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Thinking of You:

Chapter 2

Dreams. The young boy woke up that morning in a cold sweat. He had dreamt about her that night. They were running, running along the beach near Camp Half- Blood. She turned around and gave him a lopsided smile as he sprinted after her. Her long blonde hair blew in the wind as she ran, slamming against her back every other step with a small swishing sound. He wanted to catch up so bad but couldn't. Every time he had gotten close enough to touch her, she gained incredible speed and left him waiting in the dust, wanting her even more.

Clocks. The beeping of the alarm woke him up. The black-haired, sea green-eyed boy crawled out of bed and slammed down on the annoying clock. He sat on his bed, in Mountain Dew sleep pants and a blue t-shirt. His bare feet felt cool against the hard-wood floor of his apartment bedroom in New York. He picked up the silver picture frame that was sitting on his bed-side table and smiled at it. It was of him and the same blonde haired girl. She was on his back and they each had a huge smile on their faces. Chiron had taken it during their victory lap after they won the three legged race. For once they weren't arguing or fighting; they were smiling and having the time of their lives.

Fun. He remembered it. He always had fun when he was with her. Well…most of the time. Even when they were fighting though, he was still having fun, as long as they were together. He missed it though. It had been a few months since he last saw her. He heard she was going to school in New York but never had the guts to go and see her.

Guts. When it came to those he had absolutely none. He knew how he felt about her. Ever since the first day he laid eyes on her he had that feeling that she was going to be an important part in his life. But that last summer it had gotten even worse…or better. He had no clue if it was a good thing or not, he just knew it was there. Even though he knew he had feelings for Annabeth, he couldn't do anything about it. What if he told her and everything fell apart? What if she didn't feel the same way?

Questions. There were so many. Does she like him? Is there a future between the two of them? Could they ever get along well enough to maintain a relationship? Was he mature enough for a relationship? Why was he such a baby? He should have visited her by now. Why hadn't she come to see him? She knew where he lived. Did she really even care?

Answers. That was it. Within minutes the green-eyed boy was dressed and outside of his apartment, running down the street. He had to know if there was any use in even worrying about these things. He knew what school she was going to and he knew where it was at so all he could do was get there. The entire time she was on his mind. He noticed he was smiling and he knew why. Very soon he would be with the person that he thought about for months on end. The only person that made him feel at home wherever they were. He needed to know if she felt the same way, if he was always on her mind.

Wise Girl. She was…beautiful, smart, incredible, athletic, an amazing fighter. There were so many things about her that he…loved? Yeah, loved. He loved her laugh, the way here gray eyes lit up when she was excited. He loved the way that she had enough confidence for the both of them. She didn't doubt herself. He loved the way that…the way she looked at him right before he went into battle…right before she kissed him. It was the kind of look that made him feel like she liked him back.

Feelings. He felt like he had just run a marathon. He arrived at the school and didn't see the gray-eyed girl anywhere. He decided to wait on the stone railing on the front of the school. He looked all the kids over searching for one in particular. They were walking in the school, getting ready for their day. Their world seemed so real. He felt like Annabeth wouldn't have belonged in it.

Annabeth. He almost forgot. He scanned the crowd again and looked up to find that blonde-haired, gray-eyed girl running up the steps to him. He couldn't help but smile. He met her half way down the steps and embraced her in a huge hug. He pulled away and couldn't help but think about how beautiful she was. They looked into each other's eyes, each with a huge smile on their face. Within that second, standing there with her, he knew all the answers

Thinking of you too.

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