A FMA fanfiction
By: Something Dysfunctional
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Disclaimer: You all know who owns "Fullmetal Alchemist"... Here's a story that I hope will make you all smile, drool, laugh, maybe cry, and giggle over in embarassment. I dedicate this to everyone who is part of the Risembool Rangers and Miniskirt Army that secretly love the idea of Roy and Ed together and everyone else who believes in love- real love, no matter what the cost. Review nicely and happy reading!

The nighttime was cool and brisk. Stars littered the midnight sky and the crickets were singing their lullabye to the night.

One lone figure sat ontop of a large slide in the playground, head bent back, watching the moon as it hung over them, shinning in a pearly brilliance. Solemn eyes wavered and glistened with unshed tears, the color of the irises turning into molten gold. Sniffling, they rubbed their nose and placed their head on their arms, letting the cool breeze float by them.

Where was the one for him?

The boy sat there, wishing to someone... anyone... to come and find him.
Being alone... wasn't so nice.
Not anymore.
As the moon shined on and the stars twinkled, the tears that threatened to fall seeped down onto chilled cheeks from the night air. And soon, morning would come, but with what cost?

Only tomorrow would know.

Weird prolouge but I love it anyway.
Shall I continue?
-author grins madly-
--the moonlight carries the message of Love.--

Later Days...!