Finally, the second chapter of the Shadows Arc. Enjoy!

Tales of the Blade Chapter 13-The Shadows 2-Blades in the Night

Inside a large mansion there was silence.

"Where the HELL is Alicia?!"

Well, there was…

A girl came storming into the largest room, followed by another girl, a man and a Gallade.

She was about seventeen, with long black hair and dangerously glittering eyes of very dark brown. There was a large sword on her back, the pommel stone actually another blade, like a small dagger.

She turned to face the people following her.
"Well? For fucks sake, how hard is it?" Where the fuck is Alicia?"

The other girl walked forward a little. She looked very similar to the other girl, brown eyed, but with long hair in a white ponytail down to her back. She was younger, maybe fifteen or sixteen.
"Alexa, stop shouting. James already says that he doesn't know."
"I know that genius. Where was she last? Come on Larissa, it's not fucking difficult."

"She was attacking Cipher." said the man, James, quietly. "We think they have a new base, and I asked her to check it out. That was a week ago."

"Well then, we should do something! Idiot…" said the first girl, Alexa.
"There aren't enough people to do anything. There aren't many of us." pointed out Larissa, the other girl.
"Then I'll do it." said Alexa, storming out of the room again, the Gallade following her.

Larissa sighed.
"I'd better help. She'll get killed on her own."

She left as well.

The man groaned.
Those two were so hard to deal with…

* * *

"Alexa, wait up." called Larissa, running after her.
"Do you know where Alicia was going?" asked Alexa immediately.
"Umm… I think she was checking the old base outside of Phenac. Quite small, that's why it took us so long to realise." explained Larissa.
"Right, it should take us about a day to travel there." said Alexa, thinking.
"Ooh! We'll use my Ray!" said Larissa, suddenly excited.
"…it's not that urgent…" said Alexa weakly.
"Yes it is." said Larissa, practically dancing back into the side of the building, and then driving out in a sleek, green machine, styled to look much like a Rayquaza.
"…fuck…" said Alexa. "I hate that thing."

Larissa jumped out and pulled Alexa over, and then into the side seat.

The Gallade followed them, sitting in the back of the machine.
The engine roared, and it took off into the air.

Alexa was murmuring something to herself about a 'happy place'.

* * *

"Well, we're here. Shame, I was enjoying that." said Larissa.
As they landed, Alexa jumped out of the craft and hugged the ground.

Larissa left the vehicle sadly, almost caressing it's prow, and the Gallade, who had not yet spoken, followed her.

"Well… now we're here, we should go in. Right?" said Alexa, trying to put the flight behind her.
"Alexa, we can't do that. We should check how many people there are and sneak in and-"

Alexa was charging down the hill.

Larissa groaned, and turned to the Gallade.
"Does she listen to anyone, Kire?"

The Gallade started.
"No. But why would you ask me? No-one ever listens to me…"

Larissa groaned again.
"Great. I have my sister who can't be bothered to wait five seconds, and a depressed Gallade with no self-esteem. Wonderful."

She ran down after Alexa, and the Gallade, Kire, followed her.

* * *

"Could you not have waited ten seconds for them to walk past?" asked Larissa, slashing her sword through the neck of a Cipher grunt.
"No, where the fuck is the fun in that?" said Alexa, laughing, cutting through a pair of them with one swipe.

Within seconds the two of them, plus Kire, cut through an entire patrol.

A quiet clapping noise came from behind them.

They turned, seeing a man, dressed in the uniform of a Cipher Peon. He had blue eyes, and close cut black hair. He took a pokeball calmly from his belt, opening it. Out of it came a Zapdos, the legendary bird of lightning, glowing with shadow energy. It screamed at them.

A bolt of black lightning fired from the Zapdos towards the three of them.

It stopped in front of Alexa, a green glow appearing in front of her hands.

"Fuck, you're stupid." said Alexa, glowing, her form changing slightly. Within seconds, her form was mixed with that of a Lugia.
"Fool, you'd fight a Sonai?" she said.

The peon laughed.
"I already defeated one."

The Zapdos shot past her at as incredible speed, picking up Kire the Gallade in it's claws, routing electricity to him, making him scream. The Zapdos picked him up, carrying him next to the Peon and throwing him to the ground.

The peon drew a sword from his back, holding it against Kire's neck. He tossed a pokeball at Alexa's feet.

"You get inside there, or this Pokemon joins the ranks of the shadows."

As he said it, a bolt of lightning paralysed Larissa.

"Fuck you all." growled Alexa.
Then she gave an apologetic look to Larissa, and kicked the pokeball, vanishing inside it.

The POeon laughed, capturing Kire with another pokeball.
"Zapdos, throw that one outside." he said, pointing at Larissa.

She was dropped outsaide of the building, the doors shut behind her.

She cried.

* * *