The Pirate and the Princess

By: Bunny

Rated: Teen 15 and up

Genre: Romance, Adventure, Drama, Comedy

Summary: Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Sakuno of Denmark and Norway is sent by the Kings of Denmark and Norway and Spain to track down her missing fiancé, His Royal Highness Prince Ryoma of Spain, the Duke of Anjou. Where? The Caribbean. What does she end up with instead? Pirates.

This story was written for the 2008 summer RyoSaku fanfic/fanart exchange for Dira.

Here is the prompt from Dira:

What would you like to receive? fic.

The tone/mood of the fic/art: Not too fluffy please. A naughtier tone is more than welcome. If you can add a hint of comedy then I'll love you for it. :)

An element/line of dialogue/object you would like in your fic/art:
1) They are not students. Just make them anything but students. (like e.g. spies, pirates, royalties, samurais, lords, servants, etc..)
2) Make Ryoma mischievous. :P

Preferred rating of the the fic/art you want: K+ and above.

Canon or AU? AU.

Deal Breakers (what don't you want?): OOC, Sakuno is an actress/singer/model, Ryoma saying the words 'I love you' to Sakuno.

Author's notes for you to consider:

First of all, as requested this story is an Alternate Reality fanfic! Pay attention to the changes in setting, time period, family, position, et cetera!

The setting of this story is during the Golden Age of piracy in the Caribbean – the early 1700's. Sakuno is a Danish Princess. At this time Denmark and Norway were combined as one under the ruler ship of one monarch. They were having problems with Sweden and in the middle of a succession crisis as there was no male apparent heir.

I did do a lot of historical research including those of the monarchs at that time and the countries under monarch reign as well as the succession to the throne laws. I did incorporate some real historical persons into the story as well as some real events, but this story is QUITE FICTIONAL, so don't take anything for fact, despite real references that are made.

Important terms that will be used in this fic:

Nautical terms:

Starboard: the nautical term that refers to the right side of a vessel as perceived by a person on board the ship and facing the bow (front).

Royal Navy terms:

Captain: The Captain is the ship's highest responsible officer. In the case of royal ships, he is the highest rank on the ship owned by said royalty, and is responsible and held accountable to the royal family which owns the ship.

First Mate: second-in-command after the ship's Captain.

Second Mate: The Second Mate is in charge of navigation and is the next position below First Mate and above Third Mate.

Third Mate: the third officer, the most junior officer of the ship.

Pirate terms:

Captain: In the case of this story he is the pirate ship's owner. Pirate captains were expected to be bold and decisive in battle as well as having skill in navigation and seamanship. Above all they had to have the force of personality necessary to hold together such an unruly bunch of seamen. Most seem to have adopted the clothes of naval officers or merchant sea captains, which in this period followed the style of English gentlemen.

Quartermaster: During the Golden Age of Piracy, most pirates delegated unusual amounts of authority to the Quartermaster who became almost the Captain's equal. The Captain retained unlimited authority during battle, but otherwise he was subject to the Quartermaster in many routine matters. The Quartermaster was elected by the crew to represent their interests and he received an extra share of the booty when it was divided. Above all, he protected the Seaman against each other by maintaining order, settling quarrels, and distributing food and other essentials.

Sailing Master: This was the officer who was in charge of navigation and the sailing of the ship. He directed the course and looked after the maps and instruments necessary for navigation. Since the charts of the era were often inaccurate or nonexistent, his job was a difficult one. It was said a good navigator was worth his weight in gold. He was perhaps the most valued person aboard a ship other than the captain because so much depended upon his skill. Many Sailing Masters had to be forced into pirate service.

Boatswain: The Boatswain supervised the maintenance of the vessel and its supply stores. He was responsible for inspecting the ship and its sails and rigging each morning, and reporting their state to the captain. The Boatswain was also in charge of all deck activities, including weighing and dropping anchor, and the handling of the sails.

Carpenter: The Carpenter was responsible for the maintenance and repair of the wooden hull, masts and yards. He worked under the direction of the ship's Master and Boatswain. He was highly skilled in his work.

Master Gunner: The Master Gunner was responsible for the ship's guns and ammunition. This included sifting the powder to keep it dry and prevent it from separating, insuring the cannon balls were kept free of rust, and all weapons were kept in good repair. A knowledgeable Gunner was essential to the crew's safety and effective use of their weapons.

Royalty Terms:

Heir apparent: the next successor to the throne through birthright.

Pirate Speak:

Avast!- Stop and give attention.

Aye! - "Why yes, I agree most heartily with everything you just said or did."

Aye aye! - "I'll get right on that sir, as soon as my break is over."

Arrr! - "Arrr!" can mean, variously, "yes," "I agree," "I'm happy," "I'm enjoying this beer," and "That was a clever remark you or I just made." And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!

Beauty – The best possible pirate address for a woman. Always preceded by "me," as in, "C'mere, me beauty," or even, "me buxom beauty," to one particularly well endowed.

Bilge rat – The bilge is the lowest level of the ship. It's loaded with ballast and slimy, reeking water. A bilge rat, then, is a rat that lives in the worst place on the ship.

dasn't – don't

Davy Jones' Locker - Where the souls of drowned pirates go.

Hearties or Matey - Shipmates or friends.

Savvy - Ok or understand. As in, "Savvy?" meaning "Do you understand"

Scurvy - Well, of course, it's an awful affliction that used to bedevil buccaneers in days gone by; that's one reason there was lime juice added to the rum in the water, making grog. So calling someone a "scurvy bilge rat" is even worse than calling him a "bilge rat."

Shiver me timbers! - Pirate for "Well, I'll be" or "Is that so?"

Wench - Woman, girl, or waitress. Whatever.


Chapter One


Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Sakuno of Denmark and Norway, heir apparent to the Denmark and Norway throne felt herself a failure. Why you may ask? For many reasons in fact, but at this moment, the number one reason she felt as a failure was that nobody seemed to want her. Indeed, why else would she be on a ship commissioned by her Father King Frederick the V, King of Denmark and Norway to chase after her betrothed?

His Royal Highness Prince Ryoma of Spain, the Duke of Anjou, 2nd son of His Majesty King Nanjiro the I of Spain and she had been arranged by their parents to marry almost a year ago. King Nanjiro and her father King Frederick had been long-time friends, growing up as lads together they had both wanted to join their houses for a lasting union of the families even before their children were born. It had been a wish passed down from Princess Sakuno's grandmother Queen Sumire the II of Denmark and Norway and Prince Ryoma's grandmother Marie-Anne Christine Victoire de Bavière, Dauphine of France. The two women had in fact, been inseparable from childhood on and subsequently crushed at their children all being boys. Marie-Anne had in fact given birth to three boys, of which her second son Nanjiro became through birth and title the King of Spain. Upon the crowning of Nanjiro, the wish to ally with the Danish royal family increased ten-fold. Surely an alliance must now be made! So the duty to ally the two families forever had thus fallen unto their grandchildren, Princess Sakuno and Prince Ryoma. Their engagement had been received with enthusiasm from both countries. It did seem to be from a political standpoint a good decision.

Princess Sakuno, though having reservations a many about the union between her and Prince Ryoma, (she didn't really like the concept of arranged marriages in general) was in fact somewhat relieved it was Prince Ryoma and not someone else. It was true, she had no idea or concept of what Prince Ryoma looked like. No portraits had been sent of him to her family, despite the many her father had sent Prince Ryoma of herself. She had no idea of the type of person he was. However, he was not the heir apparent, and that was good enough for Sakuno. Indeed, she did not favor at all the eldest sons of Kings, for they deemed to put on airs of such snobbery that it offended her, yes, even her - a Danish princess, whom was heir apparent to her own throne of two countries. A paradox indeed!

What she knew of her Prince was not much; only that he was the second son of two long-standing royal families, his father's side of which had recently acquired a monarchy. He was a naval officer in the royal navy of Spain and was an acclaimed navigator, though being so young. He had already assisted his country in maintaining a firm hold on many territories, as well as, transporting the wealth of the new world safely back home to Spain. She knew that he had not as of yet taken full command of a ship, though it had been offered to him many times by his father, he insisted that he preferred being second mate on the ships he served. He was somewhat of an enigma to Sakuno…a prince not interested in glory for himself? Not that he was lacking any glory, for certain, the reports of him were always exceedingly favorable, but he did not go looking for it. No in fact, it seemed as though glory was usually thrust upon him. This was very unusual princely behavior indeed, especially so for a second son, whom usually would try to distinguish themselves from the eldest, and heir apparent.

Surprisingly enough Prince Ryoma was a young man whom was in fact, barely older than her - just three weeks, as it was reported. His elder brother His Royal Highness Crown Prince Ryoga of Spain, the Prince of Asturias though also unmarried and a candidate for Sakuno's husband was considerably older. The reports of their looks were that they were both extremely handsome and popular with the ladies. It was also reported that Ryoma usually kept to himself, while Ryoga flaunted his popularity with women. That, pathetically enough, was all she knew of her future husband. Her parents swore that they had met as children several times, but Sakuno did not remember meeting any princes of Spain and if she had, she had unfortunately forgotten them on the spot. It wasn't as if meeting a prince was anything special to Sakuno as it was. There were princes aplenty in her life, and she had yet to take special note of any of them.

Sakuno's opinion on the matter of which prince of Spain she would wish to wed, had never once been consulted. Prince Ryoma had been chosen by her parents over Prince Ryoga for one primary factor, and one primary factor only. He was not the heir apparent. Sakuno being the only child of her parents would one day inherit the throne of Denmark and Norway and would thus need a husband that would be able to focus all of his time on taking care of Denmark and Norway. If Sakuno were to marry Ryoga, she would be moving to Spain and the two would need to rule three countries that were separated by France and Germany. This simply would not do. As such, Sakuno was promptly promised to Prince Ryoma and that was that.

After the decision had been made, Ryoma had been sent away on one final pre-marital mission to the Caribbean islands in order to settle a dispute on the territorial rights of Spain for several islands. The trip was to take roughly six months total. Nine months had passed, and no word had come from Prince Ryoma or his ship, which was more than time enough for even a letter to be delivered. Their engagement had been finalized last summer, and they were to wed just after their eighteenth birthdays, which were now almost six months ago. In the mid-spring after their eighteenth birthdays King Frederick had determined that the best solution to this problem was to send Prince Ryoma's bride after him.

Unbelievable! Unthinkable! What in heaven's name was her father thinking sending her away across the great ocean to the Caribbean in chase of a prince whom could very well be dead by now! Her father knew of the piracy problem in this very region, and he was sending her into the mix of it to bring back a very possibly dead fiancé?

Oh no, but her father and King Nanjiro did not see it that way. No, in fact, the two of them were convinced that the prince had cold feet and that it was only by seeing Sakuno's beauty first-hand that he would be swayed to come home and marry. So off Sakuno was sent, in her finest attire, with only her one most loyal and trusted maidservant Tomoka to accompany her and attempt to maintain a standard of living Sakuno was used to as a princess. A standard of living which was, of course, failing utterly and completely, Sakuno was a princess, not a scullery maid! Not that she was really complaining. No, she really didn't mind the ship's constant rocking back and forth over the sea, or the small living quarters and lack of normal comforts. It was the situation that truly bothered her. She felt unwanted. Not only did her betrothed supposedly run away from her and leave her at the altar so to speak, but now her father too was sending her away.

Sakuno let out a deep sigh as she gazed out at the horizon of the ocean. It had been almost two months since she had left port in Denmark, and now here she was in the Caribbean, just at the start of summer. There was nothing but water, water and more water. She was, however very much enjoying the comfortable climate of the Caribbean, and this turquoise colored water had bewitched her from whence they had first entered it. She wondered idly how much farther and longer she would travel through these waters before reaching one of their destinations. They were to visit all the islands Prince Ryoma had been sent too, in their attempts to find him.

The sunsets on her trip had increasingly become more and more beautiful and Sakuno had taken it upon herself to watch them each evening. This evening being no different, she watched the sun begin to dip into the water, the sky changing to colors of purple and pink clouds floating overhead in lazy patterns…another day, another sunset, no island, and no prince. Just as another melancholy sigh passed through Sakuno's lips the ship's bell began to ring frantically.

"Pirates! The pirates are coming! ALL HANDS!! The pirates are coming!!" was being yelled out above the ringing of the bell.

Startled, Sakuno looked up to view the look-out tower where the second mate was busy calling out the alarm. Pirates? Seriously? They were coming to attack her ship? Sakuno didn't even know there was cargo on her ship worth the pirates attacking it for. She looked back out onto the water, her gaze no longer on the sun dipping into the horizon, but rather the open waters, trying to see this pirate ship for herself.

"Princess, Princess!! What are you doing just standing there? We must get below deck into your room at once, it's not safe here - it's simply not safe!" Sakuno's handmaiden Tomoka was at her side, trying to tug the princess away from the ship's railing and towards the entrance of the lower decks.

She was barely able to catch a glimpse of a black pirate flag waving over a quickly approaching ship before she was taken below by Tomoka. Her heart began to race frantically with fear, excitement and adrenaline. Pirates!! On her ship! They were really coming. Were they going to try to capture her and hold her ransom?

"Tomoka! Quickly, we must change me into some of your clothes!" Sakuno instructed her handmaiden as they rushed through the corridor.

"Princess?" the handmaiden stopped and turned, giving Sakuno a confused look.

"What if they're trying to kidnap me?" Sakuno tried to explain as she caught her breath.

"Princess Sakuno, we are the only two women on this ship, if that is their wish, we shall both be taken!" Tomoka exclaimed. She suddenly looked even more worried, as if she had not thought of the possibility of kidnapping yet. Turning back around, the handmaiden began rushing through the corridors again, leading them to the princess' stateroom.

"You're right, let's hope that Captain Fischer is able to protect us from the pirates and wait it out," Sakuno instructed between pants as they entered the room, shutting the door behind them.

"Princess! I'm going to stand guard at the door! Don't worry Princess; I will protect you with my life!" Tomoka informed as she spun on her heel to go back out.
Sakuno began crying, "Oh dear Tomoka, I do not want you to get hurt or die for me!"

"Princess! It is my honor as your servant, don't worry, everything will be okay!" Tomoka reassured as she made her way out the stateroom.

Worried and frazzled, Sakuno leaned her back against the door and tried to calm her jumping heart. Pirates! Whatever would they do?

As if to answer her question Sakuno heard the loud booming noise of cannons being fired and seconds later, the ship shook as the cannons impacted her ship. The ship shook again as cannons were fired back from her own ship. Sakuno suddenly felt as if she were in the middle of a war! She ran to the other side of her stateroom and peered out of her port window, attempting to see what was going on outside. There! The pirate ship was pulled up next to her own ship; she could see it clear as day, despite the dusky lighting of the evening.




The ship shook as more cannons landed in the water and hit her ship. Good God, if she lived through this it would be a miracle! This pirate ship was going to sink her ship at this rate! She turned back towards her door, wondering if she would, in fact, be safer outside of her stateroom. If the ship were to sink, she was too low into the ship to really be safe, wasn't she?

The shouting had increased as well; she could hear the sounds of yelling men, thumping feet running across the deck, and sword fighting above her. Had the pirates boarded her vessel and were they engaging in combat just above her very head? She looked out the window once again, shocked at being in this situation. A princess! Invaded by pirates on her ship! While trying to chase down her wayward fiancé! She had never felt more pathetic in her life!

"Stop right there! Nobody is allowed past this point!" Sakuno heard Tomoka yelling just outside the door.

Sakuno's heart began to beat frantically out of her chest. Oh no! It's a dirty, rotten pirate who's come to take her away, or kill her, or something else equally terrifying and horrible!

"I mean it, don't you take a step closer you dirty, rot-nnnngh," Sakuno heard Tomoka's voice yelling, followed by a grunting sound and a then the thump of a body hitting the floor.

"I am hardly dirty," a male voice spoke.

Oh no! There was a pirate just outside her door, and he'd just killed Tomoka!! I mustn't cry - its weakness! Crying is weakness! She frantically reminded herself as her door popped open.