Skater girl chapter 10


Why on earth was he here!? I had come here to get away from him and relax with Alice. Oooh, this was a nightmare. I was so angry with him back at school, how will he ever forgive me?

Wait. I want him to forgive me? What the heck is wrong with me? He should be apologizing! He was about to play me! He had another gorgeous girl and he chooses to tease me and say that he loves me. How could I have been so stupid as to believe him?

But… the way he's looking at me right now. His eyes are practically swimming in pain and… what was that? It kind of looked like… desperation? Regret? Was he sorry?

No! I won't forgive him. He can get down on his knees for all I care; I still won't forgive him at all.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him icily. He blinked and seemed to check back in at the reality hotel. Idiot.

"Uhm… I-I came with Jasper" he replied lamely. So, he didn't intend to apologize? Jerk. Yeah, yeah, I'm a hypocrite sue me. Sure, I wouldn't accept his apology, but if he ever cared about me he would apologize. Good, I was right in my decision not to forgive him!

-Insert internal sigh- not good. I was still crazy about him.

Well that stinks.

"Well obviously you came with Jasper. He's the only decent guy allowed in this house." I replied stiffly, glaring at him. I wanted him out.



Her eyes practically screamed that I was unwelcome here. I sighed but decided that unless she ever did give me another chance… I was royally screwed.

Even if she did give me another chance, she'd kill me after the first date.

No, wait. She'll kill me anyway, even if I don't get another chance.

"Can I talk to you a minute Edward?" I heard Alice squeak up after Bella had been staring me down for a good minute and a half.

"Sure Alice." I responded, trying to swallow the lump that Bella's look was causing to form in my throat.

I followed Alice out to the foyer and leaned against the wall.

"Why on earth would you let Bella believe that you were cheating on her?" Alice huffed angrily at me, well more huffed angrily at my shoulder seeing as she didn't come up past there.

"Whoa there. Let her? I was trying the whole time to tell her that I've never even met that girl before she came up screaming to me in the cafeteria. But, she wouldn't have any of it! I tried Alice. I really tried." I hung my head. Why was Bella so stubborn?

Then I felt an impact to the side of my head and my cheek was stinging. Alice had slapped me! Actually SLAPPED me!

"No you did not! Would you have been ok with a boy walking up to you and Bella and accuse her of cheating then her deny that she's ever met him? And this was after you've been teased as almost a social outcast all your life and having your only other relationship hurt you in ways you'd never known possible, along with your parents being divorced and never being able to see your mom hardly all. Would you think that the most beautiful person in school would settle for you, the skater chick, in reality? You'd think it were a fairytale wouldn't you?"

I had no way to respond. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open in shock. Alice had practically just told me Bella's life story in under thirty seconds, and I felt like crap just imagining myself in Bella's position. But, I did understand the whole "most beautiful person at school settling for you…" thing. Bella had almost settled for me. But, there's no way that Bella could feel the same. Could she? I mean, she's the most gorgeous girl I've ever laid eyes on. She was a goddess among men.

"Uhm… Edward?" A melodic voice broke my reverie. And there stood Bella, looking not only upset but also murderous. I really hope that murderous part was not directed at me.

"Oh, y-yes Bella?" I asked trying to be polite. I didn't want her blowing up at me.

She sighed. "Edward… I can't trust you. I'm sorry, I don't trust pretty boys." At that she smirked, teasing me. I smiled, and chuckled.

"Easily taken care of, now where was that tanning salon and hair dresser?" I questioned just as teasingly, smirking but then my face softened and we both knew we really had to just talk this out.

"Look, Edward. I'm not sorry at all. I mean if you wanted a strawberry blonde supermodel you just had to say so! I mean, why did you even bother TALKING to me!? Would it have been that hard to just… ignore me like everyone else?" She was getting pretty ticked again, but trying to control herself all the same.

"Bella, calm down" I told her, putting my hands on her shoulders and tried to soothe her without crossing the lines. "I wouldn't want some egotistical, air headed little girl trying to play princess when I could have a smart, funny, beautiful, admittedly sarcastic, witty women instead? And also, Strawberry blonde is a ridiculous color for hair." I snorted in disgust. Bella still glared at me, she was still angry with me, and was not accepting flattery on her behalf at the moment.


Not that I was lying, I was just helping that maybe my point of view would soften her up a bit.

"Edward. Flattery will get you no where in this situation." She said, as she crossed her arms and raised one eyebrow expectantly.

"B-but Bella! It's the truth. I wouldn't want anyone but you…"

She blushed the most delicate shade of red I'd ever seen, though she was still very angry with me, it was apparent in her eyes.

I really screwed this one up. Sigh…

"Look, Bella. I would never tease you, lie to you, or ever intentionally hurt you in any way." I took one of her hands gently in mine, hoping she wouldn't pull away.

"Edward, I'm not used to people I barely know telling me that they love me. It's just too rushed. I don't have a great history with dating so I have trust issues. Don't take this the wrong way but it just seemed like you were only saying you "loved me" to mess with my head. I didn't want it to be true... but it never made sense for you to love me. I just can't believe it." She was looking down now.

Maybe I had been too sudden with everything now that I think about it. "All right. What about we start over. Completely clean slate. Take it slow and just get to know each other as friends? Would that be ok?"

Bella sighed and pulled her hands from mine. Uh-oh.

"Edward, I'm not sure about this. I'll have to think about it for a while. To be honest, I just don't like you at the moment all right. Good bye." And before I knew what was happening she was gone and her skateboard that was lying against the wall by the door had disappeared with her, and I heard a fain bump as the board collided with the cement.

BPOV (while Alice is talking to Edward)

UGH! Why can't he leave me alone? Doesn't he know that I'm mad at him, god that boy must be thick!

I felt the cushions of the couch give next to me as someone sat down. If it was Edward I swear I'll…

"Bella, can we talk?" I heard the clam and comforting sound of Jaspers voice from next to me and relaxed my rigid position slightly and faced him, face impassive.

"Sure Jazz, what's up? Something with Alice?"

"No, not really." He said, smiling softly. Jasper always makes me feel better; he has such a calming personality. "It has more to do with you and Edward."

"Aw Jazz… no. I won't forgive him. I mean, why should I? He's just teasing me." I know I was being stubborn, but that's just me I guess.

"I'm not asking you to forgive him Bella, I'm just asking that you try to keep your mind open and see this from his point of view. Edward is a sincere guy and he wouldn't lie to you, especially concerning affairs of the heart. You'll see that he's really a decent guy after all." He said this with his hands clasped, elbows on his knees looking out the opposite window, deep in thought. He looked over at me after a silent moment and I sighed.

"I won't promise you anything Jazz. I'll try but…" I looked out the window and huffed as I heard Alice yelling at Edward in the other room.

Jasper just smiled and left for the kitchen as I went to calm the angry pixie… you know what, he probably deserves Alice's wrath right now. Maybe I shouldn't save him… but by the time this thought was finished Alice was behind me shoving me forward hissing.

"Bella… just talk to him." And before I could protest, the jerk face that we all know as Edward was standing in front of me. Guess I don't have a choice with an angry pixie behind me.

"Uhm… Edward?" I started, trying to gain his attention seeing as he was staring off into space. All of a sudden he looked over when he heard my voice and a look of panic took shape in his eyes. Good. He should be scared.

"Oh, y-yes Bella?" he stuttered, ha! I was so scaring the crap out of him. I was mentally doing a little victory dance. And as our conversation flowed I ended up ranting and he was holding my hands asking to be friends. How did that happen? Whatever, I need to go and think this through some more; I was certainly NOT ready to forgive him, if I ever did at all.

"Edward, I'm not sure about this. I'll have to think about it for a while. To be honest, I just don't like you at the moment all right. Good bye." I said as I pulled my hands from his and headed for the door.

I need to clear my head. And a ride is the perfect way to do that!

I quickly pulled my board from beside the door and took off, god the wind felt good as I sped along the sidewalks. It's been too long since I just rode for a while, no destination in mind…

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