The past couple of months had been a whirlwind for Vicki and Henry. Vicki was virtually living at Henry's condo, her eyesight was completely restored and she'd never felt better. Coreen had even commented on how she looked.

"So, Vicki, you look and younger, any particular reason?" Coreen was always fishing for information but Vicki wasn't biting, well not Coreen anyway.

"Thanks, new moisturizer and no Coreen, I'm not telling you about my relationship with Henry, sorry!" she said as she gave Coreen a little grin. Coreen sighed and plopped into her office chair. They had just finished up about half a dozen plain cases and Vicki had gotten a strange new client, one that seemed paranormal. Coreen had been thrilled, Vicki had been cautious. She still held a few light lines from her experience with Dahak and wasn't likely to forget them anytime soon. She realized that although she was safe from Asteroth, she might not be completely cleared of any other evil entering this realm. Since Henry had told her that she was cleansed, probably he said, she was still uneasy if not moreso than before. She wondered if at anytime something could just cross over and attack as Dahak had done. With the likelihood of Vicki becoming pregnant by Henry slim to none, the option of that added cleansing procedure was out of the question. Henry had suggested a sperm bank at one point just to be sure, she had punched him and told him to go to hell. Sweet Vicki that she was, always had something positive and encouraging to say..but there was one kind of evil she didn't think about very often anymore. The kind that wasn't demonic or otherwordly so to speak.

She didn't think about evil coming in a phsyical form looking for revenge.


"So, you just want me to watch and see huh? And you gonna pay me all this money for that?" the big burly man asked the cloaked figure. The figured nodded yes in response to the man's question.

"Damn! Alright," he said shaking his head and giving a faux salute, "you got it!" With that, the man was gone and the figure stared after him into the night. Vicki and Henry would never be happy, it just wasn't going to happen and they would make sure of it.

"Henry? You up?" Vicki called upon unlocking his...their...she didn't know..whatever..the condo. She shook her head still wondering if she had done the right thing, still questioning to this day if she had made the right move. She did feel different after the shot. A few days after the injection however, she woke up sick with a very high fever.

"Vicki!? Vicki..oh my..Vicki!? Wake up!" Henry had come to life beside her feeling the heat from her body as well as her shaking and shivering. She only moaned, then tossed and turned. When he couldn't awaken her, he had hastily dressed her and rushed her to Dr. Rajani. He certainly couldn't take her to a normal doctor. What the hell would he say?

"Excuse me, yes I gave her an experimental injection of a man's blood, trying to make her immortal without turning her into a vampire, can you help her?" Yeah right. Luckily, Rajani was still there when Henry came barging with an unconscious Vicki in his arms.

"Here, put her on this table. It is clean," Rajani pointed to an empty table in the morgue. Vicki would not be thrilled if she knew she was there on an exam table used specifically for dead bodies but right now, she was so sick she had no clue as to where she was.

"What's happened to her?" Rajani began to take her vitals. Her blood pressure was low, her heart rate was high, her pupils were dialated and her tempurature was..Rajani's eyes went wide upon reading the thermometer.

"107!? That cannot be right, quickly Henry, let's cool her down," She began to push her into the large refrigeration area. Henry had a firm grip on the rolling table with a wild look on his face. The refrigeration unit was where all the dead bodies were, not where Vicki would want to be either. Henry was the only dead body she would prefer to be with.

"Wait..I don't think she'd..." Rajani cut him off.

"Henry we have no idea what is happening with her. She might be having a reaction to the serum I made. If it is my fault, I cannot live with myself if she dies," Rajani said firmly. Henry's eyes turned dark and he growled with the words "if she dies." No! That could not happen, not after everything they had done and how patiently he had waited for her to come around in the end. He pushed the table quickly and realized at the same time, he was terribly hungry. He had not fed as he was too worried about getting Vicki help.

"Henry, did you not feed?" He looked at her incredulously.

"No, how could you.." he wondered.

"I can see by the pallor in your face, you look sick too but I know it is not sickness." Vicki's skin was pale, almost translucent, her eyes sunken and dark as if she had a terrible case of the flu with a touch of anemia thrown in.

"Yes, but I don't want to leave her," he said brushing Vicki's hair from her hot cheek.

"Fine, let me get you something then," Rajani left Henry in the cooler with Vicki's shivering body. She shook so violently at one point he had to hold her down to keep her from falling off of the table. He bent down, kissed her and whispered he was so sorry for giving her the shot as a single tear trickled down his cheek. Rajani came back with a strange looking bag.

"Here," she handed it to Henry. Vicki had stopped shaking and Henry was able to take the bag from Rajani.

"What is this?"

"Well, it's not fresh but it's safe, I assure you. I know you don't care for bagged blood but please, nourish yourself Henry," she told him. Turning his back as he didn't want Rajani to see him feed, he sniffed the bag noticing it had a strange but sweet odor. He turned back around and asked her what was in it.

"It is a sample of blood that I have been...given.." she hesitated, "for purposes of study. I have studied it and it is good, just not for what I wanted."

"What IS it?"

Rajani sighed, "It's synthetic in nature, Henry. That's all, lots of vitamins, proteins, it's supposed to be good, really."

"Really." he stated grimly. She nodded and urged him to 'drink up'. Looking back down at Vicki who was shivering still but only in spurts, he relunctantly drank knowing it was for her.

He had no idea how much for her it would be...