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Dueling Serpents
Harry Potter/Naruto
by Shinji the Good Sharer

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Returning To The Way Things Were

Harry grumbled as he watched Naruto dive into a rosebush. This was the thirteenth time they had done this damned mission in the last week. Kakashi seemed to delight in picking the most evil and homicidal thought producing missions he could. Naruto came out holding a cat with a red ribbon on its right ear while several scratches were bleeding all over his face.

Over the summer so far Harry and the elves had progressed even faster with the help of Naruto and his clones. Naruto's clones could read hundreds of books and learn the jutsu faster. He would then let Harry copy them and Harry would experiment while using his own, now up to thirty, clones to learn about them. Then he would teach Naruto several variations and strategy for the jutsu.

He had progressed in Kenjutsu, he wasn't a master by any means but he could easily beat several Chūunin by combining his Shunshin skills. He had managed to create a style using Shunshin to give one extreme speed for their strikes and even a spinning Shunshin to get behind an opponent. He had gotten it to work for a Taijutsu style as well but his body was still getting used to taking impacts at that speed. He had managed to get some degree of control over his chakra fang as well to the point that he could use each of its elemental functions though his lightning and fire effects were stronger since those were his affinities.

His biggest advancement he had made was when he was using his Sharingan and found that he couldn't see through Naruto's Henge. Upon further study, which consisted of poking Naruto with a stick a couple of times dumbfounded, Harry discovered that instead of using an illusion Naruto actually DID change into whatever form he wanted. He had quickly copied that off of Naruto and gotten him to explain how it worked. Testing it out, Harry had managed to get into the Hyūuga compound disguised as Hiashi who was the current clan head. He then made a show of tearing off his clothes running through the place naked and into an ice cream shop screaming at the top of his lungs before jumping into a vat of rocky road and using Shunshin to escape. The Hyūugas were still trying to explain that one to the village.

Another of his advancements was the discovery that Pepper-up potion restored chakra as well as magical and physical energy. The possibilities were nearly endless and he was now confident that if he ran out of chakra a Pepper-up potion would restore his chakra and magical reserves though any injuries would be unchanged. Naruto had laughed like a nutcase when he found out and quickly started brewing his own. At any given time Naruto had at least one extra scroll sealed in his right palm full of nothing but Pepper-up potions with one potion in his left. His fingers carried his weapons. With his raw amount of chakra and regeneration that was a scary thought.

Returning to the Hokage tower they reported mission success and relished the sight of the damned cat being smothered by its owner who was the Fire Lord's fat wife. The Hokage picked up a scroll to list off some more D-rank missions when Harry felt a twinge from his wards and turned in the direction of his estate. "Something wrong Harry?" the old man asked.

Looking in the direction of his estate Harry frowned. "Someone just tried to enter my estate without permission. Nippy!" Harry called prompting the tiny green elf to appear with a small pop. "Please have Ssapdril and Nauris hold the intruders until I get there. Make sure the girls have their weapons ready just in case." The tiny elf nodded and popped away while Harry looked at Iymithra who was under her invisibility cloak. "Shall we?" he asked.

The dark elf nodded and used Shunshin with Harry to vanish to the apartment they used as a floo station. It looked like their calm summer was over with.

End Prologue


Hokage – Fire Shadow
Sennin – Legendary Ninja
Jutsu – Technique
ANBU – Black Ops
Jōunin – Elite Ninja
Chūunin – Average or Journeyman Ninja
Genin – Trainee Ninja
Shinobi – Male Ninja
Kunoichi – Female Ninja
Genjutsu – Illusion Shill
Ninjutsu – Ninja Skill
Taijutsu – Body Skill
Kenjutsu – Sword Skill
Kinjutsu – Forbidden Skill
Henge – Transformation

Author's Notes:
There's the Prologue, and Chapter 1 is right behind it. Well, here's the first chapter of the sequel to "A New Bloodline" enjoy!