Alright people – Here we have a 600 word challenge to involve the words "Night" and "Stars" and the pairing it Ashitaka and San from Princess Mononoke.

Thankies to Viki for challenging me :3

Ashitaka woke, his arm tingling with remembered pain from the demon-mark that was healed that fateful night. He sighed, sitting up and then rising from his bed in the new Irontown and walking through the silent streets to the gate, slipping out the small side-gate without a sound.

As soon as he was out of the walled confines of Irontown, he ran across the fields rolling over the hillsides, the moonlight caressing the grass as it waved in a gentle breeze. He stopped, standing half-way up a hill and taking a deep breath. He loved the forest. It had grown back since being destroyed, but still the trees were young, and very few Kodama were seen. He made his way to the top of the hill, and stopped in surprise. San looked across to him from her position lying in the long grass.

"Ashitaka, the stars are beautiful tonight." He looked to the sky and gasped in surprise. He was always so busy looking at the forest that he forgot to admire the stars. Looking back down to San, he tried to figure out which he thought more beautiful. He smiled to himself – it was an easy dilemma.

"Not as beautiful as you, San." Ashitaka said softly, lying in the grass beside her and looking back to the stars – pretending not to notice the blush on her usually pale cheeks.

"Ashitaka. I meant to say before…" San seemed uncomfortable, and Ashitaka was careful to keep admiring the stars hung in the night sky. He wasn't going to make it any harder by staring her out. "I'm really sorry. Back then – when we were fighting with Eboshi and the Monk and the Nightwalker. I hit you with the dagger you'd given me." As if to illustrate her point she sat up, pulled the dagger out from beneath her dress and let it rest in the palms of her hands. Ashitaka smiled and sat up beside her, pulling her into a tight hug.

"Don't worry San. I understood. The demon curse protected from the worst of the harm anyway, so you needn't feel bad." Ashitaka soothed, stroking the earthy green fringe from her sparkling eyes as she pulled back.

"But I..!" She tried to object, fiery as ever, and to stop the impending argument before it became one, Ashitaka gently but firmly took her shoulders and pulled her closer. The words died on her lips as they were set blazing with hot energy at the touch of Ashitaka's lips to her own. She found herself lost – there wasn't ground beneath her feet, not stars in the sky. There wasn't night or day or darkness or light. For the briefest of moments, there was only Ashitaka.

"I love you, San." Ashitaka whispered, the words being carried on the breeze and across the grass that bowed aside to let it pass. Then the breeze stopped, and Ashitaka held his breath as he awaited the reply of the wide-eyes girl he cared so much about.

"I…" San stuttered, knowing she felt the same but that words were somehow inadequate to express the feelings smouldering hotter inside her than the iron in the furnace within that walled town.

"It's alright San, you don't have to-" He was pulled into a gentle, loving kiss that stopped his reassurance before it had a chance to finish.

"I love you too, Ashitaka." They shared another kiss, and lay back down in the grass, cut off from everything but the starry sky and the wind-swept grass that seemed to be carrying the message of their love across the entire forest.

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