Chapter 1

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Eight seasons after Felldah Squirrel the warrior

"Celia, get up! "

Celia groaned.Gauchee, her stepmother, was yelling at her.

" Joanne, wake up ! " Celia yelled at her sister.

Joanne, thirteen seasons, was a lazy young maid.She loved read and Celia loved adventures and swimming.Celia was fourteen seasons and she was very pretty.Joanne was enough pretty too.

Celia got up and she found her stepmother, awaiting for her.

" Don't make any sound Celia." The mousewife said. " Lilyflower is sleeping."

" So?" Celia said.

" Don't replies to me Celia." Gauchee said.

Lilyflower was Joanne and Celia's half-sister.She was only three seasons and Celia, nasty, called her "the faker ".Celia was a hot-tempered young maid and she was often angry.Joanne was a peaceful creature.

Brome, the maiden's father was an healer and Celia was his favourite daughter.Why? Because she looked like her late mother.Celia and Joanne were half-breeds.

" I can't bear your arrogance Celia." Gauchee said softly. " I know that you want to go in Redwall to live with Celandine and Robin but you're too young ! "

" Too young ! " Celia yelled at her stepmother. " Robin left Noonvale when she was eleven seasons old with Felldah and me ! "

" Yes, " Gauchee said. " But I'm not Celandine or your father and I am your ..."

" Liar ! " Celia cried. " I have only mom not you Gauchee."

" Celia..." Gauchee said, comforting.

" No, Gauchee ! "

" Celia, I want to help you."

" I don't need you Gauchee."

" Why Honey?"

" Don't call me Honey ! " Celia yelled. " You are nothing to me.NOTHING ! "

Gauchee looked down.A tear rolled on her cheek.

" You know Celia, I love you as my own daughter." She said, shivering.

Celia knew that she was right but she wasn't nicknamed" Proud Celia" for nothing.She didn't looked at Gauchee and went out of the house. Joanne, came and saw her stepmother crying.

" Mom are you okay ? " She asked, worriedly.

Without a word, Gauchee hugged Joanne tightly and cried.


Skytail, the young otter, was Tullgrew's son.He was in love with Celia since they were three seasons old.He kissed and hugged the young maid.

" I'll protect you, my Celia." Skytail said. " We'll run away together and I promise that we'll be wedded.You'll see Celandine, Fuffle, Robin, LIitlle Rose and Baby Seyna."

" Oh, my Love ! " The young maid said. " I can't. I can't leave my father and I'm an healer."

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