Draco cursed the day he ever heard the name Hermione Granger. Merlin, he hated that Mudblood. Was she always so pristine and a tattle-tale? Because of her, he was out late finishing his detention with Professor McGonagall. Because of her he was missing out on strip poker in the Slytherin Common Room, an event he looked forward to for weeks, but no, Granger had to take that away from him. Her and her stupid friends.

It all started in Transfiguration (a class his father made him take to ' practice') and of course, the Golden Trio were there, front and center, ready to piss the Hell out of him. Granger had been a Goody- goody as usual, nothing shocking about that, she answered all of McGonagall's questions and volunteered to help out. But the worst part was the group assignment, two people were to work together and transfigure a desk into a closet, a cat into a dog and water into wine, and he was partnered up with Granger. He tried to get it changed, but the old hag was set towards it.

So, he grudgingly sat beside the dirty girl and immediately got to work but as usual she had to make a comment about something or another. ' Malfoy, you are not doing it right, it's like this,' and then she flicked her wand in his face.

'Get your bloody hand out of my face,' he said, slapping her hand away. ' Ugh, now I have to wash my hand and my face.'

'Oh, you insufferable little ferret, I don't have germs,' she screeched into his ear.

He decided to push it further and started clutching his face, 'Oh my God, I can't see, Granger what did you do to me? I can't feel my face, do I even have a face?'

'Mr. Malfoy, stop that this instant!,' McGonagall's voice called from above him.

He suddenly stopped and looked up to see a thinned-lipped teacher. He cursed and quickly sat up straight, glaring at Granger who was grinning back. 'What happened, Miss Granger?' she asked.

' He was making fun of me, professor,' Granger looked innocent, and he was suddenly angry, it felt like his head would pop if he didn't wring her neck. And she knew what he was thinking because she broke out into a brilliant smile. Granger isn't exactly innocent, is she?

'Detention. Tonight. Don't be late, Mr. Malfoy,' the teacher snapped out, and whirled around to the front of the room.

'You are going to pay for this, Mudblood,' his voice growled, 'I had plans for tonight, and you happened to ruin them with your big mouth'

' Well, I won't say you didn't deserve it,' she smiled sweetly and his fist tightened.

'Don't forget to get your assignments back to me sometime this week, otherwise you get a T automatically,' McGonagall said, shooing everyone out.

Malfoy reluctantly got up and moved towards the door, he had to come up with a way to bother her, to make Granger suffer for always getting him into trouble, and today wasn't the first time. Just last week, Granger tripped him in the hall way and scattered away before he could get up, and when he did, he ran right into Mr. Binns, who didn't appreciate being walked through and had come up with a detention for a day in the greenhouse where Malfoy tended to the shrieking Mandrakes.

Still, he hadn't managed to get back at Granger. She was always with Harry and Ron or with some dorky Gryffindor. But this time she pushed it too far, under that pristine exterior she was a bitch to be reckoning. And he was the one who make it all come out into the open, everyone will disown her and despise her and then he won't ever have to worry about the little Mudblood again.

Malfoy dragged himself out of McGonagall's office and trudged towards the Slytherin Common Room on the opposite side of the castle. Merlin, all he could see was red, that was how frustratingly angry he was. The need to punch her face in over and over again kept running through his mind, I bet sending her to his house with all those nasty Death Eaters would teach her a lesson for messing with him.

He turned a corner and was about ready to take a stroll on the bridge that led the way to his Common Room when he heard noises up a head. Shrugging, he decided to check it out, he glanced at his watch and saw that it was a tad past midnight, no one was supposed to be out now.

Maybe he could do something about this. Make the little curfew seeker doing something in return so he wouldn't tell. He grinned, Lord he loved being a Slytherin. He moved closer when he heard breathy moans and someone... growling?

Oh, people were shagging at night, even better, he thought. He snuck in a little closer, he thought that maybe they were hiding behind an armor, or behind a door. But either way he was going to catch them, for shagging wasn't allowed, although in his case he would shag all day and no one could stop him.

He opened the first door that led to a darkened hallway and although he was a Slytherin, there was nothing good about wandering around at midnight in a school that had no participants wondering around with him. The door led to a broom closet, the closer he got to the end of the corridor the louder the moans got, sending chills down his spine, it sounded someone was getting fucked really hard down there.

And if it wasn't for Granger, he knew for a certain fact that right now instead of standing there looking for fuckers, he could be a fucker himself. He growled just thinking about that...that... that.. what was that exactly? A girl, maybe, not a very attractive one though. What a shame. He grinned evilly, she probably never even touched a boy that wasn't Weasel or Potter. What a prude she must be not to go on a daily basis of interacting with the opposite sex, he seen that she had but it was strict and business-like, nothing that identify her of ever having a life- except for books and her gay lovers she called friends.

What a shame, indeed. Oh well, at least he had a sex life. He loved that girls fawned over his good looks and that they threw themselves at him and since he was a teenage boy and he needed to satisfy his morning erection, and who not with all the Slytherin girls were just as cunning and vindictive as himself. Then at least they have a tad in common with each other, but he knew that the girls were all the same. They were after his money and to claim the Malfoy name. It'd never happen, those girls were better off jumping off a cliff than having anything to do with him or his money.

Cautiously, he continued moving down, opening door after door, tightening his grip on his withdrawn wand. For Merlin's sake, were the hiding in a secret room? A gasp was heard then the sound of slapping skin. Was it just him or was he sweating? Yes, when he'd get back to his room, he was either going to find a slut to shag or he'd get himself off, because he was literally turned on right now, thinking of the girl that was probably bent over on the desk, getting pounded so hard up her pussy, she'd be biting her lip to stop from screaming. He rubbed across the front of his slacks and sighed with agony. Lord... that was frustrating.

The last door was coming up and he wiped the sweat off his brow. He would be quiet until he knew who the Hell was fucking, and then he would call on them, and receive favors, and maybe when the boy was done with the girl he could have a turn. He held the doorknob in his hand and slowly twisted it and slightly pushed it a smidgen. What he saw would forever haunt his mind.

Pressed up against the wall was none other the Hermione Granger, and her male counterpart who just so happened to be the Weasel, and they were going at it like rabbits. Her back kept hitting the wall and he kept tightening his arms around her thighs to keep thrusting inside her. But the most astonishing part was Granger- the girl who had the wild nest of a hair and who was completely the opposite of an attractive girl- but now, now she looked sexy. Her hair was in wild dissary and she was moaning and panting. And Lord did she have a nice body, she was naked from the waist up, her boobs were dangling very close to Weasel's mouth and her skirt was hiked up around her waist, where he could definitely see her pussy dripping all over the floor.

He almost fainted. Almost. He grabbed for the door frame and continued watching. It was fascinating what a great shag Granger could be. He stilled suddenly.

'Ron, please. Harder, I beg you,' she moaned out loud, pulling on his hair.

Malfoy gulped and pressed his tie away from his neck, letting a little bit of air to come in. Then he saw Granger push the Weasel down and starting to ride him. His jaw dropped to the floor. It was shocking seeing Granger like this- so wild and inhibited. It was a drastic change to her prude ways.

'Merlin, 'Mione. Keep doing that and I'll give it to you really hard,' Weasel said, grabbing Granger's hips and pushing her down on him harder, the slapping of skin and her constant mewls were driving him insane, Malfoy needed to get out of there. He had images in his head that should not and could not be in there.

He slowly backed away, and turned away but not before hearing Granger screaming, 'Ron,' Yes, he really needed to scoot. He ran all the way back to the Slytherin Common Room. Opening the door to his room he was met by his roommate and a girl whom he was currently penetrating. Then he quickly turned around and headed for Pansy's room. Knocking, she swung open the door and although he found her unattractive, she had a cunt and he needed something, well, pussy- like.

'Let's fuck, slut,' he growled, pushing her in and damning everyone else out of the room. Everyone got out and he finally got the image of Granger out of his fucking mind.