Sexy Harem

Chapter Two

Ino was walking along side a carriage that was following a well-beaten path snaking through the woods of fire country. She was assigned a mission of guarding the feudal lords son, spoiled pampered little asshole that he was, along with Chouji who was keeping pace along side her.

She was happy that Chouji and Shikamaru were supportive and respectful of her decision in marrying Naruto. Ino still marveled some times that she was married to a guy that she once thought a complete loser, and even more so that she was in a relationship in which she shared her husband with another woman.

She hadn't planned on it happening, but the last couple years of her life had been wonderful. And now to them it felt completely natural.

Ino smiled a bit to herself as she thought about the fact that there was more than enough of him to go around, in more ways than one if needed.

Her mind flashed back to when she first started to fall for her fellow blonde loudmouth. A few years ago, after Naruto and Hinata had gotten together, Ino had seen just how happy her friend truly was. At that point Ino saw what a great guy Naruto was, and she started to feel alone.

All around her, her friends seemed to be with someone. Sakura had been dating Lee, much to the Taijutsu masters joy. Shikamaru was in an on-again/off-again relationship with Temari.

Hell, even Chouji was getting married. It was an odd feeling to Ino when they were 18 years old and he met his, then, girlfriend. The woman was…full-figured…as Chouji liked to call it, not fat but not a stick figure like Ino had tried for all those years ago.

It was humbling that she was proven wrong, not all guys like skinny girls. The lazy bastard had been right, in fact most guys seemed to gravitate more to healthy sized girls.

It sure seemed to explain why Ino was still alone at the time. And it was at that time that Ino had started to change.

OoOo flashback OoOo

Ino had been assigned a mission, and though she was unaware of it at the time, before the mission was over her life would be changed.

The village had a package that needed to be transported. The package was filled with highly sensitive information that in the wrong hands could ruin a lot of lives in a small village just off the border of Suna.

She was to transport this information to Suna, where the Kazekage, Gaara, could ensure its safety. There fore, due to the threat, it was decided that two Joni would be needed. The first was Ino, and the second…Naruto.

Ino was not really looking forward to this mission, she had remembered past missions that Naruto and she had done together. One in particular in which Ino had acted as a body double for a princess stood out in her mind. Naruto had botched things up so badly on that one that it was nothing short of a miracle that it was a success, even if not in the way that they initially had hoped.

But Ino had to admit that Naruto had gotten much better. The mission that they were on this time went smoothly for most of the trip, and would have been fine if it were not for the bandits that attacked as they crossed the great desert.

While Ino managed to dispatch a few of them, Naruto took out the bulk of the attackers. But while Naruto was distracted in the fight, Ino had felt a sharp pain. She looked down and saw a single kunai sticking from her abdomen. It was not too deep and not really life threatening, but it did distract her long enough for one of the bandits to knock her out from behind.

But before her world went black, she heard a scream of fury.

The next thing that Ino knew, her eyes snapped open. Groggily she took stock of her surroundings. Ino was in cave, a natural one form the look of it. She briefly wondered if she had been captured.

Shaking the drowsiness from her head, she thought 'no that can't be right.' She looked down and her wound was carefully wrapped, she however was not tied up.

"Oh you're awake," she heard a familiar voice and looked over to see Naruto. "That's good; I was a bit worried for a while there."

Ino immediately sat up and a dull pain hit her from the wound on her stomach, she winced involuntarily.

In a flash Naruto was at her side, "don't force yourself, I did what I could but I'm not the best at medical stuff."

Ino's throat was dry and she tried to speak but it cam out raspy, Naruto immediately handed her a canteen. She drank, soothing her throat, "thanks Naruto."

He grinned, "Don't mention it; you'd do the same right?"

"So you bandaged me and brought me here?" Ino asked the obvious.

"Yep," he laughed. "Did the best I could, I used some of Hinata-chan's ointment that works wonders on me. Hopefully it helped you a bit; I couldn't leave a friend behind anyway." He said sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head in his nervous habit.

Ino didn't know what had come over her, the next thing she knew her arms were around him and their lips met. It only lasted a split second before she realized what she was doing and pulled away from him immediately. "I'm so sorry Naruto; I didn't mean to do that."

Naruto was wide-eyed and open mouthed, a disbelieving looked plastered across his face. After a while he finally spoke, "don't worry, nothing happened." He turned away and headed for the mouth of the cave, "there's a bit of a sand-storm, we'll wait until it passes. That should give you enough time to recover; you might be able to heal the wound better than I did."

Ino was left in the heart of the cave, feeling very much like she had betrayed Hinata.

They had completed the mission and in silence made their way home. Over the course of the next couple weeks they avoided each other. This was not really noticeable as they hardly ever spent time together to begin with.

There was one person who noticed the awkwardness between the two of them whenever they did spot each other. And eventually Ino was confronted about it by Hinata. But thankfully it turned out well for them.

OoOo end flashback OoOo

"Hey are you listening?" Ino heard a voice tear through her musings, she looked around to see that the client they where protecting was speaking to her from the open window on his carriage.

"Hai?" she responded.

"I was asking if you wanted to go out sometime."

Ino looked at him for a moment then chuckled, she raised her hand, showing the man the back of it, and wiggled the ring on her finger. "Sorry but I'm taken."

The man's face fell a bit then he got a suggestive grin that turned her stomach a bit, "come on I'll bet I could show you a better time than 'he' could." He said as he eyes the blond woman up and down.

Ino scoffed, "I doubt that very much."

"You'll never know if you don't give it a try," the man stated.

At this point Ino snapped at him, "listen you little…" she managed to censor herself but barely. "I am not going to cheat on him, so knock it off and let's keep this professional." The glare that she was giving the guy caused him to calm up and shut the window quickly.

Chouji gave her a look of concern, "Ino I know that he was not acting very nice…"

"That's an understatement Cho," she interrupted.

"That may be, but please keep your cool. This guy is very well connected and probably should not upset him." Chouji said with a frown.

Ino huffed, "well no one was trying to get you to cheat on your spouse." She turned to look at her friend, "doesn't this upset you?"

"Of course it does, and were it anyone else disrespecting you I would have done something about it," Chouji said. "But this is a guy that can ruin us as a village, so you could have been more civil."

"Still pisses me off," Ino said. She then sighed, "I just wanna get this done and get home."

Back in Konoha, Naruto was walking the streets with Hinata they had just gone to her family home and listened to Haishi going on about bringing the child up and training they hoped to give them. Naruto made no outward appearance of it but, the kid wasn't even born yet, they were still trying to come up with name possibilities and now he had to worry about training. All in all not the most pleasant meeting.

Hinata turned to him, "Naruto-kun I have to get going I'm meeting up with Ten-ten and Hanabi."

Naruto gave a fake pout, "trying to get rid of me?"

Hinata giggled a bit, "no you can come too if you want to help with baby shower stuff."

"You're right, see you later Hinata-hime," with that the two parted ways for a while.

Naruto was sitting at the counter of Ichiraku; he was slowly enjoying a bowl of miso ramen. He didn't eat much as he knew that Hinata would have some food prepared later. Though he would never say it to the old man, Hinata's cooking was far better. But he still had to get some ramen every now and then.

While he was eating he overheard a quiet conversation taking place in the ramen stand.

Two guys were talking in a way that they must have assumed that Naruto could not hear them, but he heard every thing that they said.

"That's him huh?"

"Yeah, I've no idea what they see in him, but that's him."

The two were silent for a bit then the first man whistled softly, "that guys lucky, all the same."

The second guy scoffed, "lucky? He doesn't deserve that just because of his name he can hog two of the hottest girls in the village?"

"Shut up," said the first guy. "Don't say stuff like that he's sitting right there."

"Whatever," the second guy said. "Still I can only imagine what it's like, wonder if they all 'play' together."

Naruto stiffened in his seat; the two guys stopped talking immediately. Naruto put his money on the table and left, his mind buzzing with thought, he vaguely heard the one of the guys back in the stand say something about 'he heard us'.

The rest of the day passed quickly thoughts zipping around his head, he ate the food that Hinata prepared without paying attention. The truth of the matter was that he was not upset at the guys he overheard; there was something that upset him. 'How many people talk about us like that, behind our backs?'

It did give him an idea, one that he got aroused thinking about, but had no idea how to approach them with the suggestion. Or for that matter if he even should approach them with the idea.

Later on that night Ino was not back yet, she was not due to return until the following morning. Naruto and Hinata decided to relax in their private hot spring.

The days thoughts going through Naruto's head, he turned is head and looked down at his wife. Hinata was sitting next to him in the water. Her soft delicate features had a slight blush as her had rested on his shoulder, eyes closed.

Naruto spoke softly, "Hime, are you awake?"

She smiled and nodded, giving a small moan in answer.

Naruto swallowed, his throat suddenly dry, "there…There's something that I wanted to ask you."

Hinata heard his hesitation; she grew concerned and opened her eyes. She sat up, her perfect breasts rising above the water; the glistening mounds distracted Naruto for a moment. But then she spoke, "what is it Naruto-kun?"

Naruto tore his eyes away and looked up, into the soft lavender that was Hinata's eyes. "I was wondering if…if you had ever imagined anything more."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I," Naruto responded, "I was thinking if you had ever thought of being with anyone else."

Hinata stared at him a moment. "Well…there is one." She said extremely softly.

"I see," Naruto replied. He had asked but was not expecting a confirmation. It was creating a slight weight in his stomach, "who is he?"

Hinata's eyes widened, "what? No, Naruto-kun you are the only man for me, I swear that I have never or will ever want for another man."

Not that it took much, but at this Naruto was confused. "Then what…?"

Hinata continued, "The feelings confuse me. At first I thought that it was my attachment to you, but lately I have felt an attraction to…to."

Naruto waited with held breath, 'who was she talking about?'

Hinata looked away and down at the water, "to Ino." She said in little more than a whisper.

Naruto stiffened a bit, in more ways than one. His hand went and caressed Hinata's cheek, gently lifting her face so their eyes met. "You feel an attraction to Ino?" he asked, disbelieving.

"Hai," she said then quickly spoke, "I thought that when I see her and you together, my…arousal…was because of you. And for the most part it is, but then I realized that there is a bit for her as well." Hinata sighed, "I never acted on it, it just seems inappropriate."

"Would you ever act on it, if you had the chance?" Naruto asked.

"I think so, but I don't know if I could," she said with a slight blush. "It took me so long to put my self out there for you. I just don't know if I could."

Naruto pulled her close, and kissed her softly. He brushed some hair out of her face that had fallen in front of her eyes. He then spoke in a husky voice, "Hinata would you be upset if I said that, that is hot as hell."

Hinata turned deep red, a small smile formed on her face.

Naruto chuckled, "I'll take that as a no. Hinata I don't know how Ino will react to this, but let me take care of that. For now, while she is away, we could work on getting you over that block of yours. What do you think?"

"What are you saying?" Hinata managed to ask, the redness leaving her face.

Naruto smirked, a mischievous look crossing his face. He then put his hands into a simple seal, there was a burst of smoke and when it cleared, Ino was sitting next to Hinata.

Hinata's jaw dropped a bit and she grew flushed, "is this…?"

'Ino' laughed, "this is not just a henge. Hinata-chan, what most people don't know is that 'this' Jutsu is an actual transformation. Much like I couldn't perform a simple Bunshin as I had too much Chakra to control there fore the Kage-Bunshin was better for me. My lack of control prevented me from doing a simple Henge, giving the illusion of changing my appearance. This type I found was much easier for me."

"So what does this mean?" Hinata asked, already guessing the answer.

"Well I know everything about Ino's body," 'She' said. "So you can have an experience of it before hand, getting a small 'taste', but only if you want to.

His answer came when Hinata reached out and gently caressed 'Ino's' cheek. She then said, "Well since it is you I suppose this can't hurt, but we won't talk of this to Ino for now."

Naruto nodded, "at least for now, I agree."

The two of them stepped out of the water and dried off; they made their way inside and crawled onto the bed.

Soon 'Ino' was caressing Hinata's body, stopping and focusing on some of the more sensitive spots. Hinata was very ticklish and started to giggle a bit when soft fingertips brushed against her flat stomach.

'Ino' paused in her ministrations, and drew her body up so that the two of them were face to face. Soft lips met and Hinata closed her eyes and moaned into the deepening kiss. The two feminine bodies pressed against each other and they started to get lost in the moment.

Their hands started to run against each others forms, pulling the other closer as they continued to make out. Hinata was grinding her lower region into the female form so close to her. He slit was already dripping form the excitement of it all. Deep down she remembered that this was Naruto, but it felt so different and yet so good too.

'Ino' pulled away from Hinata and lay down on her back; she gently yet firmly pulled Hinata down to her and positioned the dark haired woman's dripping slit at her mouth.

Hinata felt slender fingers spread the folds of her pussy and a tongue began to flick against the clit and the exposed, sensitive skin surrounding the hole. The tongue darted in and flicked against her insides, causing her to gasp out and shiver, despite the heat that was in the bedroom.

Hinata shifted and lay down on top of her lover, her folds still being tongued they found them selves in a 69 position. She began to go he same for the one causing her so much ecstasy.

It felt weird to the blonde, weird and yet extremely good. He wondered vaguely if this is how women truly felt when this happened, as he moaned into Hinata's dripping pussy. Was this really the feeling that they went through? If it was then he might have to do this more often, it felt so much better than past oral sex that he has received, not to say that it was bad before, but this was something different altogether.

The pair continued like this until they started to get a familiar feeling coursing through their bodies. Hinata let loose sweet nectar that 'Ino' greedily lapped up. Hinata got a mouthful of cum that tasted like Naruto, of course.

They wiped them selves clean and Hinata spoke, "I wonder if that is how Ino tastes." She wondered aloud, mainly to herself.

"I don't think so," the blond replied, "I think it is still me and that she would have a different taste, I wouldn't know for certain, never tried that."

"All the same, that was incredible." Hinata said.

"True, you are naturally talented at it, Hinata-chan."

Hinata blushed, "you think so?"

'Ino' nodded, "can't say that I ever felt anything like that before. It was much more sensitive than my normal form."

A finger pressed against the blonde's lips, "shhh you will ruin the illusion. We are not done yet, are we?" Hinata pouted a bit.

The other smiled, "not if you want to keep going."

And so they did, they explored each others bodies, as they brought one another to the edge, time and time again. It was not long before Hinata was calling out Ino's name and completely immersed in the fantasy.

They fell asleep in each others arms and slept soundly.

To Naruto it felt like they slept for little more than a few minutes then they woke up. But the son outside suggested it was already mid morning.

The thing that woke them up was a shout from inside the room, "what in the hell is this!?"

Naruto looked up at a waded eyed Ino, back from her mission it seemed. And then down at the groggy Hinata in his arms. He was confused for a moment before he saw himself, or rather not his body but that of the shocked woman standing in the room.

"Ah Shit."

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