I know I haven't been writing lately. I'm kind of doing it in spurts because all of my really good ideas come in spurts. This is a one-shot with Annabeth. I usually like to add a lot of dialogue so I hope this one sounds okay without it. Please review!

Thinking of You

School. A young girl walked out of her apartment in New York, and down the cold, gray steps. She had long blonde hair and the most beautiful gray eyes. She was bundled up in a winter coat, gloves, and a hat. She had a plaid bag draped over her shoulder as she stared absent mindedly at the ground. It was winter and it was a cold one. At this time of year the girl should be excited for Christmas. She loved everything about it. The Christmas trees, baking cookies, laughing with friends and families, and exchanging gifts were all things she loved. But this year she wasn't excited. She was thinking, but not about Christmas. She seemed to have been doing it a lot lately. Her life was getting harder everyday. Her dad was constantly yelling at her. Her friends… well she had none. Except for those at Camp Half-Blood.

Camp. She thought about it as she continued walking. She missed camp. It was the only place she felt safe. The only place that could protect her. She thought back to when she was little. In her tiny eyes, camp was her world and she wouldn't have it any other way. She had been having more encounters with monsters. It could only mean one thing; the prophecy was getting closer. That's another thing she had been thinking about. It sent chills running up and down her spine. She was so scared for what the future held for her. Who would live? Who would die? How much would her life change after the war? Would Grover be okay? Would Percy be okay?

Percy. Her mind wandered to a dark hair boy with sea green eyes. He was probably the person she missed the most. She thought back to the picture she had on her night stand. It was of her and the boy. Chiron had taken it over the summer. The gray-eyed girl was on the young hero's back. They were staring into each others eyes and each had a huge grin on. They had just beaten everyone in the three legged race. After which Percy did a victory lap with her on his back. A smile played on the demigod's lips as she thought back to that point in time.

Time. What had happened to the two of them? They used to be the best of friends. Now everything was changing. The confused girl didn't know if the change was for better or worse. She thought back to the memories she had of him. The first time she kissed him. Her cheeks changed a light shade of pink, but it wasn't from being in the cold. When they held hands in the Labyrinth. Even if it was just because it was dark, it was still special. The slow dance that they shared. Winning the chariot races together. The first time she looked at him.

He drools in his sleep. She thought about what she missed most about him. The bravery that he showed when she was around. The way he called her Wise Girl. Battling it out, testing their skills on one another. His determination. The way he cared for his friends. His ongoing discovery of his skills. His desire to do more. The way he made her feel when he was around.

Why? Why did she feel this way? She had never felt this way before. Why did she have to catch her breath every time he looked at her? Why couldn't she stop staring? Why did she want to smile when he smiled, even when times were tough? Every time they were together she felt something new. It overwhelmed her entire body. She was really confused. But to answer the question "Why?" well she didn't know. They were just friends.

Friends? Everyone always teased them, said they would end up together. They avoided all situations like that. But it was getting harder and harder to avoid. Maybe she did like him. But she could never tell anyone, especially him. What if he didn't like her?

What if… The girl hadn't realized how far she had walked. She looked up from the sidewalk and found a red brick building in front of her. Kids were walking in and out. Chatting with friends. Finishing up on homework. Listening to music. Her attention turned to a particular boy who was sitting alone on the stone railing. He seemed to be looking for someone. His hands were messing with his zipper but his mind was on a completely different planet. He looked up. He had dark hair and sea green eyes. He looked in her direction and in a single second, all his attention was focused on her. A million thoughts flooded her mind as she ran up to the boy. She embraced him in a hug then pulled away. They were staring into each other's eyes and each had a huge grin on. And then she knew.

Thinking of you.

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