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A/N Okay I am a very bad person. I swore that when I posted my second story (Unknown) I would not write any more stories but I had another idea and I am breaking that pack by placing this on. I feel bad for kind of leaving the other stories hanging but I am going to try and post a few chapters for each story. Well I got this idea from camp rock… now I know what your thinking – camp rock?? It is the Disney channel movie and my flat mate's niece came over and we watched it. The first time it was cute – second I wanted to die. I know what you're thinking how bad could it have been? Well we have tivo… So I had to watch it about twenty times… stupid tivo. Well here it is!

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Camp of Dreams

Chapter 1

(Bella's point of view)

As the bell rung everyone around me screamed in joy and bounced up and down. For them it signaled freedom for me it signaled being sent away to some camp just like every summer of my youth. This time I was being sent away to a camp that would help with my culinary arts. Cooking was my joy, my passion.

The camp was a very special camp. Instead of arts and crafts you picked your choice of lessons or classes you would like to take. There were many choices available such as; music, teaching, child care, dance, singing, cooking, acting, fashion, law, and sports.

It was an amazing opportunity and I, for once, was looking forwards to camp. I wouldn't let anything ruin this chance. The best part is that at the end of the summer they had a contest in the entire subjects. Cooking you had to create dishes that inspire the palette and they had talent scouts coming.

Talent scouts who could take me away from this boring life I have in New York. You would think that New York life would be exciting and amazing! But sadly life here was not as exciting as it sounds. It was the same thing everyday, wake up, go to school, come home, eat, homework, and then bed. I am constantly left alone with the maids and butlers while my high class parents were somewhere getting publicity.

I was pulled out of my silent thoughts when the populars Marcy, Tiffany, and Lee walked up to me and sneered. God I hate high school.

"So where are you going this summer swan? Where are your mommy and daddy sending you this time?"

I looked down and answered, "That is my business." I replied coldly.

They smirked. "Yeah, that's what we thought. So Swan, mommy and daddy don't want you again this summer?"

I looked up into their dull blue eyes and laughed, "Wow. I thought you guys were just ugly. I didn't know you ugly and stupid.

That swiped the smirks right off their faces and they looked at me like I was the devil. "Like you should be talking swan. You are ugly, not us."

I couldn't argue. I knew how ugly I was. I have plain brown hair that looks like I didn't brush it and my ivory skin made me look lifeless. I had a slight frame and my lips were off balance. My eyes are dull and boring. I hate how I look but it doesn't really matter. You don't become a chef on how pretty you are.

I smiled. "Well ladies I am off. Don't let your faces get uglier this summer." I walked swiftly out the door and by the time I was in the hall I heard them scream. Wow that was a good ten seconds it took them to realize what I said had been an insult. A new record.

I hailed a taxi and told him my street address. He nodded and drove off at crazy speeds but I was used to it. After a silent ride the car stopped outside of my apartment and I handed him the money.

I walked up to the front doors and the doorman named Jeff who was in his thirties looked down and smiled kindly at me. He was my only real friend and he was a great person. I usually spent my time down here talking to him or reading.

"Hello Miss Bella."

"Hey Jeff! How's it going?"

He looked down at me looking sad. "Not so good Miss Bella. Tomorrow you go to camp."

I looked up at him tears filling my eyes and I hugged him. "I am going to miss you Jeff."

"I as well Miss Bella. I do enjoy you're company so much."

I smiled sadly up at him. "I will come down in about thirty minutes and then we can hang out. Ok?"

He smiled down at me, "I will see you then Miss Bella."

I ran to the elevator and realized that I was going to miss Jeff more than my own parents. I snorted. Not that they care. I was just a way for them to climb up the social status as they constantly reminded me. I was to marry a very upper class person when I finished my education. Whatever, that's what they think. I will escape before I marry someone without my choice.

The elevator dinged signaling that it was here. I stepped in and the doors closed. I felt the machine move upwards and the elevator music started playing. The elevator dinged yet again, meaning I reached my floor. I stepped out and ran to my door. I opened it and then I ran into someone. I looked up and saw my mother looking at me with distaste.

"Isabella, ladies do not run!"

I snorted, "Good thing I am not a lady." I ran to my room and threw down my backpack and grabbed the usual for my visits with Jeff; A book, my ipod, two sodas from my mini fridge and two bags of chips. I ran out of my room and I heard my mother talking to my father about my behavior. I opened the door and bolted to the elevator. The doors opened and I ran out the doors to Jeff. He smiled when he saw me.

"Miss Bella you look flushed. You didn't run did you? What if you had gotten hurt?"

I smiled. "Jeff you care more than my own mother." I hugged him as he blushed.

"I am sure your mother cares Miss Bella."

I snorted. "Yeah ok."

He laughed and ruffled my hair. "Lets start this party!"

I laughed "ok Jeff."


I walked back into the doors around six after hanging out with Jeff. I really was going to miss him. I walked back to the elevators and they dinged open before I could press the button. My parents emerged wearing ballroom clothing. My mother wearing a stunning black lace dress that had a long train, my father in a tailcoat and top hat. I looked at them and my mother answered my unspoken question.

"We are going to the governor's ball. You are too got to your room and pack for camp."

"Yeah, have fun."

"We will." my mother snapped.

I sighed and walked in the elevator. My father turned around and looked at me and winked. "Bye Bells."

I gasped open mouthed. He hadn't called me Bells since middle school! "Bye dad." I was going to miss one of my parents.

He chuckled at my gaping mouth and smiled. The elevator doors closed with a ding and started climbing to my floor. I wonder if my mother will miss me. I snorted. Most likely not; she would probably be relieved that I was gone. That made me sad.

My thoughts were interrupted by the ding of the elevator and I stepped off. I walked slowly to the door and enter silently so that the maid Mrs. Ling wouldn't throw a fit over what I was going to pack or not pack. I tiptoed to my room, but before I could slip silently in I heard her call me from the kitchen.

"Nice try Isabella, come here." She said with amusement clear in her tone.

I sighed loudly so that she would hear and I walked into my brightly lit kitchen. "Fine you caught me. Shall we go pack now or dinner first Mrs. Ling?"

She frowned, "You know Mrs. Ling makes me feel old! Call me Anne, Isabella."

I laughed out my reply, "Then don't call me Isabella!"

She smiled and nodded her agreement, "Fine let's pack first then we can eat!" She grabbed my hands and pulled me into my room to start harassing me on what to bring to camp.


Hours of packing and arguing we had finally packed enough things to get me through the rest of summer at camp. I packed all of my tank tops, jeans, shorts, and jackets. I also packed some dresses for the dances they held their. Of course, I couldn't go without my Ipod, phone, and laptop! They were my lifeline and I never went anywhere without them.

After packing Anne and I were too tired to eat so we went our separate ways. Her going to her room and I to mine. I sat on my bed and fell asleep instantly on top of all the blankets.


I awoke with a start and looked at my clock on my nightstand. I groaned. It was three in the morning. I was having a good dream – at least I thought it was good. In the dream I was walking hand-and-hand with a man. His face was blurred and all I remembered was his eyes. He had the most astonishing green eyes. It felt like he was staring into my soul, I felt safe.

I shook my head to get rid of the thoughts. I mean, me falling in love was absolutely ridiculous. I wasn't pretty or smart; nothing special. I sighed and tried to fall back asleep. It was going to be a long day tomorrow and I didn't need to add on to that with tiredness. I thought of the green eyed stranger and I fell into a dream-less sleep.

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