Things went well over the next few months. Kate was far from angry at Mike, she was happy he'd saved her life. She'd had to make adjustments at work to accomodate her new sunlight and daytime lack of life issues. Crowley had been influenced to understand the situation. She was a quick study just as Vicki had predicted. Her relationship with Mike had accelerated to a full-blown love affair and although Mike would never admit it just yet, he loved the fact that Kate was a vampire. Within just a few months, she was able to move out of Henry's condo (much to Vicki's relief) and into a specially designed apartment for her and Mike. They knew within a few months they would have to move. Mike and her both had already put in for a transfer. That decision had upset Vicki worse than she expected.

"Mike can't you just try to stay, I mean, maybe the whole territorial issue won't be a problem?" Vicki had asked one night. She was only weeks away from delivering her baby and pregnancy looked beautiful on her. She was fit, healthy and had hardly gained a pound. Henry had cried the first time he felt his child move within Vicki's womb and amazingly, the normally unemotional Vicki had cried too. The whole situation, the baby and the turning, had brought them all closer in a weird kind of way.

"No Vicki, Henry has explained that it will be a forced situation, she won't be able to help it any more than Henry can. I'll come and see you, and my godchild of course," he grinned.

"What about you and Kate? You thinkin' about poppin' out any little mini-vamps?" Vicki teased. Mike grinned and told her they had indeed discussed things with Dr. Mohadevan but wanted to see how Vicki's pregnancy went first.

"Besides, we are just starting our relationship. What if she gets tired of me?" Mike said.

"She'll never get tired of you Mike. We just didn't work, that's all," Vicki said softly. Mike had made arrangements long before his talk with Vicki as that was his last hurdle. It hurt him too to leave Vicki but he was in love with Kate now. He told Vicki he was sorry for all the bad things he had said about Henry, he felt he owed Henry for his happiness with Kate.

"And you were right.." he added.

"About what?" Vicki asked.

"You know.." Mike's face blushed.

"OH..yeah..told ya!" she poked him in the ribs. They had come to an understanding that although they loved each other, they weren't in love with each other. They would always care for each other in a way that couldn't be matched by any other friendship.

Coreen found a boyfriend that was much like her, loved the freaky stuff and understood the whole Henry thing with class and maturity. He felt things, Coreen put it. Good. Someone right up her alley.

Vicki's pregnancy had been a learning experience for Vicki and Henry. Vicki learned their were more frightening things than demons when she attended her first childbirth class. She explained after the video demonstration there would be no natural childbirth for her, drugs only. They also discussed a few names but came to no agreement. They decided not to find out the sex of the baby but when Vicki saw their child on the screen, that's when it all became real for her. She had cried, touched the screen and told Henry thank you. That was a rare tender moment that Henry would always treasure, Vicki being a girly, motherly woman. Vicki had told her mother that she had decided to become a mother with her current boyfriend. Marjory had not met Henry and wouldn't for quite some time but was thrilled she was going to be a grandmother. Henry spared no expense picking out baby things and creating a nursery at his condo. He insisted that Vicki move in, just for the sake of him being involved. Vicki seriously doubted that was the only reason but agreed. She wanted Henry to be hands on, something her own father never was. Henry was as giddy as a schoolgirl during the entire nine months.

Mike and Kate were still in town when Vicki went into labor which was, thankfully, at night when Henry and Kate would be alive. Even up to the point of delivery, Vicki was still concerned about her abilities to have maternal instincts.

"What if I can feed him or her?" Vicki cried during one emotional outbreak during labor.

"You'll do great," Henry reassurred her with a kiss.

"What if I forget the baby somewhere, or I can't change a diaper.." she had cried. Henry assurred her again and again and when it came time to push, the ever strong Vicki Nelson did her job as well as any other new mother would, even better Henry thought.

Henry cried when he saw his daughter for the first time in her mother's arms. She was an exact replica of Vicki, honey blonde curls but with eyes like her father's, blue as the morning sky. Vicki cried too, something that was unusual for her but understandable as well. Vicki asked Henry if he was upset it wasn't a boy.

"Are you kidding me Vicki? This shouldn't have happened at all, she's a blessing," he told her, "I'm not like my father was. I don't need a son to validate me or carry on my kingdom," he told her softly as he rubbed his daughter's cheek. Instinctively, she turned toward the touch as if she were hungry already.

"What are we going to name her?" Vicki asked quietly as she too rubbed her finger along her cheek.

"I don't know, what do you like?" Henry asked as he sat beside them both. The baby began to root and Vicki's eyes widened.

"She's hungry, are you going to breast feed?" the nurse asked.

"Uh..well..I..uh.." Vicki hadn't thought of that, not once. Henry laughed and started to say he would love to but held that back for another time. They exchanged a look that said quietly 'blood or milk?'

"Just try it, if you can't or don't want to, no biggie," Henry shrugged. She did it with Henry's encouragement and with perfection as if she were a pro. Their eyes glistened with tears as they watched their newborn baby latch on with ease. Definitely milk, for now.

"So, what are we naming her? We can't call her baby girl forever?" Henry asked again. They had discussed only boy's names at Vicki's insistence because she just assumed it would be a boy. She was a little more than nervous about how to handle a girl.

Vicki thought as she watched her newborn daughter feed thinking..well, at least she didn't come out with fangs. That would have been a big negative in the breast feeding area had that occurred.

"How about Bella?" Vicki asked suddenly. Henry tilted his head and smiled.

"I like that, Bella Victoria," he raised an eyebrow waiting for her to protest.

"Bella Victoria Fiztroy, that fits don't you think?" she asked Henry. Henry opened his mouth to say something then said nothing, he was in slight shock. He expected Vicki to give her Nelson as her surname or at least a hypenated version of Nelson and Fitzroy, ever the independent woman.

"You''re giving her my name?' he asked, a tear in his eye again.

"Well, yeah, dumbass since that will be mine too.." was Vicki's way of saying yes to marrying Henry. Henry bent to kiss both of his girls and wondered if he could be any more contented than he was at that very moment. Bella wrapped her tiny hand around her father's finger while she fed from Vicki, her long-lashed eyes closed and her breathing steady as she gulped down the nourishment Vicki provided. Her pink lips, full like her mother's, puckered with each pull as she drank bringing a smile to Henry's face once more, knowing he had helped create a life. This was something he never thought he would ever see happen. Vicki tried to inconspicously wipe the tear that had trickled down her face.

Neither knew what the future held for Bella. She was a new breed of vampire/human hybrid. Time would tell but luckily, they had Dr. Mohadevan now to help them. She had been Vicki's doctor indiscreetly throughout her pregnancy and subsequent birth. Vicki also thought back to Christina's prediction, the word children instead of child, her dream and the fear that one day something evil would come for them. Vicki knew if it did, she would kill it without thinking twice. Those thoughts were pushed away as Vicki enjoyed the serenity of her new family, wondering if this too was a dream and as she felt Henry kiss her once more, knew it was a dream come true.

Looking at the serene picture of the three of them together, it did seem as if Vicki had finally gotten her happily ever after.

But, as with anything in Vicki's life, things were always subject to change.....