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And You Learn to Accept It

Randy went home and thought about what Paul had said. He thought about it for a month straight, all the way up to the day of Izzy's wedding. Finally, with much reluctance, he admitted, only to himself, that Paul was right.

The morning of Izzy's wedding found Randy nervously putting on a tux. He'd finally decided to tell Izzy he was sorry for everything, he just hoped she didn't slap the taste out of him and walk away again.

After finally finding the church, which shouldn't have been as hard as it was considering St. Louis was his hometown, he went in search of Izzy. The ceremony was set to start at 5p.m. and with it already being quarter till Randy was starting to panic. Trying to calm himself he reminded himself that weddings usually start late anyway. No sooner than the thought passed through his mind he heard the wedding march begin to play. Quickly he ran towards the sound and saw Izzy arm in arm with Paul ready to walk down the aisle.

"Izz! Wait!" He called out.

Izzy turned and about fell over in shock. Her initial reaction was to go and slap him for scaring the shit out of her like that but then she saw he was dressed in a tux. He wouldn't get all dressed up just to come down here and ruin her day so he was here for her, to be her big brother, to support her. She handed her bouquet to Paul and ran to Randy. Throwing her arms around him she tried not to cry.

"I'm so sorry Izz. I've been a real ass about this whole thing and I'm so sorry."

"You're here now and that's all I care about." She said smiling then added. "But I will yell at you later."

Randy nodded and the two walked back over to Paul. "You mind if I take your job?" Randy asked as they took their places at the beginning of the aisle.

"I was hoping you would." Paul said and headed towards the front next to Cody.

Two weeks later Izzy and most of the WWE employees were celebrating her wedding with beers at Hooters.

"Ok who's idea was it to have this at Hooters?" Izzy asked looking around. Everyone looked towards Vince McMahon.

"You said just a big party to celebrate when you got back from the honeymoon. No one said anything about it having to be in a big classy five star restaurant." Vince said defending his actions. Izzy laughed and with a smile told Vince she wouldn't dream of having it anywhere else.

Later when the party died down the main group consisting of Izzy, Cody, Mickie, Randy, Paul, Steph, and Vince were still drinking and laughing with no intentions of slowing down. Finally 2a.m. rolled around and Vince suggested they all head back to the hotel. Suggested here having the meaning you better get some sleep cause I don't want my employees dragging ass tomorrow.

Cody and Izzy made it back to hotel around four that morning and went straight to bed. Five hours later they were on a plane headed for the next city. Cody's hand was wrapped tightly around Izzy's as the plane took off. Even after all this time Izzy still hadn't over come her fear of flying.

"You ok?" He asked after the turbulence finally ended and the plane leveled out.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. Just going to my happy place."

"And where's that?"

"Our wedding day," She paused and with a grin added, "and night."

"Well, and I'm doing this completely out of concern for you, if you get scared again we can always just recreate the wedding night."

Izzy smiled and nodded and ten minutes later the two of them were trying to quietly join the mile high club.

"Cody!" Izzy whimpered out as he pushed his way into her fully.

"Shhh, Izz you're too loud." He whispered in between pants.

Minutes later Cody felt Izzy's body shake around him. He quickly covered her mouth with his as her orgasm exploded around him. Her scream was thankfully muffled by Cody's kiss. His orgasm followed soon after and after a few minutes of catching their breath the couple pulled apart and started to fix themselves up. After they were fully clothed and every hair was put back in place Izzy slowly opened the door and peaked her head out. Seeing that no one was there they slowly stepped out of the bathroom only to run directly into Vince who had just rounded the corner. He gave them a look.

"Ahh the honeymoon phase, I miss that." Vince reminisced. "Linda and I were-"

"The plane with be landing soon so everyone please take your seats." The intercom interrupted.

Izzy and Cody breathed a sigh of relief and headed back to their seats. As they walked back they passed Mickie who was laughing at the pair.

"You sent him back there didn't you?" Izzy asked accusingly.

Mickie just smiled and continued to laugh.