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Chapter 17: Actions

Hyuuga Neji waited for the Hyuuga council to grant him an audience. He needed to take care of the Hiashi problem so then he could concentrate on Naruto and sakura.

After finding Hinata is Sasuke's room this morning, they had briefly explain what had happen and his anger towage Naruto only increased. So much so that if he saw him now he would kill him.

The door in front of him open and Hanabi walked out. "You can go in now"

A few hours later, Neji walked out if the Hyuuga compound shocked and still not believing what the council had just told him and Hanabi. He looked at the girl that was walking beside him. All his life he had thought she was his cousin but now that had change. She looked lost in her thoughts but he couldn't blame her.

"Hanabi, you ok?" he asked with concern.

Hanabi nodded and smile at him mischievously. "Yes… brother." he smiled at her.

"Are we going to tell Hinata today?" she asked him as she walked in front of him.

"Yes, I think it's for the best" Hanabi agreed.

They found Hinata with Sasuke and surprisingly Ino in the house. Sasuke was sitting by the fire reading a book. Hinata and Ino were sitting on a around the table making flower arrangements.

"Hinata, we need to talk" Neji said after they had notice them coming.

Ino got up and went over to Sasuke. "Come on, Sasuke" Ino said and she pulled him up. Wrapping her arm around his and pulling him away. "They need some privacy…"

Ino felt Neji's gaze behind her. She turn and smiled at him. "Lets go Sasuke. I want an ice cream and your going to buy me one." she said and pull him out the door and out of the house.

She laughed when they were safely outside "You just love making him jealous, don't you?" said Sasuke to her.

"Yeah, it's fun" she said laughing.

"You know, if you keep poking the beast it's going to bite back." Sasuke told her.

"What's that suppose to mean?" she asked seriously. She didn't understand what he meant.

Sasuke sighed. "Nothing…"

"I talked to the Clan Council today about Hiashi" Neji informed Hinata

"Oh… what did they say?" she asked curiously. After all what could the clan council do to the clan leader.

"That they would take care of him… but that's not why I told you that…" he said

"Then what is it?"

"They told me… we are related " Neji looked back at Hanabi and she smiled at him.

"I know that we're cousins" she said not understanding what he had meant.

"No, Hinata… we are siblings. You're my sister." Hinata stayed quite. "and Hanabi is also my sister…"

"but he said Hanabi was his…"

"He thinks that Hanabi is his daughter but she isn't…" Neji came up to her and wrap an arm around her shoulder. "Are you ok?" he asked her when she didn't said anything.

"It's weird… up until now I didn't really thought about what he had said. But now…"tears fell from her eyes without even knowing "Even if he never showed me any kindness, I still thought of him as my father and to know that he really isn't… it hurts…" she said and hugged him.

"Hinata, I know what you mean" said Hanabi and hugged her sister. Because even if she didn't show it, it still hurt deep inside.

Neji hugged his sister. He couldn't believe it ether but in a weird and twisted way he was glad to know that they were not related to Hiashi as father and daughter. He was glad to know that they were his sisters. If before he was protective of them now he was even more. If anyone mess with them they would have to face him and his wrath.

"So Neji is your brother?" asked Sasuke as he hugged Hinata in the bed. When he had return she was in he room, sad. He had crawled into bed with her and try to comfort her.

"Yes, Neji, Hanabi and me are siblings… " she said and got closer to him.


"Yeah, I know…"

Neji found her in her family flower shop. He was pissed with her. Who did she think she was? Playing with him like that. Just the yesterday he had asked her to go out with him and she had agree but then she goes out with Sasuke. Sasuke he was going to talk to him too, if he was fooling around with his sister then he would have to make him pay dearly.

"Neji! What are you doing her? I was just about to close up the shop and go home" said his supposed girlfriend and smiled brightly at him.

She was taking some flowers to the back room of the shop and he followed her. She came up behind her and when she turn she gasped in surprise because of his closeness.

"Is something wrong?" she asked him and smiled once again.

Neji took hold of her shoulders and pushed her against the wall "What do you think your playing at?" he stepped closer to her.

"Neji?…your…" she said

"I'm not a toy you can fool around with. You are with me! Not with that Uchiha!"

"You're hurting me, Neji…!" she yelled

Neji seem to snapped out of it. Looking down at her he notice tears had stared to form in her eyes. He immediately released her and guilt form in his chest. He had never meant to hurt her. It was just that he… "I'm done with you…just stay away from me…" he whispered and turn to live.

Ino slipped to the floor. What had just happen….why had Neji broken up with her…Tears slipped from her eyes she watched Neji leave.