Ah… this is the life. Captain of the soccer team, every material thing I've ever wanted, a terrific family, so…why do I feel like I'm missing something important?


Ugh! Here comes Newton again. He has got to be the most annoying, big headed, conceited jerk ever to walk the planet! I swear all he cares about is himself! Guys like that make me sick, although no one would really care. The school 'freak', the skater girl everyone looks down on, thinks she's stupid. I hate being that girl, but I can't stop being a tomboy. It's what I've always done, being as self conscious as I am. It's just always been my way of getting people off my back. Getting people to leave me alone

My best friend, Alice, is always trying to get me to wear a skirt, or any actual girl's outfit for that matter. She pouts every time I refuse, but I won't give in again! She got me to do it once when I was in middle school and everyone just stared at me, the guys were all drooling on themselves. After that incident, I tried to blend in with the backdrop more than ever. I hate being the center of attention. The bell rang and I dashed out the door before Mike could find the opportunity to talk to me. It was lunchtime Finally!!

I got my lunch and sat with Alice and her new boyfriend that she was crazy about, Jasper Cullen. A lot of the guys at this school are like Mike, conceited jerks. But, Jasper was actually nice; he seemed to have such a calming affect on Alice. And, They just made an adorable couple. I sat down and Alice looked up at me and smiled, I couldn't help but smile back. "Hi Allie, hey Jazz." I said, nodding to Jasper. He smiled and nodded back. "What's up?" I asked between bites of my pizza.

Alice got that evil smile that meant it had something to do with her trying to dress me up like her own personal Barbie doll. I gulped and my eyes went wide. "Alice…" I asked slowly. " Just calm down. You know you don't want to turn me into Bella Barbie again." Her smirk just got bigger and she said,

" I have the perfect out fit already picked out." I groaned, and put my head in my hands.

"Jasper…" I whined, "Please help me!" He just smirked slightly and shook his head.

"Sorry Bells, I'm just as helpless as you are when it comes to Alice and dress up." He shrugged and I looked down at my piece of half eaten pizza and pouted.

"Whipped" I muttered under my breath. He must have heard because he chuckled softly and put his arm around Alice's tiny waist.

After school I walked with Alice to jaspers car because they carpool since they're neighbors. And we all wonder what took them so long to tell each other how they felt, considering they've been carpooling since Jasper moved here n the Seventh grade. Oh well… After saying goodbye to them I began my walk over to my old, red Chevy. I, being the klutz that I am, and spacing out thinking about the torture that awaited me from Alice tomorrow, tripped over my own two feet when crossing the busiest part of the parking lot. Just then, a flashy, silver, Volvo S60R whipped around the corner. I froze, too scared to move, I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights, how ironic. The driver must have seen me because he slammed on his breaks, the car stopping just inches from my face. I had closed my eyes, braced for the impact.

"Are you alright!?" a velvety voice screamed, somewhere near by. I opened my eyes; maybe the car did hit me, because the person standing in front of me had to be an angel. I wanted to tell him that I was fine but no words would come out, so I just nodded. My vision was shaking, was there an earthquake? After a moment I realized it was me who was shaking.

The angel stepped foreword and offered me his hand to help me up. I just stared at it for a second, he must have assumed something because after a moment he grabbed both of my hands and pulled me to my feet. He had a look of great concern plastered on his face. But as I settled on my already unstable feet I fell foreword into his chest. Oh GOD! I blushed, and he caught me. He had such strong arms. I felt so right, in his arms, I wanted to just stay there forever; as soon as I realized what I was doing I jumped back blushing. "S-sorry" I stuttered. He just looked at me curiously, then he flashed the most breathtaking crooked smile.

"No-no. It should be me apologizing. I very nearly ran you over." His smile disappeared. "Are you sure you're all right?" he asked again, worry creasing his forehead. I nodded and gave a weak smile. "Good." He sighed, the looked me over. "I don't think I caught your name." He said smiling at me again.

"Bella Swan." I answered with a blush. " And you would be..." I trailed off.

That crooked smile of his got even bigger if possible. "Edward Cullen ma'am" he answered as took my hand in his and kissed it. I blushed a deep red color and he straightened up. " Well, Miss Bella Swan. It was a pleasure meeting you this afternoon, although I do apologize for the circumstances." he said, motioning to his car with an apologetic and embarrassed look on his god-like face. Just then, the person in the passenger seat of his car honked the horn loudly, startling both of us. "It seems my brother is getting impatient, perhaps I'll see you tomorrow Bella." Edward mused as he walked back to his car and took off.

Edward Cullen… he has the same last name as Jasper. How come he's never mentioned him before? I'm sure I've never seen him around campus though. I would remember a angelic face like his, and his tousled bronze hair. I couldn't get the image of him out of my head, not that I wanted too, and the ache I felt in my chest was like I was missing a part of me I never knew I had until now. What's the big deal with Edward Cullen?


I sighed as I got in my car, 'Yet another boring day at school.' And not even any soccer practice to lighten my mood. I waited as Rose and Emmett climbed in. Jasper had taken to driving his girlfriend home from school so he wouldn't be riding with us today. I swear… I don't think I've ever seen someone more love-struck than Jasper when he's around, Alice, was that her name? oh well. I backed smoothly out of my parking spot and hit the accelerator.

But, as I swung around the corner I saw a girl trip in the middle of the street, she saw me and just froze. Her eyes went wide and then she shut them just as slammed down hard on my brakes. Ii scrambled out of my seatbelt and flung the door open. "are you all right?!" I called as I raced around to the front of my Volvo. There, in front of my bumper was an angel. She had the most delicate heart shaped face and shining brunette hair that fell in natural light curls around her shoulders, framing her perfect face. She slowly opened her eyes and stared up at me with an indescribable look on her face. She was shaking and I reached out my hand to help her up. She just stared at me a moment, I think she was going into shock. I took her hands in mine and pulled her to her feet, anxious to see if I had hurt her.

She seemed to sway slightly on her feet and fell foreword into my chest. She was so light, and when I wrapped my arms around her to steady her it felt so… right, for lack of a better word. She fit so perfectly in my arms I could have just held her like that forever. She pushed away blushing what felt like too soon. I longed to hold her again. But that blush on her face made me smile, she truly is adorable.

"S-sorry" she stammered. Her voice was like the tinkling of bells. It was beautiful and suited her perfectly. I couldn't help but smile again,

"No-no. It should be me apologizing. I very nearly ran you over." I realized the reality in my words and my smile faded. I had nearly run over this Fallen Angle in front of me. "Are you sure you're all right" I asked her again, my eyebrows creasing with worry. She smiled and nodded at me and my heart fluttered nervously. "good." I replied. My mind was befuddled and I smiled again. "I'm afraid I didn't catch your name." I said politely. She looked kind of embarrassed but turned to me and said,

"Bella swan. And you would be..." she trailed off waiting for m answer.

"Edward Cullen ma'am." I smiled as took her right hand and kissed it like the gentleman my parents had taught me to be. She blushed that delicious shade of pinkish red again. "Well, Miss Bella Swan. It was a pleasure meeting you this afternoon, although I do apologize for the circumstances." I said as I motioned to my car absently slightly embarrassed. Then Emmett, being the impatient idiot he is honked the horn causing us both to jump in surprise. I sighed inaudibly. "It seems my brother is getting impatient, perhaps I'll see you tomorrow Bella." I said as I strode over to my door and got in, and reluctantly drove off. Bella… Bella Swan… Her name just seemed to roll so naturally off my tung. How strange. What's the big deal with Bella Swan?