"I read that letter, just last week
You were telling me the darkness had taken you
and it had only lasted a week
I don't know where your saviour is...
Check the back room
He's writing the book that describes the end
as you're passing this life
Now I see it: it's a doorway
It's a doorway to my love..."

The Streets Fell Into My Window - The Red Paintings

This story serves to fill in the gaps between James' revelations and Alice's discovery of her birth name and family. I've often felt Alice and her history were rather skimmed over in the books, and as a huge fan of her character, I felt robbed. After all, if one remains in the state they were in prior to transformation (as per Meyer's statements), and Alice was entirely abandoned without any memories, how did she know even know her name, despite not knowing anything else? My desire is to explain that, while also having fun exploring the relationships within the Cullen family.

I haven't written fanfiction since my teens; be kind and hopefully you'll enjoy.

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