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A handsome man with long black hair and dark gray eyes sat at table beside a French window, sipping tea and plotting murder.

The man's name was Lind L. Tailor. Of course, he had enough aliases that he never actually needed to share it, not that it would have led to him - according to the birth and citizenship records of every country in the world, Lind L. Tailor did not exist. He himself could not have said where he was from; he'd run away from his last caretakers. The only person he'd ever considered family was the boy he'd met at that most recent home - Brother. Lind L. Tailor didn't know Brother's real name, or if he even had one. He was just Brother, and the two thought of themselves as brothers even though they weren't actually related. But they got along well, and they had similar views on their caretakers, and they were both monsters.

Brother, for the most part, seemed to be content with the putting-salt-on-slugs variety of evil, but Lind L. Tailor had always aspired to higher things. And look where it had landed them - Brother was dead or as good as, finally tracked down after a set of brutal murders (because he'd eventually tired of slugs) and left to rot in prison somewhere - whereas Lind L. Tailor was alive, doing well, and about to pull off a crime he'd been planning for over a decade.

He smiled to himself and sipped his tea.