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Tales of the Blade Chapter 4-The Fall 1: Love

"You WHAT?" shouted Ravenna Lorn at her brother. The rest of the Blademasters just stared.
"I'm going out with Catherine Jaster." said Adam Lorn, again.

Pandemonium exploded around the table, while the leaders of the families, Alan and Lauren, looked at each other and smiled quietly.

"No way, Adam." said Ravenna. "You can't!"
"Why not?" said Adam, at exactly the same time as Catherine.
"Because I won't allow it!" said Lewis Jaster.
"And why would you stop it?" Yelled Catherine at her brother.
"I'm afraid I can't allow it either, Catherine." said Nathaniel Jaster, their father. Catherine, Adam and the rest of the table looked at him.
"What?" said Ravenna.
"I won't leave her." said Adam. Lewis seized the unexpected ally of his father.
"You have to."
"I Won't." He said. Lewis frowned, then smiled.
"I challenge you to an honour duel. If you win, we will allow it. If I win, you will drop it." Everyone looked at Nathaniel.
"That seems fair." he said.

Ravenna and Catherine were both pale. Ravenna and Adam's parents did not quite believe that in thirty seconds, they had gone from an announcement of love to an honour duel.

Alan and Lauren, at the same time, just slapped their faces in disappointment of their children and grandchildren.

"Alright then. A round lasts until the first fatal blow. First to three. Blunt your weapons." said Alex Sonai, who was refereeing.

The two boys concentrated, and ran a finger along the edge of their sword. The blood would seal the blade, rendering it all but harmless.


Lewis started to concentrate, using his inner strength, but in just over the blink of an eye, Adam had reached his side and slammed into it with one sword.

"Fatal blow." he said. Lewis' eyes flashed with anger, as he took up a fighting stance again.

Adam knew the same trick wouldn't work twice. He might actually have to fight this time.


Lewis once again started to concentrate, but more slowly, watching Adam. he finished, and nothing seemed to change. Without warning, Adam ran forwards again, slashing with incredible speed.

Lewis' arm came up and blocked it, once twice, then the third time he misjudged.

The sword slammed into him again.

"Fatal blow."

But Lewis had a plan.

"Begin. If Adam wins this, he wins the duel."

Adam rushed at him. He parried once, hard, knocking him away, and concentrated again.

When Adam attacked again, he blocked every strike, moving even faster than him.

Both times, he had used inner strength to speed himself up. And they had lasted between battles. He was faster than Adam. And that was saying something.

But Adam had one more trick. He ran in, looking like a simple attack. Then he concentrated, and yelled out.

"Chaos Blade!" In the audience, Lauren winced. That attack was very hard to use right, only the fastest could do it right. Adam wasn't good enough yet.

But it would probably still win him the fight.

After the first strike, he vanished in a cloud of smoke. Something told Lewis to turn around, and he did, just blocking the second. Adam vanished again, reappearing almost parallel to the floor. But his sword still smashed into Lewis' side.

It was over.

"Fatal Blow. Adam wins." said Alex, with some boredom.

Lewis scowled, running his finger along the sword to deactivate the training charm and the speed boost. Alex didn't see. Neither did any of the Jasters, except Alan. They were behind him. Adam turned away.

"Well, Adam, I suppose this means it is permitted for you and-"

Lewis charged, screaming and swinging his sword at Adam's head.

Adam, moving fast enough o blur slightly, ran his finger along his sword and cut Lewis' throat.

He fell to the floor, dead.

There was silence in the training field.

"Oh no." said someone.
"What?" said another.
"It has begun. The Blademasters are splitting. Young Lewis is dead." said Celebi.
"Oh no…" said Mew.
"The fall has begun."
"Sometimes I think the world would be better without prophecies." said Mew quietly.

Yep. Mew and Celebi will be in every chapter. So, how's this arc? Forbidden love, treachery, (Lewis', the black sheep of the Jasters, not that they'll ever admit it.) and someone challenging someone older and more skilled than him, and paying the price when he tries to cheat. But will they see it that way? Find out in a few chapters when we return to this arc.