AN: just a little drabble about one of my favorite couples on the series.

again, thanks to my betareader, epk95m.



There were many misconceptions about it. The dark was dangerous; was evil; represented fear. The dark had gleaming eyes that watched you, just waiting to pull you in and destroy you.

For her, however, the darkness represented something else altogether.

It was courage, honor, being true to your own desire and not caring about what others thought of them. The darkness did have eyes to her, but they were different from the norm. They glowed a brilliant crimson that showed little, if not no need for others. They showed the strength that was necessary to stand strong against the criticisms of others and make your own way.

It hadn't always been that way though. She'd been taught all her life that the shadows were to be feared, and indeed she had, right up until the time she'd met him.

She was born of light, and light could not be one with darkness. But…

She was drawn to the dark, just like she was drawn to him. If asked, she would give up her light in a heartbeat and disappear into the night.

Because just like she was in love with the darkness…

She was also in love with him.

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