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I hissed in irritation. How dare he? How dare he say such things to me? And about her? I gritted my teeth, turning my gaze to his face, fighting the shocked tears springing to my eyes.

He glowered back, furious, threatening. I'd promised him he'd regret talking to me like that. But there he was, glaring still, like he wasn't afraid of me. He probably wasn't, but if he'd only known what was coming, he would have begged for forgiveness, sworn to forget her.

But he didn't. And I knew he wouldn't. No, that was wrong. If what he'd just sworn to me was true, then I realized that he couldn't do that.

Fury ripped through me at this revelation, and I let out a strangled screech. He didn't flinch.

My breathing caught as the fury ripped through me again, cutting the ties that held my brain to sanity. My hands curled into claws, and I wished that I had a way to make him see how it felt, to have your heart ripped out by the one you loved.

Behind me, a silver glint caught my eye…

A heavy, silver, metal bat.