"Mother, please. You are making my corset much too tight."

She pulled the strings tighter, making my breath come out in a gasp.

"Stop complaining, Bella."

I took a breath, but it was stopped short by the confinement that came with the blasted corset.

The year was nineteen-twelve, the month, April. Mother and I were going to sail on the Titanic, for it's maiden voyage.

First class, of course. I wouldn't expect anything less.

Another tight pull on the lacing, and my corset was finally on. My breathing was shallower, but my back was straighter and my bosom looked more impressive, as the hourglass shape of my torso.

I slipped on my lavender dress and put my hair back in an elegant twist. Presentation was key, of course. And when your finances are twice above the average, people expect that.

Though, there are always drawbacks to things. Yes, I can marry any man I want, but that has it's restrictions. I can chose any man I want, as long as he is as bloody rich as me. So you see, I am engaged, to a man by the name of James. He's rich of course, but that is about it.

I have no father. He had passed away a few years back. He was a good man, beneath his greed. I don't think he ever knew what the true definition of family was, for he was never with mother and I. His money came before everything, and I think his obsession with it is what caused his death.

I am a woman of nearly eighteen. My life has been completely revolved around money, and I have also gotten whatever I had ever wished for. Money can not buy happiness is but a silly joke to the wealthy. Why, just last week mother and I were talking to our old friend, Elizabeth, when she made the remark,

"Why! Money can not buy happiness! I beg to differ! Do you mean to tell me that you would not be happy if you could buy anything you wanted? For God's sake, no! Money can make you happy! Yes, yes. It can."

Mother laughed, agreeing with her, while I nodded, forcing a smile on my face, for I was not happy. I was being forced to marry a man with money, and I spent my day with people twice my age, bragging about how much money they have gained since the last time we have been together. Money, indeed, could not buy happiness. It could only buy things to keep the illusion of happiness continuing.

Do not get me wrong, for I do not wish I was poor! Oh no, no, no! I would think not! I have grown up in London my entire life, and there are many poor souls living in dark alleys, for I have seen more than I wished I had. Filthy people. Torn clothing and foul stenches are their main attractions. No, never would I wish myself poor. Slightly above average without being too rich, yes, but poor, no. I shudder at the ghastly thought.

My mother calls for me. It is time to travel to where the Titanic will sail for the first time.


I blink twice. "Yes mother?"

My mother did not look much like me. She had a strange shade of red hair, while I had very dark brown hair, with only a hint of red that only showed in the sunlight. She was taller than average, while I, was small. I took after my father's features, brown eyes, full lips, while the only thing I took from my mother was her perfectly straight nose. I was thankful I took after my mom with that, because my father had a very large nose, and it would not look good on a woman in the least.

"Stop your day dreaming at look at the ship. She's a beauty, don't you agree?"

Indeed, I did agree. The ship was the largest thing I have ever seen. It was a wonder that it could float atop the water without sinking into the mysterious ocean. Windows, millions of windows, lined the ship, while cylinders a mile high were in the middle of it.

I smiled faintly. "A beauty indeed," I murmur.

A gentleman escorted us up the plank, onto the ship. I felt very small when I stepped foot on it. Smaller than I had ever felt in my life. I should never like to go back to that feeling.

The RMS Titanic offered an on-board swimming pool, a gymnasium, a Turkish bath, libraries for both the first and second class, and a squash court. We walked to the first-class rooms next, which were adorned with elaborate wood paneling, expensive furniture and other expensive decorations. The Café Parisien offered cuisine for the first-class passengers, with a sunlit veranda fittted with trellis decorations. One could not deney it's breathtaking beauty, not even I.

The captin was Captain Edward J. Smith. The ship was leaving at Southampton, England, and was bound for New York City, New York. The date was April tenth.

Something you may not know about me, I wish I was born in the era where the girls wore those pretty dresses and talked like they did, and the men were gentlemen. Anybody else? No? Just me? Alright... (:

I'm really excited about this story. I have been wanting to write a story in the early 1900's, and I finally am.

P.S. Don't worry, the first chapter is always the shortest. The second chapter is when the real story begins.