"Man Tuck…"

I shut my eyes, I just couldn't stand it.

I shook my head, barely breathing "…It's too soon".

Looking down, I unclenched my fists, four neat dents marred the otherwise unblemished surface.

Angrily I wiped at my eyes, frustration, grief, helplessness and the distinct stab of fear clawed inside my stomach, rearing up my esophagus leaving the acidic taste of bile.

I swallowed deeply, trying to breath. If only I could stop those gasps and breathe properly.

I knew I was trembling. I felt like a wreck. I knew it was going to happen, sooner or later. Heck, we all were expecting it to happen, right after we heard the diagnosis.

Expecting it didn't make it hurt any less though.

Taking a deep breath, I looked around the graveyard, averting my eyes from the fresh mound of brown soil for just a moment.

The graveyard gate was rattling against its post, but otherwise the cemetery was completely silent. The funeral procession had left long before, not noticing the teenager who stayed behind. Invisibility was a handy ability that way. I know nobody had thought I was even there, save for a select few.

I regretted it, but it was a choice I had made years ago. It would be easier for everyone this way.


The soft sound barely surprised me. I hung my head and heaved a sigh, brushing raven black bangs out of my eyes.

The red glare from the setting sun gleamed off the tomb in front of me. It towered over me, in my mind, an onyx obelisk, solid and undeniable, unbreakable.

Representing the very thing my existence denies.

I loathed it for that.

Footsteps crunched the wrinkled leaves as Sam walked towards the tomb, coming to stop beside me.

I looked into her eyes, crow's feet barely brushing violet.

Words whispered unheard into the wind, but the message was clear.

I turned back, staring into the miniscule portrait of the middle aged man, taking in the silence, briefly broken by the screech of a blackbird.

I shivered, crunching the frost forming underneath my feet.

And as the leaves swirled, falling to the ground we stood in silence and understood.

One day, I'd have to watch her fall to the ground too.

And I would be alone.



Wow, I've finally written something! I am planning on editing this on a future date but right now, its here just in time for Angst Day.

Yes, this is after Tucker's funeral. Quite some time into the future though, leaving the three friends in their forties.

If you've read carefully, you'll notice that ghost powers were not the only things Danny took from his accident.

Constructive criticism would be very much appreciated!

P.S. This was inspired by a very popular American poem. Can you guess which one?