Sexy Harem

Chapter One

Naruto lay in bed with his hands behind his head; he was staring up at the ceiling thinking about the past. It had been a long road to get to this point. He was 23 years old, named successor to Tsunade, and had the best wives in the world.

It was true; he was married to two women. There was an act in the village that allowed a male from a dying line to take on multiple wives in order to restart the line. And since it was revealed that he was the last remaining member of the Namikaze clan, this rule did apply to him.

When Naruto was sixteen years old the Akatsuki was still after him in an effort to rip the Kyuubi out of him.

Sasuke also had joined the group as it meant a chance to lay Konoha to waste. It was clear that Sasuke was being manipulated, so that when he attacked the village Naruto had tried everything that he could think of to dissuade him from following through.

It was to no avail, Sasuke was bent on destroying the village and everyone in it. There was a moment in which Sakura had latched onto Sasuke, pleading with him to see reason, begging him to stop what he was doing, and to come back.

Naruto watched this unfold for a moment that felt like an eternity. He watched as Sasuke looked down at the woman who had her arms around him with a look of mild confusion on his face.

For a split second Naruto prayed, he prayed to all known and unknown spirits to allow this to work, to let Sakura be able to convince Sasuke like he, Naruto, had been unable to.

And for a moment it seemed to work, then Naruto his eyes. He saw the power and the unbridled anger in the eyes of the man that he once called 'brother.' And he knew that his prayers were unanswered.

The look in Sasuke's eyes when he looked down at the pink-haired Konoichi promised death.

Naruto had acted without thinking; there was a feeling inside him that rose to the surface. It was an odd power that Naruto had never felt before. This was different from his own power; this was different from the Kyuubi's chakra and his newly acquired sage power.

Naruto did not know what the power was; he had never felt anything like this before. It soon became apparent to Naruto what the power was when Sasuke's eyes began to bleed.

This was the 'gift' from Itachi; it was a way for Naruto to nullify the power of Sasuke's Sharingan.

And so after a long battle, Sasuke was left blind and his mind shattered shortly after his body gave out and he had died.

Naruto and Sakura both grieved at the loss, Sakura had said that she didn't blame Naruto in the slightest. In fact she thanked him for saving her life, for being there for her like he always has been.

The two could not console each other, however. Naruto lost his brother and best friend; Sakura lost the man that she thought she loved.

Naruto was comforted how ever, after the attack Tsunade named him Chunin for his services in protecting the village so fiercely. It meant so little to him now, he broke his promise, and he had gone back on his word and felt so utterly useless.

He would have continued spiraling down this way if it wasn't for Hinata. She came to him and listened, she let him cry and allowed him to start to heal. And Naruto soon started to feel for her more then he ever felt for Sakura, it came as a bit of a shock when she finally grew comfortable enough around him to confess that she loved him.

They had been dating for two months when she said that she loved him, that wasn't what shocked him. What threw him was that she told him that she loved him since the academy days…how in the hell could he have missed this for so long?

They dated for almost two years before they were married, it was shortly after he was named Jonin and told of his heritage. With that he was told that he could take multiple wives.

Initially he did not wish to do so, he had told Hinata this as well, that she was all that he needed or wanted anymore.

Hinata had told him that she would not mind as long as it was someone that he loved, someone that loved him as well…not for his name but for him.

Naruto was convinced that no one, aside from Hinata, would ever fit those criteria. And he was more than fine with that. But then he did find someone who did, and with Hinata's blessing when Naruto was 22 he was married to another.

At first it felt like cheating, but they were happy. Not to mention what it was like in bed, it seemed that Jiriaya rubbed off on Naruto a bit more than he cared to admit.

Naruto looked down at himself as he lay in bed, and was met with a sight that most men would kill for but was normal for the blond man now.

Draped over his chest were the arms of his wives. He looked at Hinata, her body was pressed against him with a slight blush and smile present on her angelic face. Her nude chest expanded and receded with each quiet breath.

Hinata was pregnant, she was only a couple months into the pregnancy and it did not show much, but she did have a definite glow about her. Naruto had never seen her look so radiant.

Naruto managed to tear his eyes away from Hinata and looked to his left, to where his other wife was quietly sleeping.

Naruto had never expected that this woman would ever show any interest in him, much les love. As he never really had much interest in her when they were younger it came as a bit of a shock when they happened to fall for each other, hard.

Ino was nude, just as Naruto and Hinata. Her perfect figure pressed against him the same way that Hinata was on his right side.

After a while, Naruto finally felt sleep taking him. He closed his eyes and moved his arms down, wrapping one around each of the Goddesses in bed with him and pulling them closer.

They instinctively snuggled closer to him and almost at once, both gave a contented, happy sigh. He soon fell asleep, while they pulled as close as possible to him.

Naruto woke up to a familiar and fantastic sensation. The warmth that was pressed against his sides as he fell asleep was gone, instead there was a pair of delicate hands wrapped around his rock hard member.

Naruto kept his eyes closed as he felt a tongue running from the base of his manhood to the exposed head. When the tongue reached the tip of his cock and flicked against it he shivered from pleasure. He opened his eyes involuntarily to see dark indigo hair as his massive 10 inches disappeared down Hinata's throat, with no gag reflex due to the fantastic amount of control the pale skinned Konoichi had over her body.

"Now this is one hell of a wake up, Hinata-hime," Naruto grinned down at his wife.

Her eyes turned upward to meet his and with a groan from Naruto, she let the dick slip from her mouth. "I felt a bit left out last night, and wanted you to myself this morning," she said to Naruto, while jerking his wet cock.

Naruto cocked his head at his wife, "left out? I didn't leave you out Hinata."

She smiled, "I know, but since you and Ino are trying to get pregnant you focused more on her. And my hormones are acting up I was and am so horny."

"So," Naruto started, "Ino is not here right now?"

Hinata shook her head with a slight disappointment that he was asking about her, "Hai, she left for a mission this morning."

Naruto grinned, a mischievous grin that made Hinata's heart beat faster, "so what are we waiting for?"

With that Naruto sat up and grabbed hold of his Hime, pulling her up to meet his lips in a deep passionate kiss. She then straddled his member and lowered his self down, the thick head of his throbbing cock penetrated her slowly followed by the rest.

"Mmmm Naruto-kun," she moaned out as he filled her and then his tongue reached out and flicked on her hardening nipple. Her perfect breasts swayed in front of his eyes, tempting him.

Hinata continued to ride Naruto, who had his hands on her hips and was using the leverage to penetrate deep into her causing Hinata to scream in pleasure and ecstasy. She moaned as he pushed back against her and she grinded into him. Both glad that the house was pretty much sound proof, as Hinata, oddly enough, is extremely vocal in bed.

They continued on in this way until Hinata was writhing and her head was rolling and their combined liquid started to seep out of her, coating Naruto's exposed shaft and scrotum. When she was done, Hinata personally cleaned the mess from him.

An hour later they were both bathed and dressed, Hinata turned to her husband. "I have an appointment with Sakura for a check up in a half-hour."

Naruto nodded he was getting ready for some training on his day off while Hinata was busy, "Hai."

"Then my father wanted to see us today as well," Hinata smiled, and waiting for the reaction.

Naruto nodded absentmindedly, "Hai not a problem." Then her words truly hit him, "what? Aw crap." He muttered.

Hinata giggled a bit at his antics, despite being alone for so long Naruto was adapted to being married, even to two women, very quickly.

There was just one thing that he still didn't like to deal with, and this problem was compounded when he married Ino. Now he has to handle two father-in-laws.

Authors note: well that's the first part to a new story, very little lemon in this one hopefully those that follow will be better. In this story I will talk about the good things about Naruto's situation and then of course, all good things have drawbacks. Hope you like, please review.