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Dueling Serpents
Harry Potter/Naruto
by Shinji the Good Sharer

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Chapter 11

Wars and Surprises

Harry walked into the arena calmly the next day. A quick pepper-up potion helped him wake up and would help him through the day but he had no doubt he would be sleeping in the next day. Inside the contestant box he noticed that everyone but Sasuke and Dosu had shown up already. On the far wall was a board with the matches listed and lines connecting like a tree.

Round 01 – Nara Shikamaru VS Hyuuga Neji
Round 02 – Uchiha Sasuke VS Dosu Kinuta
Round 03 – Temari VS Uchiha Harry
Round 04 – Gaara VS Uzumaki Naruto
Round 05 – Aburame Shino VS Yamanaka Ino

Daimyo and various wealthy men and women sat in private boxes. Iymithra, Ssapdril, Nauris and Nippy were all invisible. They were perched on top of the arena rim as back-up incase Harry needed it.

For an hour the Genin were allowed to prepare. Harry went through a series of stretches to limber up. Naruto's three new bodies were in cloaks with the hoods pulled forward to hide their faces. Harry shuddered when he thoughts of what was under those hoods. Gaara was just standing there glaring at Naruto.

The seats were quickly filled with each of the clans having their own private box to watch from. The Daimyos were watching from the front rows with wide grins while the merchants were slightly behind them. Fleur and Gabrielle were holding up big signs while several veela, probably coerced by Fleur, were dressed as cheerleaders with his name spelled out on their outfits.

When the first match was called, Shikamaru and Neji went outside. Neji, prick that he was decided to rant first. "You cannot win! Fate has decided the outcome of this match! A lazy lay about like you shall never beat a prodigy like me!"

Shiranui Genma, who was the proctor for the proctor for the finals, looked at both competitors and called for them to begin. Almost instantly Shikamaru threw a kunai which struck the ground between Neji's feet. The 'prodigy' looked about to smirk when the shadow user formed the ram handseal. "Ninpo: Kage Hibi no Jutsu!"

Feeling his body freeze Neji scowled at Shikamaru. "You think this will let you win? Fate has decided that I wiARGH!" The audience winced as Neji was kicked repeatedly in the balls by Shikamaru in the single most violent display any of them had seen in years. "Why?! Why did you go against your fate?!"

"I didn't, you're just a troublesome prick and I don't like you." Shikamaru said and walked off the field to incredulous stares from the other Genin. "…you all act like you wouldn't have done the same thing."

Since nobody could refute that they all just sat and waited for the next match to be called by the examiner. Sasuke didn't show up, but neither did Dosu. They found the Oto-Genin dead outside the arena a short while later. Sasuke was named winner by default.

By now the Daimyo were all crazy pissed off. None of them were getting a good show and more than a few of them had lost a pant-load of money when the Nara beat the Hyuuga in the first match. With a sigh Harry looked to the Hokage questioningly who nodded. It seemed he would be the one to put on the show.

He felt quite sadistic today since he hadn't gotten much sleep and he's had a weird dream about having sex with Fleur and Iymithra while they were together in the bath. So he settled on a plan of action sure to be entertaining and painful for his opponent… probably embarrassing too.

Temari was a rather busty blonde kunoichi with piercing blue eyes. Lots of boys constantly drooled and stared at her but only kept back since her father was the Kazekage and her brother Gaara was a psycho. Her hair was constantly in four pigtails and she was easily a high C-cup despite only being fourteen. Her body was taught and perfectly trim with four-pack abs and long legs.

She was a wind user and held her large Tessen fan proudly on her shoulder as she took to the field opposite her opponent. The weird mask was a little creepy and his red Sharingan eyes were just plain unnerving. Her knowledge that he was older and infinitely more powerful than her also put a damper on her but she didn't expect to win. This was more of a chance to find out how she measured up to him.

As soon as Genma signaled Harry started going through handseals. "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" he said and spit out a large ball of fire making her take to the air by standing on her fan and manipulating the air currents under it. "Incarceratus!" she heard through the smoke and was shocked when she was grabbed by ropes and found herself tethered, spread eagle in mid air by thick ropes that were tied to trees. The most humiliating part was that her body was died by those same ropes using hojojutsu, or more specifically a Shibari body suit with her legs unhindered and barely touching the ground as she hung from her wrists. "Give up?" Harry asked the blonde.


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Harry calmly walked out of the arena while the medics carried off his naked and abused opponent. Her eyes were glazed while tears ran down her face and drool dripped off her chin as she panted in her near fainted state. Whip marks ran all over her body and her bare breasts heaved as she panted.

In the stands blood flowed freely. In fact it was comparable to a high level Suiton jutsu with red coloring. Gaara's eyes were bugged out, both from what happened to his sister and the shear amount of blood that had been caused without killing a single person was inhumane on a level eve he had never caused! The other Genin in the competitor's box were either fainted or drooling like idiots as they stared at the field blankly.

Sure there were some hardcore feminists and lesbians who were upset with him. That didn't stop their noses from bleeding nor did Harry know what was perverted about the entire episode. He just knew that Fleur and his elves had huge grins on their faces so he obviously did something right. Even Amira had her head in a drink cooler to cool her raging blush. He'd made the queen of the veela blush!

Once the Hokage had doubled the size of his nose by stuffing it with tissues and the Kazekage had changed his red stained veil for a fresh white one Harry was declared the winner much to roars of approval from the audience. It was rather funny to see so many people with bloody tissues up their noses.

Gaara and Naruto made their way onto the field. The redhead with the gourd was surprised to see the other four people in cloaks walk out along with Naruto. A frown creased the sand user's lips as he stared at Naruto. "You are a puppet user."

Naruto grinned as he looked at Gaara. "No, my bloodline allows me to take the dead and use human sacrifices to animate the bodies and possess them." The original Naruto said while looking at Gaara with his ringed eyes.

Another voice spoke up, this one a soothing and feminine voice despite coming from a male hunter-nin. "I can use the bodies as vessels to exist in six places at once." Haku said with a calm tone.

One of the cloaked figures spoke in a soothing male voice that seemed to be young but not childish. "By getting the Hokage's permission I dug up the three most powerful bodies I could get my hands on and used the ritual on them." Pulling down his hood and dropping his cloak to the ground Namikaze Minato, the fourth Hokage, looked at him with his sun kissed hair and his well known cream trench coat.

"I can even use their bloodline limits." A fourth figure said before he too removed his cloak revealing long black hair and tanned skin. His body was covered in a black suit and he wore burgundy samurai armor. He was Senju Hashirama, the first Hokage.

The final figure took his turn as he spoke. "Each body works independently but it's connected to the others mentally. If one of us dies we can simply summon the other one back from the dead and keep on going or choose another vessel." He had a lighter tone than the first and his skin was pale with red marking on his chin and cheeks. His armor was blue with white fur around the collar and a metallic faceguard sat around his head instead of a forehead protector. Across his lower back was one of Harry's chakra fangs. His name was Senju Touji, the second Hokage.

Jaws had hit the floor. The Shodaime and Nidaime had been dead for nearly thirty years and the Yondaime had been dead for twelve. Now here was a boy, the boy they had all jeered at and abused since his birth, controlling their bodies, powers and skills. Strangely enough it was a Chuunin who had attacked Naruto at the age of five that summed up the feelings of everyone in the arena. "Oh shit son! We'sa all gonna die!"

Sarutobi grinned insanely as he looked at the spectacle. The Kazekage had gone paper white as he saw each body unveiled. "Hokage-sama, are those really…"

"Oh yes." Sarutobi said grinning. "Those are most assuredly the real things. I helped dig them up and watched the process as they were restored myself." He told his fellow Kage with a wide smile.

Gaara himself was staring bug-eyed. Part of him wanted this fight because he really wanted to kill those Kages. Another part of him wanted to shit himself and run away screaming like a baby. In the end he decided to just let his sand out and really hope he didn't get his ass handed to him.

Genma dropped his hand telling them to start and Gaara's sand lashed out hoping to end the fight quickly. Touji didn't miss a beat and made several handseals. "Suiton: Suijinheki!" he cried as the water particles in the air gathered and started spinning wildly around all five of Naruto's bodies blocking Gaara's sand.

Harry was watching closely with his Sharingan. He would never be able to get the chakra control needed to draw water out of the air and even if he could it would be centuries before he could do it. He knew that particular jutsu as well so he hadn't bothered copying it anyway. He did however need a better idea of where Naruto was if he was going to try and beat him in the finals. Chances were that he was going to lose anyways but damned if he wasn't going to see where Naruto's skill had gotten to before he did. Besides, he might be able to at least learn one or two jutsu he could actually use.

Touji put his hands out and then brought them into a prayer seal. "Suiton: Suishōha!" he recited as water began swirling around him drawing in more and more water from the air before it surged out in a tidal wave.

Surprised, Gaara jumped onto his sand which lifted into the air dodging the water. "Suna Shuriken!" he countered throwing several bursts of sand at Naruto.

Dodging as they stood on the water Haku formed several handseals. "Sensatsu Suishō!" the hunter body said and stomped on the surface of the water causing needles of ice to form. They immediately began flying at Gaara who struggled to dodge them all.

Minato took the opportunity to vanish and land a punch on Gaara's cheek hard enough to put cracks in the thin layer of sand he used as a second armored skin. Hashirama caught the boy with a kick to the chest in mid air while two of Naruto's clones knocked him against the far wall. Touji sent a wave of water at him which Haku froze over trapping the sand user against the wall as the rest of the water slowly returned into the air.

Before Naruto could celebrate or be declared the winner feathers began to fall from the sky all around the arena. Harry narrowed his eyes, he knew this genjutsu. Ino however didn't seem to as she looked at them. "Did Naruto strap explosive notes on a flock of birds again?"

They all fell asleep before Harry could get a story about that particular episode. With a sigh Harry quickly dispelled the Genjutsu. "Nara, Yamanaka, both of you go help wake up the spectators." Noticing Oto and Suna ninja all jumping into the arena and attacking those still awake Harry growled. "Aburame, you go wake up Naruto's bodies." With a blur he was gone and darting into the crowds of Oto-ninja.

Both his chakra fangs were alight with lightning as he cut through ninja after ninja while using his Hoka kenjutsu style. Several times he took the chance to shoot his throwing weapons from his fingertips or use an explosive note on a small group. Apparently Otogakure preferred quantity over quality as even supposedly Jounin ninja were easy to kill as he cut through them.

A larger Oto-Jounin snuck up behind him and would have probably slit his throat if a fireball hadn't impacted the man's head. Harry looked to the place the fireball came from and saw Fleur throwing fireballs along with the other veela. The Dementors were feasting happily as they flew around wailing loudly. Harry bit his thumb and smeared the blood on his summoning tattoo before forming handseals. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" he yelled and a huge explosion of smoke filled the arena getting the attention of a good portion from both forces.

It was silent for several seconds before a booming voice came. "Why have you summoned me brat? This better be good!" the mile long purple and black snake said angrily.

"I thought you might be hungry. Feel free to eat as many Oto and Suna ninja as you like, Manda. Leave the civilians and Konoha ninja though." He said and jumped off the snake's head when he noticed a purple box surrounding the roof of the Hokage stands. Manda gleefully went about eating any Sound or Sand ninja he could find laughing the entire time.


Naruto woke up and winced as he looked around. His other bodies stood with him and they all shared a look when Gaara's brother and sister freed him and took off into the woods out of the arena. Immediately they all took off after the sand siblings with Shino, Ten-Ten and Kiba joining them.

Touji took up the lead cutting down anyone who got in the way to stop them. Kiba was right behind him using his Inuzuka sense of smell to track the sand siblings. The others were gathered together behind them while the chase went on.


Harry arrived on top of the roof with a frown. Three ANBU were sitting and watching the Hokage fight some asshole with paper white skin. Sarutobi was inside a purple box-like structure that he recognized from the wards around his estate as Shishienjin. Walking up behind the ANBU calmly Harry gripped his sheathed chakra fang and soundly smacked each of them on the head. "What the bloody hell are you idiots doing?! Get in there!"

"We can't! Anything that touches that barrier burns." The ANBU captain shouted angrily as he rubbed the lump on his head.

Rubbing his temples to get rid of the growing migraine he called to Sarutobi. "Hey Hokage-sama!" he shouted.

Sarutobi grunted fighting his old student. "What? I'm a little busy right now!" he called back before turning into mud when a snake-like tongue bit him. Harry managed to copy both the tongue and the Kawarimi along with two Doton jutsu, a Katon jutsu he had never even heard of and a jutsu that allowed one to meld with their surroundings as a means of travel similar to a Shunshin.

"I just want to know exactly what Konoha means by 'special' forces. These ANBU of yours are idiots!" he yelled making the ANBU growl while Sarutobi dodged several Shuriken. He managed to copy several more jutsu before he unsealed his wand and sent a reductor curse at the ground. Sarutobi and the snake-fag both stopped to watch. The four ninja holding the barrier and the ANBU as well did the same thing.

Several more reductors sounded as the roof shook slightly before one final one shot up through the roof inside the barrier letting Harry jump up inside the boundary. "Oh no, that was so difficult… morons." He muttered at the ANBU. Sarutobi and his opponent gaped at Harry who raised an eyebrow. "What? The barrier stops at ground level after all. Why do you think it was meant to be used against rioting civilians?" The snake ninja's eye just twitched angrily when Harry looked at him. "And you are?"

Laughter came from the man while Harry watched him. "Ku ku ku. So you live up to your reputation Harry. I'm quite impressed."

Not entertained Harry rolled his Sharingan eyes. "Not really, anyone with a little common sense can get around that stupid barrier. I've seen academy students who would have figured it out. Who are you? Michael Jackson's cousin? There's no little boys for you to molest here so do get lost." He quipped.

Fuming angrily he ignored the sniggers of the other ninja while looking at Harry. "I am Orochimaru of the Sennin! Personal summoner of Manda and…" Orochimaru stopped when he saw Harry hold up his left forearm revealing a familiar tattoo. "How did you get that?!"

"Manda likes me, even waved the whole 'tribute' thing. He's currently out there eating your troupes on my orders. I didn't even need my Sharingan to beat him." Harry replied while looking at Orochimaru. "But enough talk." He said and blurred.

Orochimaru managed to spit out a sword which he used to block Harry's chakra blade. "Ku ku ku! My, you are quite eager. Show me what you're capable of."

A smirk spread across Harry's lips. "Bunshin Daibakuha." Orochimaru's eyes widened as he was forced to dodge the blast. Several more Harry's were darting at him when the smoke cleared forcing Orochimaru to dodge again. "What do you say we get psycho, Orochimaru?"

The snake Sennin's eyes widened as he saw four clones, one at each corner of the barrier downing a bottle of something. He dodged another exploding clone just as the four extra clones looked at his sound four. "Katon: Kayomi Sensui no Jutsu!" Each clone slammed its hands on the ground releasing bursts of powerful red flames that shot up from underneath and incinerated the four creating it before the flames caught the roof on fire.

When the barrier had fallen the ANBU immediately moved to attack Orochimaru who jumped off the roof. Three of Harry's clones jumped after him and managed to latch onto his back and channeled all its chakra into one attack. "Bunshin Daibakuha!" It wasn't enough to kill the Sennin since Harry still hadn't passed Chuunin level chakra reserves but it was enough to blast his arm off. The added inertia from the blast sent the Sennin rocketing into the ground several stories below.

Concrete cratered around the fallen Sennin who had impacted the ground. His body dissolved into mud almost immediately after. "Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei!" Orochimaru's voice said from behind them. He was panting and his right arm was gone. Two coffins rose from the ground revealing the symbols for first and second. A third began to rise but was stopped by Sarutobi.

Both coffins fell open to reveal the first and second Hokage's. Orochimaru didn't waste time in throwing two kunai with red tags on them which stabbed into the back of each of their heads. Smoke began to rise and they took on more complete forms. Harry four remaining clones from his initial attack darted in and glomped onto the summons. "Bunshin Daibakuha!" they yelled together before exploding. When the smoke cleared both the summons disintegrated revealing the male Oto-Genin from the exam with no sign of their female teammate. Orochimaru was long gone however having obviously used these two as a distraction while he escaped.

Pulling himself up from the hole he had used as a distraction while making his clones as well as keeping from joining the battle himself, Harry sighed. "You okay, Hokage-sama?" he grunted making the old man grin. Iymithra and the other elves arrived to see the destruction that had been caused.

"Yes I'm fine. Thank you Harry." The old man said with a grandfatherly smile. The ANBU looked at Harry in awe of the ability he had shown.

Harry gave a small smile back. "Good." He replied before passing out due to chakra exhaustion and lack of sleep. Iymithra and Ssapdril managed to catch him before he hit the ground.


Naruto was pissed. Here he was, staring at a big ass sand demon which had his fiancée pinned to a tree and was slowly squeezing her to death. "Damnit, why the hell can't it just be a pissed off bunny that's the villain?"

"Because despite the universe's sick sense of humor, it's just not that sick." Hashirama said with an irritated sigh.

Touji looked at the huge Tanuki and sighed. "Suiton: Suishōha!" Water swirled around the clearing and Touji yelled at the strain as he used a significant amount of chakra to create the water needed.

Hashirama formed the Ram handseal and focused a strong pulse of chakra into the earth getting a feel of where the seeds and plants all around him were. Chakra strings ran out of his feet and into the earth feeding his chakra into the plants and seeds. Forming the snake handseal he took control of them. "Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan!"

Roots began to rise out of the ground before taking root in the demon's legs. Hashirama yelled as he channeled almost all his chakra into the plants forcing them to grow stronger and faster throughout the sand demon's body. Ichibi no Shukaku, the one tailed Bijuu, screamed in rage with his high pitched voice. Sprouting what looked like a head of broccoli out of your head would piss you off too!

Haku formed several ice mirrors and tilted them like a ladder before flickering from one to another at high speed. When he saw the sleeping Gaara tied up in the branches of the newly formed trees he acted and threw several needles that struck the boy. Gaara cried out in pain as he was forced awake.

A final ice mirror shot Haku back to the bottom mirror where he stepped out before letting the mirrors shatter. Gaara made a dull sound as he belly flopped onto the ground with a pained grunt. Shukaku screamed as he was reabsorbed into Gaara leaving the redhead on the ground. Minato drew a kunai as he walked towards the downed Gaara only to stop when he saw the other demon container's siblings who were blocking the way. "We won't let you kill Gaara."

Naruto's face hardened before he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw Ten-Ten weakly smiling. "Let them go for now. They're not a threat anymore." She told her fiancé before she passed out in his arms.

"If you attack anyone I care about again... you all die." Naruto intoned coldly. The three sand siblings nodded nervously. "Good, now get out of here. I doubt Harry would be happy if I killed his new 'slave girl' anyways." He poked at the now blushing blonde girl before letting Haku get to work on Ten-Ten's injuries.

Gaara turned to his brother and sister who were both tired as hell. "I'm sorry." He whispered tiredly.

Kankuro and Temari just looked at each other for a moment before nodding. "It's fine Gaara. We're just glad you're better." The puppet user told his little brother.

With a curious stare as his siblings helped him escape, Gaara looked at Temari. "I... remember a movie Yashamaru used to watch. I am to gift you with a gold bikini to celebrate your new status am I not?"

Temari's face burned as Kankuro burst out laughing. His laughter echoed all the way to Sunagakure. Her blush was so hot it set two trees and a nearby shrub on fire.


Kakashi and Sasuke appeared in a swirl of leaves. They were back to back with their hair over their eyes making them look dramatic. That was stopped when they noticed the dead, dying and injured all around them with most of the Konoha ninja forces staring at them curiously. "...we aren't late are we?" Kakashi asked.

The eyes of every Konoha ninja twitched as Anko glared at the two extremely late and unhelpful ninjas. "Get'em!" she cried and as one the Konoha ninja force lunged at the two tardy turds and began wailing on them.


It was a week before Harry was back to normal. Iymithra and Fleur constantly took turns pampering him even going so far as to feed him. Nippy and Nauris made a great deal of food and potions to consume. Ssapdril herself chose to help him bathe and often gave him massages.

All he had been able to do in terms of training was finish his Occlumency training. It was the day before his birthday when he was finally healed. To his surprise when he visited his office Harry found Ssapdril examining piles of letters, cards and gifts. One large pile had numerous combinations of these things. "What's that?" he asked pointing at the pile she carelessly threw a package into.

"These are your yearly birthday cards and gifts. Unfortunately most of them are marriage contracts, tracking letters, assassination attempts or dark objects. I'm getting rid of the dangerous ones and sending reply letters for you." She said as Harry sat down in his chair calmly.

Raising an eyebrow Harry looked at his high elf. "Anything safe?" he asked and she nodded pointing to a significantly smaller set of piles. There were three, one for letters and cards, one for marriage proposals and one for gifts. He looked from the meager piles to the almost five foot pile of 'discards' with a shocked stare.

Only five cards and letters had been safe. Twenty marriage proposals were safe but he thought it better not to touch those anyways. Two gifts were allowed through and he picked up the first one. It was the largest one and stood almost three feet high. At first he thought the Weasley twins had sent him a muggle toilet as a joke. To his surprise it was a large limestone basin with runes all over it. In the bottom was a card that he picked up and opened.

::To Harry,

Thanks for the show.

Amira Delacour::

It was a pensieve, Harry knew that much, hell if he knew how to work it at the moment but he would work that out later. Putting the limestone basin in a corner he went on to the next gift which was a bit smaller. He was surprised to find out that it was a second Firebolt from an anonymous person.

He sealed that away with his other Firebolt in one of his scrolls before picking up one of the letters. The letter was a summons from the Hokage telling him it was important so he folded the letter up and picked up a box he had been meaning to give to the Hokage anyways.


Bursting into the Jounin meeting Harry's emotionless face and monotone were back in place. "I come bearing gifts... not those kinds of gifts Anko." He said making the kunoichi pout to the laughter of the others.

Placing the large box on the table, Harry took out one of the smaller boxes and opened it showing off the binocular-like and dial covered item inside. "These are Omnioculars, a magical form of binoculars which have several features including Zoom, record, playback and if you know how to x-ray functions." Several perverts, including Anko and Kakashi were almost salivating at the items.

"I'll be leaving them in your personal care Hokage-sama. Please made sure they go into a scroll that only you or I can open, I don't trust some people not to make certain... uses out of them." He told the old man while motioning to the drooling pervert ninjas.

The Hokage nodded and Harry took out the blood-pen he had bought at the beginning of last year. The pen itself had numerous uses; it was what he'd used when making the bloodline seals after all. It was an old fashion fountain pen with a lever to draw ink into it, however this one drew blood out of the user to write with in pace of ink.

By drawing seals or signatures in one's own blood they assured that only they were able to control it. Both of them held the pen as Harry pulled back the lever. Sarutobi, a far greater seal master than Harry, drew the proper protection seals on a scroll and sealed the time turners inside before putting the scroll in his desk. Pulling the lever a second time would usually expel ink from the pen, with this pet it vanished the blood and sterilized the inside of itself for the next use.

Harry turned to leave only to stop when he heard the Hokage speak. "Harry, you missed the promotion ceremony so I doubt you know." He said while pulling out a Chūunin vest and handing it to Harry. "You, Naruto and Shikamaru have been made Chūunin as of yesterday morning."

With a nod Harry folded the vest over his forearm choosing to keep his dragon hide Jōunin vest instead. "What about Sasuke?" Harry questioned getting several sniggers from the assembly.

"Sasuke..." the Hokage started. "...was late." Harry's questioning eyebrow prompted the old man to explain. "He arrived almost an hour after the battle with Hatake Kakashi. He also was unable to show Chūunin level problem solving skills and judgment. His combat skills are easily high Chūunin but even you must admit that is not what makes a Chūunin."

Not happy but accepting of the decision Harry nodded. "I understand Hokage-sama. I apologize for Sasuke picking up Kakashi-Sensei's habits. Perhaps a week without Icha Icha Paradise will allow Kakashi-sensei some perspective on teaching his habits to impressionable children or maybe a week without his mask?"

The evil smiles of every kunoichi in the room made Harry smile inside. Anko and Kurenai often ranted about not knowing what he was hiding. In fact everyone in the village wondered what he was hiding. It was irritating.

"I'm sure it will, Harry." The Hokage grinned. Apparently he had been wondering about that question as well. "Oh, there will be a meeting in the announcement yard at thirteen hundred tomorrow. Please be there." Harry nodded and left while the Hokage looked back to the grinning Jounin who began making suggestions for their plan.


Waking up to a pair of soft lips was far from the worst way to wake up. Waking up to Fleur's soft lips kissing along his neck was definitely one of the better ways to wake up. Groggily waking up Harry looked at Fleur who smiled and crawled into his bed under the blankets with a relaxed smile. "'Appy Birzday, 'arry." She said and cuddled up to him.

"Fleur?" he asked while rubbing the sleep from his eyes before checking the clock. "Why are you here so early? You usually don't show up for an hour or two." Stealing a kiss from her lips Harry curled up with his arms around the beautiful blonde's hips.

A giggle came from Fleur as she cuddled back up to him. "Is it not alright for ze girlfriend to wish zat she can wake 'er boyfriend on 'is birzday?" she playfully pouted.

Rolling his eyes Harry kissed the back of her neck. He knew she could come to his estate any time she wanted. He had keyed her into the wards after all so he wasn't all that surprised. What surprised him was that she actually remembered his birthday, he had worried she had forgotten about it with all the work she had been doing for the new club.

They spent the morning cuddled up together with Iymithra and the other elves coming in to steal kisses from Harry and bring them breakfast in bed. After a while they had gotten up and Fleur decided to take him out shopping. "What do you zink of maybe me becoming ze kunoichi, 'arry?"

Harry blinked at her when she asked that and he shrugged. "After the age of fifteen it becomes much harder to learn how to use chakra. You should be able to learn the basics of chakra manipulation before you reach magical maturity in September. It'll be hard but I think you could do it. My main concern is how dangerous the lifestyle is. I don't like the idea of you getting hurt." He muttered.

"You are sweet, 'arry. But living in zis village is dangerous as well. Gabrielle 'as decided to join ze academy zis year. Who knows, 'arry. Maybe someday I shall use zis 'Twincest no Jutsu' you spoke of for you." The quarter veela suggested with a naughty grin.

Flushing with the idea of two Fleur's doing some of the things in the rather vivid dreams he had been having lately, Harry nodded dumbly. After that, Fleur pulled him into one of the ninja clothing shops. She modeled several kunoichi outfits for Harry, including some even Anko would have found daring, and finally chose one.

It consisted of a fishnet mesh body stocking that was black and a pair of bloomers she found so nobody could look up her skirt, though she teasingly said Harry could any time he wanted just to see him blush. Her top was a black long sleeve shirt made of tough but formfitting leather. A matching leather mini-skirt rested around her hips showing off her heart shaped derrière. Her legs were covered in red garters that ran all the way up to her hips and could only be seen if she bent over making them look even more enticing. The final touch was the armored fingerless gloves and the knee-high high-heel ninja boots she wore. "Does zis look alright 'arry?" she asked.

After looking her over for a minute, Harry pulled out his equipment scroll and unsealed one of his extra dragon hide Jounin vests. He draped it around her shoulders and buttoned the first clasp under her breasts pushing them up and together adding to her already substantial cleavage. He then unsealed one of his extra chakra blades and secured it across her lower back in the same fashion as he wore his own. "There, much better."

With an absolutely sinful smile, Fleur looked at Harry. "Are you sure zis is not just a way for you to stare at my cleavage monsieur Potter?" she teased. Fleur paid for her new outfit while Harry bought his own outfit consisting of all black leather with a mesh undershirt. He got a pair of ANBU regulation forearm gloves and boots as well since they had armored guards for the wearer's forearms and shins.

The next store was for weapons. Ironically the same store he had gotten his chakra fangs at. The store owner happily greeted Harry and helped them look through the various weapons they had. Fleur bought a complete set of kunai, senbon and explosive tags before she started looking at more general weapons. Eventually she chose to forgo any such weapon and stick to the chakra fang Harry gave her.

Eventually, it was one o'clock and they moved toward the Hokage tower. In the yard it was very quite and Harry frowned when he saw nobody around. Activating his Sharingan, Harry frowned when he saw numerous people in cloaks under Genjutsu to hide their presence.

Discretely unsealing a poison kunai in one hand and his wand with the other Harry got ready incase they attacked. "Surprise!" they all yelled as one making him tense until he noticed the banner wishing him happy birthday.

Fleur happily hugged her shorter boyfriend who hugged her back and kissed her cheek before heading over to meet with everyone. Harry realized now that other than breakfast he hadn't been able to see or even sense Iymithra as he normally did. He had just expected that she would be nearby and she hadn't been. That had put a ball of ice in his stomach and he resolved to make it up to the dark elf.

When he found her he gave the elf girl a kiss and asked her to dance. They made their way out to the floor and had a few dances before Ssapdril cut in. She was quickly followed by Fleur, then Nauris and Gabrielle. He had even danced with Kurenai and Amira several times before sitting down to take a rest. All in all it shaped up to be one of the best birthdays he had ever had. He fell asleep that night with Nauris, Ssapdril and Iymithra curled up under the blankets with him. Before he fell asleep Harry had one final thought. 'If I could spend eternity like this... I think I could be content.'

End Book 2


Hokage – Fire Shadow
Sennin – Legendary Ninja
Jutsu – Technique
ANBU – Black Ops
Jōunin – Elite Ninja
Chūunin – Average or Journeyman Ninja
Genin – Trainee Ninja
Shinobi – Male Ninja
Kunoichi – Female Ninja
Genjutsu – Illusion Skill
Ninjutsu – Ninja Skill
Taijutsu – Body Skill
Kenjutsu – Sword Skill
Kinjutsu – Forbidden Skill
Hojojutsu – Support Skill
Ninpo: Kage Hibi no Jutsu – Ninja Art: Shadow Snap Technique
Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu – Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu
Suiton: Suijinheki – Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Suiton: Suishōha – Water Release: Water Shockwave
Kuchiyose no Jutsu – Summoning Technique
Sensatsu Suishō – Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Shishienjin – Four Violet Flames Battle Encampment
Bunshin Daibakuha – Clone Great Explosion
Katon: Kayomi Sensui no Jutsu – Fire Release: Hellfire Fountain Technique
Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei – Summoning: Impure World Resurrection
Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan – Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland

Author's Notes:

Well, there are Naruto's new bodies. Hope you liked them! Now, Harry is NOT who he thinks he is. I seem to be getting a lot of comments on this so everyone LISTEN UP! If a person thinks they can fly and jumps off a building do they fly? No, they smack into the ground and probably end up with a broken bone. He was acting the part before, and now he THINKS he is the creator of bloodlines! He is NOT, I repeat, NOT the one who created them in the first place! He is NOT immortal and above all, he is NOT as invincible as he thinks he is. You will not learn anything more about the future plot but these things WILL be addressed in the future. Additionally, the next one who says Harry has the Mangekyou when he DOESN'T is getting banned from reviewing my fics in the future! PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU MAKE COMMENTS DAMNIT! Book 2 is now competed and next is book three which I've already started on so keep an eye out! Hope you enjoyed! R&R, it helps me think!

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