A/N: I have no idea where this came from, so it's probably really bad. But I've always thought Jacob and Leah made a lot more chemistry than Jacob and a baby. Steph Meyer made a really bad decision in letting these two go. Sorry to all the Jake/Nessie fans! Post BD.

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Some time between Sam and Emily's wedding and Nessie running away to South America with Nahuel, Jacob and Leah became each other's best friend. They were, after all, the only ones left behind.

"I hate them, you know. But then I remember how much I love then both" Leah breathed, her eyes closed as the moonlight gleamed on her exotic face.

Had his heart hadn't been ripped out for the second time, Jacob would've admitted Leah was beautiful.

"I know" he quietly replied, his heated body sliding closer to hers. "I know how much it hurts to watch them until you feel like you can't breathe anymore"

Leah barked out a raw, bitter laugh.

"I always knew that filthy blood sucker wasn't good enough for you" she retorted lightly.

Funny, Jacob did too. His lips curved upwards.

"Sam doesn't know what he's missing out on" he murmured.

Leah shook her head, her eyes shining with unshed tears as another bitter laugh escaped her perfect lips.

"Yes he does. He just doesn't care anymore"

Jacob sighed. Two broken hearts, two broken souls, two broken werewolves (he refused to be called a shape-shifter). It was just too much work to fix them both. Leah threw her head back, her thick, black mane glimmering in the moonlight. She looked at a pained Jacob, a soft smile playing on her lips. As if she had known what he was thinking. Jacob inwardly scoffed. She always did.

"We don't need to be fixed, Jake. We just need someone to care" she whispered softly.

"And who's going to do that?" he shot back heatedly.

Leah chuckled, before reaching out and brushing his hair away from his eyes. Jacob could've been tortured, drowned or even become friends with Edward before he'd admit his breath had hitched at her touch.

"I will skin you alive if you ever breathe a word about this, but you've grown on me, Black" she muttered, her breath caressing his earlobe.

His name died on her lips as Jacob crushed them with his own.