Casual conversation

Author notes: Another challenging one for me…I thought I'd try a Buffy/Faith story entirely composed of dialogue. No narration at all…you just get the gist of what's going on through their words to each other. This can take place any season, any time, I guess…probably third or post Chosen if going by canon though.

"What's up,B?"

"Faith! God, give a girl a little warning before you sneak up on her like that!"

"That's what Slayer hearing is for, B… not to mention the whole Slayer bond thing…are you really trying to say you didn't know I was behind you?"

"No! Of course I didn't, when you just come up like that, all, all quiet and, and sneaky-"

"You don't' have to get so defensive, B…it's okay if you're off your game today, ya know-"

"I am NOT off my game, Faith!"

"Oh yeah? So how come you didn't hear me then?"


"B…are you blushing?"

"No! Of course I'm not- I'm just-"

"You are too, you are totally blushing right now! Come on B, spill… what were you thinking about so hard you didn't even hear me come up behind you..or should I be asking who you were thinking about?"

"No one! I mean, nothing! I mean…Faith, I was just, just thinking, okay?"

"Of course, B…I just bet you were…"

"FAITH! What are you doing- stop it! Get off of me!"

"Sure, B- once you tell me who it was you were thinking about that held you so freakin' captivated that you didn't even tap into your Slayer sensing…"

"Faith, stop it! Get off of me!"

"It had to have been some hardcore sexual fantasy, huh, B? So who's the lucky starring role?"

"Faith, I was not! Let go of me, get off!"

"I'd guess Angel, but since you guys can't even have sex without him going Dark Angel on you, I'll toss that one out. So let's see…Xander? Hahaha, I think we can ex that one off the list too… Giles?"


"What? He's kinda sexy in a tight-ass, British kinda way…"

"FAITH!! Shut the hell up!!"

"Damn, Buffy Summers just said a naughty word, everyone! I must really be hittin' some hot spots…"

"I'll show you some damn hot spots, Faith-"

"Okay, okay! Ow! What the hell was that for?! That fuckin' hurt!"

"Let me up, Faith!"

"You fuckin' bit me, B!"

"Let me up!"

"NO! No, B, you tell me what I asked for, and then I'll let you up. Little cheap shots like that are not gonna get you out of this!"

"FINE! Fine, Faith, fine! I was thinking about you, okay- I was thinking about YOU!"



"You heard me…Slayer hearing, like you were nagging me about…"

"You…you were thinking about me?"

"No, Faith, Jay Leno. Yes, okay? Now get off of me!"

"You…you're serious? You were thinking about me?"

"Do you have to sound so…yeah. Yeah, I was…"


"Faith…Faith, what are you…mmmph! Mmm…"

(silence for a while)

"Faith…did you just…did we just…"

"Yeah…I think we did…"

"I…I don't know…did you mean…mmm…"


(long, awkward silence)

"Did we…did that just happen again?"

"Uh…yeah…I think it did, B…"

"Did you…I mean…that was…what was that? What are we…"

"I think it's called kissing, B."

"Oh…I mean…that was…it…"


"Did you mean…I mean…do you know why…that wasn't…"

"Hey B…uh…want to save the analysis for later and get on with the carrying out of your little daydream now?"


(ten seconds later, breathless and indignant)

"That was not what I was- I was not daydreaming about you, Faith!"

"Sure you weren't…"

"FAITH! I wasn't!"

"Just shut up and kiss me, B, alright?"


(silence resumes)