you said he was your friend. That showed me that you cared for people that kind of were mean to you. I still remember all names he called you but in the end you helped him and the two of you become friends, also when I fixed your pants and you called me a beautiful woman that what make me finally fall for you and you become my first love just like you're Anko first love. I wanted to tell you how I feel every since then but you always on missions or training that I could never tell you. When I heard you had been killed. I thought that I lost all chances to tell you how I feel about you; I just wished that I could of and now I can. So that why I love you Naruto-kun but I'll always love you." Hana told him as he kisses her lips then neck as she moans from the kiss on her neck.

Naruto was smiling because two of the five women loved him for who he was and for what he has done in his life. He was hoping that the other three love him for reasons like that as well. He then looks at Kurenai who smiles then kisses his nose. Naruto was still blushing from all the kissing he was getting from his loves.

Kurenai was smiling just like Hana because she was going to dango shop today because she was sad that Naruto was dead. She just wanted to see him one last time because she had loved him every since six years old when he kind of saved her life. Every since that she had feelings for him but because of the age she was scared to tell him. She had dreamed of him for so long and some of the dreams are make her wake up in sweat and her hands somewhere. Because of Naruto she becomes the ice queen of Konoha because only person she wanted to be with was him and no one else.

She then looks at him as Naruto starts talking again. "Kurenai-hime how long you want to be with me? Also I just want to say that I glad that you want to because I kind of had a crush on your for a while." Kurenai smiles and was kind of shocked that he had a crush on her. She then realizes that why he looked at her all the time in the chuunin exams.

He had looked at her for most of the chuunin exams at first she thought that Kakashi had turned him into a pervert. Kurenai realizes after looking at where he was staring that he wasn't a pervert because his eyes turn looking into her eyes. She had always wondered why he did that at the chuunin exams but now she knows why.

"I kind of fallen in love with you since the time you saved me six years ago. It was when that man tried putting drugs in my drink and you pushed him so he couldn't put it in my drink. I kind of found out why you pushed him later and that why I starting to like you. Please don't tell anyone this but I kind of had dreams when wake up." She then moved her lips to his ear. "I was touching myself and moaning your name out." She said as Naruto is now starting to blush a deep shade of red and somewhat of a nosebleed. Kurenai giggle and everyone else was wondering what she said but after hearing waking up and seeing that. They kind of understand what she did and was doing because that had happened to each of them at least once for other reasons and maybe same ones.

She was glad that he didn't yell at her or get mad at her. How he react to it was cute in her mind. "Also the way you helped Hinata out when she was fighting Neji showed me that you care about other people. That you would help them ever if it means getting others mad at you or hate you. When you found again Neji in the finales I watched you fight against him and never gave up when it looked like you may have lost the fight, you had stay in till the end and that when I know that you really do never give up on your word. Also like Anko and Hana you because my first true love and I'm glad that you did." Kurenai said to him as Naruto kisses her lips then whispers into her ear. "I had that kind of dreams about you to." Both of them start to blush even more but Naruto just smiles to Kurenai causing her to smile back at her.

Naruto couldn't believe that he was getting love after all these years of being alone and hated. He couldn't stop smiling at he looks at Rin. He knows he just met her and wasn't going to be sad that she didn't love him like the others. He just hopes that she likes him and hopes that she will be with him.

Rin was worried that he would not want her around when he finds out she likes him and doesn't love him yet. She just met him five days ago and it kind of hard for her to love someone. Last time she loved someone was Obito and he had been killed in order to save Kakashi life. It was hard for her to get over his death but now she can finally move on with her life but she hopes it's with Naruto.

"I hope you don't get mad Naru-kun but I don't love you. I like you a lot but I just met you and that why if you let me then I would like to get to know you and love you one day." Naruto was still smiling because he understands that he just met her and that why she only likes him. He then moves his hand telling her to come over to him. When she gets to him he kisses her lips then looks at her.

"It's ok and I understand. I still want you be with me so I hope I can get you to love me one day." She smiles at him because she was glad that he didn't get unset with her not loving him right away. She does hope that she will love him one day because so far he was a great person in her eyes.

"How come you want be with me Tsume-hime?" Tsume just looks at him before giving him a feral smirk. Then she realize something how the age again and how was she going be with him if she going be too old for him to have kids.

"First I have to ask you something and that is how are me and Rin going be with you. We're getting to old to have kids soon and well to old to do things." She had a blushing face because she didn't know why. She just looks at him and wonders what he was going to say back to her and Rin.

"That easy and also that the reason I lived the fight. Rin get me out of there but Kyuubi was one that saved my life." He told them as all five women causing them to be shocked about hearing that bloodlust demon saved him.

"Before I tell you, I have something to ask you and that is Kyuubi is a female and she loves me. She wants to date him as well but is that allowed for her to be with me?" Each of the five women look at each other before Anko speaks up.

"Sure but remember if you want new girl in your life then you have to tell us and we have see if she good for you. If she is then she can be in it but if she not good then she can't" Anko said to him as everyone nodded to her.

"It all started like this" Naruto said to them.

Flash back with Naruto and Kyuubi as he is being pulled by Rin two dogs.

Naruto wakes up in his mind again as he walks over to the cage that he knows that it holds Kyuubi inside of it. When he sees Kyuubi he notices something is new because she looks like a hot vixen, she has long red hair down to her butt that was nicely rounded. She had ruby color eyes and red colored hair that matched her eyes. Her chest was as big as Tsunade. He then starts to walk over to her as he notices that she has two fox ears on her head and nine long tails. He then realizes that this really is Kyuubi and he kind of starts to drool a little but stops when she looks at him with a smirk on her face.

"Is that really you Kyuubi?" He asked as she smiles to him then looks at him in the eyes.

"Yes it is me but I'm afraid that you going to die" Kyuubi told him in a sad tone of voice as Naruto looks at her.

"It's ok because I saved two people that I cared about so I'm ok with dying now." She just starts to look at him like he was nuts. She couldn't believe that he ok about dying just because he saved two people that he cares about. She had to handle it to her he did have a big heart to the point where he would die for someone he cares about. That was one of the many reasons why she had fallen in love with the little nut head.

"There is ways to save you but, you have to become a half demon." She was hoping that he will say yes to living even if it was being a demon like her.

"What would happen if I become a half demon?" He asked Kyuubi who just stares at him and wonders if she should tell him or not. She then starts to think of him with fox ears and tail but this changes her mind right away.

"In a few weeks you may grow ears and tails." Naruto looks at her like she's crazy because she was smiling like hell about this. Did she want to see him that much with an ears and tails like her or something?

"Why are you doing all this for me?" She looks away but slowly she looks back at him and wonders if she should tell him or not. She just hopes that he doesn't hate her for telling him he reason why she wants to help him so much.

"Because I love you and have for a long time now." Naruto was now in shocked that her who is the Kyuubi queen of hell said that she loved him. He had no idea someone like Kyuubi who is queen of demons would fall in love with someone like him.

"Really you really love me?" He asked her like he couldn't believe that he was hearing it. Kyuubi really liked how he was reacting because it was fun to see how he couldn't believe her when she told him.

"Yes, also you can mark other females with the mate mark. It stops them from aging so that you'll never out live them. A half demon is just like a full and can't die of age." Naruto nods his head to her.

"How come you love me?" She just smirks to him and slowly looks into his eyes before she opens her mouth again.

"Because you are willing to give you life for people that hurt you and that you care about. You always seem to get hurt because you don't want people that you care about getting hurt. You're the first human that I've met that cares more than his heart can allow him. You're the sweetest boy I have ever seen ever when people were hurting you and hating you, you never stop believing that there are good people in the world that will see you for a human not a monster" Kyuubi said to him as he was shocked that she feels that way for him still.

"You have to wait up now Naruto-kun" She said to him as his start opening his eyes.

End of flashback.

He sees Tsume, Hana and Rin drool and thinking about something but he has a feeling it was just like Kyuubi. "Why are you drooling you three?" They just look at him as they realize what they were doing. All three of them are pink making it way to their cheeks right before they try to hide the fact.

"I bet they're imaging you with fox ears and tail." All three of them send evil glares at Kurenai for saying that. Naruto just realizes how he is going take all of them on a date at the same time.

"How is dating going to work?" Tsume just smirks because she was thinking of the same thing because it was hard to date five women at once but even harder to do other things with them all at once.

"Who is free for you to date today?" That causes Kurenai. Anko and Hana hate their bad luck. "I have to work at the vet office today but Anko has work and Kurenai has her genin team." Rin and Tsume are now looking at each other.

"I guess he can take the two of us out for today." Tsume was smirking towards her little sister causing Rin to wonder if this was really good idea. Rin never really understands her big sister most of the time or any of the time really.

"But first I want to know why you want to be with me Tsume-hime." Tsume was now looking at him because she was hoping he would have forgotten about asking her that. She wants him to know but she just doesn't want say in front of everyone

"You have helped my family out so much without asking for anything in return for helping us. You have always put your love ones and teammates lives before your own life, you showed that you would never leave a teammate to die. You have all the right things for an Inuzuka woman to fall for you." Naruto smiles to her because he was glad that she felt that way for him and he wasn't going to lose her.

"How am I going to go on a date with two people at the same time going to work?" Tsume smirks to him then looks at her sister. "That's easy you going take us both to somewhere to eat with you and after later is up to how well you do on the dinner part."

"When should I take you out on this date?" Tsume looks around to see what time it is but when she finds his clock she sees that it's already 1pm. "In five hours and you better not be late Naru-kun." She looks at him but Naruto looks to Rin for help but she just smirks to him.

"Let's go and let Naruto-kun do things before his date." They all nod their heads to Rin and kiss him goodbye before all of them leaving his place. Naruto was now wondering what he has to do on a date because he had never had one till now.

"Maybe I should ask someone but not a pervert like Kakashi-sensei or ero-sensei. Maybe Iruka-sensei can help me on this one." He starts to walk out of his place and heads for the Shinobi School to visit Iruka-sensei.

When he gets there he sees all the students leaving and he figures they let the kids out early today. He goes to the classroom he knows that Iruka-sensei teaches and hopes he can help him or he's going be doomed.

Naruto walks in and sees Iruka filling out paperwork that's on his desk. "Iruka-sensei can you help me with something?" Iruka was wondering why Naruto is here of all places asking for help and not his genin sensei. Iruka was also shocked that Naruto was still alive but he just hopes he's isn't seeing things.

"Naruto how come you're asking me for help and not your genin sensei but also how are you still alive?" He looks at Naruto because Naruto just looks at him funny. "Because if I go to that pervert I'll end up being hurt badly and I'm alive because no one can kill me." He just sits down in one of the desks.

"What do you need help with and I'm glad that you're still alive Naruto." Naruto closes his eyes and opens them. "I have a date with Tsume-hime and Rin-hime but I don't know what you do on a date." Iruka wants to laugh but he knows he shouldn't because the reason Naruto never had a date was because of what he has inside of him.

Iruka looks at him and realizes that Naruto is going to need a lot of help on this matter so he wasn't going to let Naruto down. "I guess I can help you but I can see why you didn't want Kakashi to help on you on this."

"That's because Kakashi-sensei is a pervert and would get me into a lot of pain with Tsume-hime if I did something perverted." Iruka let out a laugh at that but Naruto just looks at him like he's nuts. "How are you going to help me?" He asked his first sensei who just goes over things he should do for the next two hours.

When Naruto finally gets home he wonders if he can really do this and do well on his first date but he does hope he doesn't mess up.


How will Naruto do on his first date? Will he mess it up or will it go good for him? You just have to wait and see.