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The Perfect Wedding

Chapter 1: Wedding Day

Today was the day that Hinata Hyuuga had always dram of. She was finally marring the man that she crushing on since she was 12 years old. She couldn't believe that only three months ago the man of her dreams had asked her to marry him and today was going to be that day.

She walked through the Hyuuga house in her wedding dress looking for her future husband. She wanted to see before the wedding.

Not really look where she was going she bumped into someone.

"S-sorry…" she said and looked up to see who she had bump into.

It was Sasuke Uchiha. The best man

"Don't worry, I wasn't paying attention…Where are you going?" he asked trying to start a conversation.

"I came to check on Naruto, to see if he needed anything."

"Isn't it bad luck or something for him to see you in your wedding dress before the wedding… or something like that?"

"That is what they say but I really don't believe in that stuff"

They stared walking again until they stop in front of a door that lead to Naruto's room. Sasuke opened the door and what they saw made them freeze in shock.

There in front of them was Naruto and Sakura half naked making out on the couch.

They had apparently not realizes that they were there because they didn't stop.

Sasuke recovered from the shock first and he turned to look at Hinata. Her face was showing no emotions but her eyes made up for that. Sasuke watch as silent tears fell from them. Still her face showed no emotions.

She slowly closed the doors and turn to walk away in the direction to her room.

"Hinata I'm sorry…" he said not really knowing what to say in a situation like this.

"Why are you sorry..." she whispered.


"Don't….I was going to find out either way whether it was now or later. It's better this way."

"What will you do?"

"I don't know…Please just leave me…I need to be alone" and with that Sasuke left the room.

But Hinata wasn't alone for long because only five minutes later a servant came to tell her the wedding was about to begin.

Hinata let the servant take her to the room where the ceremony was going to be healed. Naruto was already their all dress up and looking like nothing had happen Sakura was also there because she like Ino and Ten Ten, was one of the bridesmaids.

Hinata felt her father take her arm and lead down the aisle. She glance at Naruto then at Sakura and finally at Sasuke. She had made up her mine. She was going to make Naruto regret betraying her like this.

To begin with she was going to expose him in front of all their friends and then… well she hadn't come up with anything else but she would and it would be good. So good that it would make him regret the day he was born.

She was pull out of her thoughts when the priest asked Naruto the big question.

"Do you Naruto Uzumaki take Hinata Hyuuga to be you wife?"

"I do"

"And do you Hinata Hyuuga take Naruto Uzumaki as your husband?

"I do..." Naruto smile at her before she could finish "…NOT…" She said and the look in Naruto's face was priceless.

Everyone but the last Uchiha was shock. Sasuke just smirk

Hinata had said NO to Naruto.

"What is the meaning of this Hinata?" her father asked angrily. He clearly was not happy.

"Just what I said, I will not marry Naruto."

"Nice joke Hinata, now let's get on with the wedding" Naruto said

"NO! I will not merry you Naruto?"

"You HAVE to Hinata?" Now it was Sakura

"I don't have to do anything! I will not marry someone that claims to loves me and then he is fucking one of my call friends." She almost yelled

"What are you talking about Hinata?" asked Naruto

"What am I talking about? WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? You and Sakura should know! It only happened about 15 minutes ago on the couch of your room! Don't talk to me ever again, you and that bitch who claims to be one of my best friends." Hinata yell

Naruto couldn't contain his anger at hearing Hinata call Sakura a bitch so he raise his arm to strike her. When Hinata saw this she knew that she couldn't move fast enough so she closed her eyes and waited for the hit.

But it never came… She opened her eyes and saw the blue hair.

"Don't you dare put a finger on her?" said an angry Sasuke still holding Naruto's hand.

"Mind your own business Sasuke. This has nothing to do with you"

"The hell it doesn't"

"What are you, her lover? Or something…"

"No I'm not… Hinata is not the type of person that sleeps around with other people unlike Sakura over there"

"Then why are you defending her?"

"Because she is my friend and I won't let you lay a finger on her" Sasuke let go of Naruto's wrist and grave Hinata pulling her out of the there.

"We are out of here" he said as he excited the door with Hinata following just behind him. Leavening everyone that had attended the wedding speechless and shock as hell.

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