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Camp of DreamsChapter 8

Rosalie's point of view

Was she insane? Or did he drug her or something! How could she have almost kissed Edward Cullen, the playboy of the camp. Alice and I were going to have a very long talk with Bella. Extremely long talk for that matter. I was in complete and utter shock at her.

I stomped up the stairs to Alice's room and could hear Bella's light footsteps behind me. I opened Alice's door and sat down on the floor with a 'humph'.

Alice giggled and stated calmly, "He tried to kiss her, didn't he." I nodded once while glaring at the floor. Bella sat on the bed next to Alice with a confused look on her face.

"What did I do wrong?" He voice was innocent and it made me even angrier with Edward. He took advantage of this sweet girl! I would kill him.

Alice seeing I wouldn't be able to talk without exploding answered Bella. "Well… you almost kissed him. Truthfully that would have been bad."

"Extremely." I spit out. Bella looked taken aback at my anger and her eyes went wide.

"It was nothing, Rosie, don't worry." Her calm voice said reassuringly. I immediately bristled and Alice hurriedly talked before I could get a word in.

"Bella… Edward does this to all the girls he plays. You're just another girl for him to mess around with this summer. One of many."

Her eyes went wide and she stuttered out, "I k-know but h-he could change…" She trailed off desperately. I shook my head and Bella's eyes filled with tears. "I'm such an idiot! One day and he has control over me!" She then started full-out sobbing and Alice and I immediately went and hugged her.

Edward was going to get a reunion with a little friend called my fist.


I walked into my house and was assaulted with a tiny golden retriever at my knees. "Hey Sammy! Did Emmett torture you while I was gone?" I asked the little dog. It might sound crazy, but sometimes I thought she could understand me. She cocked her head to the side and stuck her little pink tongue out. I nodded in understanding and walked into the kitchen where I was almost positive Emmett was.

I saw a body bent over looking in the fridge. I knew it was Emmett by his large shoulders and I picked up the thing closest to me. It just happened to be a plastic bowl. I chucked it hard at Emmett's head and knew I hit my target when I heard a loud "OW!"

I smirked in satisfaction as I said in a low and dangerous tone, "Emmett, what did you do to my dog?" Emmett had turned around by this point and was rubbing his head while glaring at me.

"I didn't touch your tattle-tale of a dog! I just made him eat some left overs. The fridge was full!" I glared at him and asked what he had given her. "Just some old bologna and some jello."

I started to shake from anger and ran my hands through my hair. "Are you kidding me, Emmett? If Sammy dies tonight so help me you wont wake in the morning!"

He snickered and replied patronizingly, "Ok Edward. I'm shaking in my boots." He grumbled under his breath as he turned around and started digging in the fridge again.

I started unbuttoning my shirt as I trudged up the stairs. My mind drifted to Bella. Her long beautiful brown hair, her doe like eyes, and her perfect lips. I had never wanted to kiss anyone more in my entire life. Even her. The one who had made me this cold-hearted person.

I shook those thoughts away as I walked into my room. I slid my shirt off my shoulders, leaving me in my white wife beater. I noticed the door to the balcony was still open. The breeze drifted in from the open door and I shivered.

I heard a strange noise come from outside. It sounded like a strangled sob. I walked out onto the balcony hesitantly and heard the noise clearer. A light mist sprayed down and soaked me but I was too intent on the noise to notice. It was coming from the open door across from my balcony.

"Bella." My mind immediately realized. Without thinking I stepped over the side of my balcony onto hers and walked silently to her open door. I saw her laying in her bed with her face laying into the sheets.

My heart beat faster at the sight of her. Even in hysterics she was beautiful. I walked in slowly and whispered, "Bella." Her head snapped up to look at me; her eyes wide. Then they narrowed and she glared at me.

"What do you want, Cullen?" She spit out quietly.

I chuckled at her hostile tone and whispered back, "Cullen? What am I, James Bond? Does that make you my Bond girl?" She giggled quietly but then she glared again. What did I do now?

"What do you want?" She hissed again.

"What's wrong with me coming to see you?" I asked with a crooked smile.

"You're breaking in entering first off and second you're half naked."

I snickered and asked, "Does my being half-naked bother you?"

She scowled and laid down and mumbled, "Get out, Cullen."

I shook my head no and laid down next to her. "Make me Bond girl!"

"Do you want me to scream rape and get you sent to jail? Or worse, have Rosalie come in here." She smirked with her eyes closed as a shudder ran through my body. I had already been on the receiving side or Rosalie's punch. Lets just say, it hurt more than getting in a fistfight with Emmett.

I jumped out of her bed and stood. "Fine, Bond girl, kill my happiness."

She smiled happily with her eyes still closed, "I will, now get out of here."

I was about to leave when a great plan entered my head. I leaned down quickly and kissed her cheek and I heard her gasp loudly before I ran silently out of the room. I jumped the balcony in a quick leap and made it to my open doors. I smirked in triumph as I stripped into my boxers and wife beater and laid in bed.

Bella was a sweet and beautiful girl. To bad I'd have to break her heart.

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