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Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginnings End

Izzy finished packing the last of her boxes just as her brother came into the bedroom. He grabbed the next box, in the long line of boxes they had left, and headed back to her car. She looked around the room she'd called her own for a little under two years now. With all the furniture gone she expected the room to seem so much bigger, but it didn't, it looked just as small as when it held her bed and ex-boyfriend.

Izzy tried not to let her thoughts dwell on James but it was too late, her mind had already begun to wander. She'd been fourteen when they met and she'd fallen completely head over heels in love with the then eighteen year old James Lee. Her mother had been against the relationship from the start. At first it was just the age difference that bothered her but after his drug use became apparent she'd given Izzy a choice: either end the relationship with James or move out, Izzy chose the latter. Now two years later she still regretted her decision. Here she stood, moving out because she'd finally had enough of James' habit, her mother was right all along.

At sixteen Izzy was stepping out of her first failed relationship into the real world, but unlike most sixteen year olds she didn't have the option of running back to mommy, not only had that bridge been burned but Elaine, Izzy's mother, had passed away just over a month after Izzy moved out. The doctor had told her that Elaine had a sudden stoke and had felt pain for only a very short time but Izzy knew better, her mother had slowly begun dying of a broken heart the moment she walked out the door choosing James over her own mother.

"You thinking about her again?" He said returning to the room for another box.

"Yeah," Izzy said then was quiet for a moment. "Thanks Randy; I don't know what I would do without you."

He placed the box back on the floor then smiled as he walked over to his little sister.

"You'll never have to know Izz." He said pulling her into a hug. "Come on; let's get this stuff loaded up. We could be in St. Louis tonight."

After loading Izzy's little 335i Convertible BMW, Izzy's sixteenth birthday present from James, they both realized she had more boxes then she did space in her car.

"You have way too much shit for one person Izz." Randy said as he began loading some boxes in his car.

Izzy just smiled and nodded thinking that she should get rid of most of this stuff. A lot of it was just junk that James had given her, stuff that she didn't need.

Finally after everything had been stuffed in her car, and the several excess boxes had been placed securely in his they headed for St. Louis.

This was going to be a long ride Izzy thought to herself as she pulled out onto the road behind her brother. This was the part of the move she dreaded, being all alone with just her thoughts for at least a couple of hours.

After being on the road a little over a half an hour she began to get restless and her mind began to wander again. She wasn't going to miss the life she was leaving behind; in fact she was somewhat glad to be rid of it. She was worried about the unknown of her new life. With her mother gone Izzy had no one left but Randy. She'd never met her father and her mother had never spoken of him, ever, so when she finally realized she'd been wrong in choosing James over Elaine she'd called her big brother Randy, the only family she knew of. He'd taken her in, no problem, as soon as she'd called. Truth be told Randy was glad she was finally dumping that scumbag, he was never good enough for her anyway.

Izzy wasn't worried so much about moving to St. Louis what she was worried about was being on the road and traveling all over the world with Randy. She was naturally a shy person and just the thought of being around all those people made her nervous.

Three hours later they were pulling into Randy's driveway. Izzy was happy to finally be out of the car and began to head for the front door without delay.

"Where are you going?" Randy asked stepping out of his car.

"Inside to sleep, it's past midnight." 

"And leave me out here to move all these boxes inside? Nope, get your ass over here and help me Isabella."

"Fine, Randal." Izzy said as she popped the trunk to her car. Between the two of them it only took about thirty minutes to move all the boxes into the house.

"I'll move everything into my room tomorrow, I'm going to bed."

"Alright, night Izz."'

"Night Randy."

The next morning Izzy awoke not only before Randy but even before the sun. She'd immediately picked herself up off the floor and headed for the kitchen. Breakfast was ready thirty minutes later and a few minutes after that Randy came downstairs.

"What are you doing up so early?" He said in between yawns.

"Finishing breakfast then starting on my room."

"I can see what you're doing physical, smartass, I meant why are you awake this early?"

"I always get up this early." Izzy answered simply then handed Randy his plate which was overflowing with eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, toast, and just for good measure a single pancake thrown on top.

"Holy shit Izz! A Greek giant couldn't eat all of this!"

"Yes they could and so can you, now hurry up! I need you to help me put this bed together so I don't have to sleep on the floor again tonight."

"I told you to take the guest room last night!"

"It's on the second floor!"

"Uh yeah?"

"I can't sleep on the second floor." 

"Why not?" Randy asked obviously confused.

"Just some stupid superstition thing." Izzy lied. "Don't worry about it."

Randy knew his little sister well, well enough to know that she was lying but he decided to leave it alone for now. He began eating his mammoth of a meal as quickly as he could.

"Slow down, I want you to actually taste the food."

"Hurry up, slow down, make up your mind!" Randy complained. Izzy rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Just meet me upstairs when you finish."

It took Randy another fifteen minutes but he finally finished. He got up and cleaned off his plate then placed it in the dishwasher. On his way up the stairs he heard the beginning of Avenged Sevenfold's "Afterlife" coming from her room.

"Well at least she'd acquired better taste in music since I last saw her" Randy said to himself as he pushed her bedroom door open.