ok.. first things first. i don't own anything, the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

second, this is the first time i've written anything... i'm hoping it'll turn out ok and people will like it.. any suggestions to improve will be appreciated... just please be kind about it :)

here goes nothing..

Prologue: Another 48 hours.


Here we go again. 48 more hours before I do something that should have been done 6 months ago.

Things were simple then.

Things were perfect.

My perfect dream job: Editor in chief for the local newspaper. For the past 3 years I've been living out my teenage dream. With this job I can put my two passions to use, reading and writing. I'm well respected and make more than enough money to support myself. Perfect.

The best friends I could have ever asked for: Alice and Jasper Whitlock, Rosalie and Emmett McCarty. We all met on the first day of high school. I was the new kid, therefore the object of everyone's attacks. I'm clumsy enough as it is with out people randomly shoving me in the halls. The whole morning I was stared at, glared at, laughed at and "accidentally" run into so many times that by lunch I decided to go home and beg my dad to let me stay home and not go back. On my way out, Lauren Mallory – the most popular girl in school and all around bitch – decided to stretch out her leg at the same time I just so happened to be walking by and sent me and my books flying through the air, landing painfully on the floor. Everyone in the hall burst out laughing and I could feel myself going red in embarrassment.

Suddenly, I felt two large arms grab my waist and pull me up off the floor. Looking around I saw a tiny, beautiful, pixie-like girl being held back by two gorgeous, tall, blondes – a boy and a girl. I was too far into shock to understand what the pixie was saying, but I could tell that if it wasn't for the blondes holding her back, she'd be ripping out Lauren's hair.

Next thing I knew I was sitting on a bench outside with large hands being waved in my face.

"Hellooo? Can. You. Hear. Me? Are. You. Ok?" said the owner of the hands. He was a very tall, very muscular guy with short dark hair and dimples that could melt a girl's heart.


"Are you ok?" he said slowly.



I turned to see the black haired pixie running out of the building at me, the blondes trailing behind.

"Is she ok?! I can't believe Lauren did that! Actually, I take that back, I totally believe she did that! Stupid, selfish, bitter.."

She continued to mumble rude words about Lauren quietly until she reached me, her expression softening at the wide eye stare I'm sure I had.

"Oh my God, are you ok? I'm so sorry about her. We're not all like that here, I swear. Some of us are actually pretty nice, sometimes better than nice. Oh please, please don't leave already. I just know we could be the best of friends," the pixie said in what I'm pretty sure was only one breath.

"Calm down Alice. Give her a chance to breathe," the blonde guy said having finally caught up.

The pixie named Alice nodded and took a deep breath while the blonde girl sat down next to me and patted my shoulder.

"Don't take what Lauren did too much to heart. She's just been in a bad mood lately because her perfect junior boyfriend Mike dumped her sophomore ass over the summer for his new senior girlfriend Jessica."

"At Lauren's birthday party," added Alice with a grin.

"The look on her face was priceless," the muscular guy laughed. "I wish I had a camera."

They all laughed for a moment before introducing themselves.

Along with the pixie Alice, the tall blonde guy's name was Jasper and he was Alice's boyfriend.

The muscular guy's name was Emmett and the tall blonde girl's name was Rosalie, Emmett's girlfriend.

We quickly became friends and stuck together through out high school and college. To this day we're still as close as ever. I can tell them anything and they feel the same for me. They're the nicest people imaginable. The only thing that out weighs their looks is their hearts.

A loud crack of thunder brought me out of my memories and back to my current problem.

My fiancé.

My wedding.

My mistake.

I should be married by now. Married to a man I love dearly.


My Jake.

We met right after college and there was an instant connection between us. We were together for 4 years when he asked me to marry him. We originally wanted a small, quick wedding, but Alice wouldn't allow that. So we spent almost a year planning a huge, perfect wedding.

For almost a year, I spent the days and nights dreaming about walking down the aisle to a pair of beautiful dark eyes.

Now I find myself dreaming about walking down the aisle to a pair of gorgeous bright eyes.

And while I know I should hate myself for it. I can't help but feel a stronger pull towards the bright eyes.

Bright green to be exact.