I considered posting more Beginnings, but I think I'll write Fallen. Sorry. This one ends soon anyway. Shortest arc.

Tales of the Blade Chapter 11-The Fall 3-Consequences

"Get out!" shouted Nathaniel.
"If they leave, so do I." said Alan.
"Fine then." he said, his voice furious, but calm.

Moving almost as one, the entire Lorn household left, accompanied by Alan and Catherine.

Hesitating, James and his family followed them.

Mew said nothing, her lip trembling.

Celebi sighed.
"We're too late. Prophecy or no prophecy, some things cannot just be allowed to happen."

No-one but Mew was listening to him.

Nathaniel was yelling, furious.
"Traitors! They'll kill their own? Well, I cast them out! As the senior blademaster present of the Jaster family, by the authority handed down to me, I cast them out." he said.
"Any objections?" he said.
The Rofani agreed entirely with what he was saying.
The Sonai said nothing. No-one knows if they just didn't care or they knew they were outnumbered.
"We blademasters are above men. Almost like angels. Well, then they are the Fallen Angels. Never again will our two families meet in friendship!" he shouted. He was really starting to get into it.
"What about the blademaster school?" said Celebi.
"We can do it without them. We can run it with less styles."
"No, you can't." said Celebi.
Everyone agreed with him.
"Well, then we can get some of their students. Not that difficult, is it." he said.

Celebi sighed, and left, Mew following him. Nathaniel didn't notice. He was too busy ranting.

* * *

"They've outcast you." said Celebi, to Lauren.
"I don't care." she said.
"And your family." he said.
Lauren winced, but stuck with it.
"We don't care. That's his problem." she said, walking to the rest of her family.

Celebi sighed.
"This is the way it was always going to be. Damnit, why do prophecy's always have to be so right?"
"Well, if you'd let us change something…" said Mew reproachfully.
Celebi sighed, and shook his head.
"You know we can't. It has to be this way."

* * *

"James?" asked Alex, quietly.
James turned, surprised to hear the other's voice here, of all places.
"You are asked to attend a meeting." he said, short as always, and left.
James turned, seeing Lauren casually leaning against a wall.
"You should go." she said.
"After what he did?" he growled.
"Yes. Keep a foot in each camp." she said. "For me."

"James. Please."
"Alright." he said, unwillingly. He stood, and left.

* * *

One bad apple sours the basket.

* * *

That's the end. End of the Fall, I believe. Shortest arc. I hope you enjoyed it.