This is my first Sailor moon fanfic. I have another one that's an Inuyasha one that I'm still working on and so far it's doing good so I hope everyone enjoys this one too.

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Everything was perfect, just the way she wanted it. Shimmering silver, pink, and white covered the room like a fairy tale wonderland. There were streamers and balloons of those three colors floating freely all around the area for the big celebration. Everyone from all over were coming to the festive occasion. Today is Rini's eleventh birthday and everything was going according to plan.

She smiled as she walked in and admired the brightness and life that glowed in the room. She knew her daughter would be more than happy to see that everything was absolutely perfect. She sighed contently as she felt someone come slowly behind her and place a small kiss on her shoulder. She elegantly turned around and smiled at the man that gave her a shiver down her spine from his touch. He was tall, dark, and handsome. His eyes that carried the color of the deep sea and his hair that no longer held that dark color of the midnight sky called ebony but a deep purple that symbolized royalty. His overall physique was built to perfection. He was the symbolism of the perfect man. She turned around and faced the decorations once again. She felt his arms wrap around her waist so she placed her arms on his to return the affection.

"Do you think she'll like it Endymion?" asked Serenity as she admired how the lights in the room brought out the colors of the decorations.

"No, I think she'll love it." said Endymion tightening his grasp on his wife slightly.

"Good because it took us forever to make it just right but I think she would of loved it either way. She's growing up so fast now, I still can't believe she's eleven already. Are we that old already? " said Serenity as she felt her youth being sucked out of her.

Endymion laughs at his wife's assumption. "Of course not darling, you still look exactly as when I first met you." he said with a small smirk on his face. She turned around to face him but he quickly removed the smirk before she could see.

"Good answer." said Serenity giggling as she pecked him on the lips.

Twenty minutes later a young girl walked into the room and gasped.

"Oh mommy, daddy I love it. Thank you!" said Rini as she ran to give her parents a hug. She wore a white, ruffled halter dress that fit her perfectly that her dad bought for her specially for her birthday. Her hair was not in its usual pigtails but was up in a bun with long tendrils that came out of it. She looked perfect and ready for her party to begin.

"Your welcome my darling, I'm so glad you like it. Everyone will be here soon for your party, are you ready?" asked Serenity as she smiled down at her daughter seeing the excitement in her eyes.

"I think she's more than ready, right pumpkin?" said Endymion.

"Right daddy." said Rini with a big smile on her face but then it disappeared when she remembered something or should I say someone. "Um…dad…will Helios be here tonight?" asked Rini. She waited for him for so long and waited patiently for him to come back to her but every year has been nothing but disappointment. She looks into her dad's eyes for some sign of hope as she waited for him to reply.

Endymion looks at his daughter sadly then at his wife. She looks at him worriedly then looks down.

"I don't know sweetheart, hopefully he'll show up this time." said Endymion to Rini knowing that deep down Helios wasn't going to appear tonight.

"Yea…hopefully." said Rini sadly looking down at her feet trying to hide the tears that were threatening to come out. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and she quickly popped her head up and stared at the front door as she saw all the people that were invited to the party come inside. She smiled when she saw her friends from school run inside towards her.

"Hey Princess Rini! Happy birthday!" yelled the giggly girls as they gave Rini a hug. The king and queen both smiled at each other. They were both happy that their daughter finally made friends after years of only having the scouts and her parents to talk to.

"Lets go to your room, I've got so much to tell you." said one of the girls as they tugged onto her arm. She looked up at her parents and they both nodded in approval. They all ran upstairs but not before her mother spoke.

"But come back down soon so you can greet your guests." said Serenity watching as the girls ran up the stairs into the hallway.

"Ok mom!" yelled Rini before she closed the door to her room. They went straight to her bed and plopped on it.

"Ok, so remember Josh from math class?" said the brunette as she laid on the bed on her stomach propping her head up with her hands.

"Yea, what about him?" asked Rini curiously. She knew exactly who her friend was talking about because he was the cutest guy in the class. There were actually a lot of cute guys in her school but for some reason only one guy stayed on her mind and that was Helios.

"Well, he totally kissed me on the cheek after school and asked me to go out with him." said the brunette and all the girls squeaked in excitement except for Rini as she only smiled.

"That's nice…" said Rini nonchalantly.

"You don't seem very interested. What's on your mind? Is it a guy?" asked her friend sensing her sadness.

"Actually yea it is." said Rini feeling her cheeks flush a little.

"What's his name?" asked her blonde friend. "What school does he go to?"

"His name is Helios and well…he doesn't really go to school." said Rini as she played with the hem of her dress. She always got a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach when she would talk or think about him.

"Oh so he's older?" asked the red headed one.

"Well yea but not that much older." said Rini

"What does he look like?" asked the red head again.

"He's tall, handsome, and nice and dreamy and…absolutely perfect." said Rini with dreamy eyes.

"Sounds romantic…will he be here tonight?" asked the brunette

"I don't know. I haven't seen him in a while so I don't know if he'll even show up tonight." said Rini as she downcast her eyes in disappointment. She felt her heart shatter into pieces thinking about never seeing him again.

"Maybe he will, you'll never know." said her friend for reassurance.

"Maybe…" said Rini softly but never looking up

"Girls! It's time!" yelled the queen from the stairs. Rini looked at her bedroom door.

"Coming mom!" yelled Rini. "We should go you guys, we'll see what happens tonight." said Rini as she jumped off her bed and opened her bedroom door. The four girls elegantly went down the stairs as to be careful not to trip and fall from stepping on their dresses. Rini smiled as she approached her parents with the girls following close behind.

"Happy birthday small lady, I hope I'm not too late." said the mysterious person behind Rini. She turned around to only squeak in joy at the person in front of her.

"Hotaru! I'm so glad you could make it!" said Rini as she squeezed her long time friend tightly in an embrace. The last time she saw Hotaru was a year ago, on her last birthday party.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world. How has everything been?" asked Hotaru as she handed her a bouquet of flowers. Rini smelled them and smiled.

"Thank you Hotaru. Everything has been great, couldn't get any better." said Rini. Hotaru smiled then turned to look at the king and queen.

"Your majesties. It's been a long time." said Saturn bowing respectfully at them. They both nodded.

"Yes it has my friend. It's so nice to see you again. Welcome back." said Neo Queen Serenity as she approached the young girl and hugged her. Hotaru returned the embrace warmly. Even though Serena was now the queen, she would always be the same old quirky girl from years ago.

"Lets go enjoy the party, shall we?" said Endymion interrupting the small reunion.

"Definitely!" said Rini as she went into the ballroom approaching the sailor scouts that were keeping the guests company. Everyone else followed close behind.

Three hours later the party ended. As the King and Queen said their goodbyes and thank yous to everyone that attended the party, Rini stood from a distance watching as everyone left and noticing that a certain someone never showed up.

"Why didn't you come Helios?" said Rini to herself feeling crushed at the thought. Everything was so perfect but it all went crashing down when he never showed. She looked up when she noticed her parents walking towards her.

"What's wrong pumpkin?" asked Endymion with worry evident on his face. Rini looked at her father trying to fight back the tears.

"He never came papa…he never came…" said Rini as the tears came streaming down her face. Serenity frowned as she watched her daughter's tears roll down her cheeks.

"Oh darling, I'm so sorry." said Serenity as she bent down to hug her daughter. "I wanted this night to be perfect for you, I'm sorry that it didn't turn out the way you hoped." said Serenity as she wiped her daughter's cheeks.

"It's not that mom, the party was everything I wanted but I really wish Helios could of came to see me. Why hasn't he come for me yet?" asked Rini as the tears kept coming.

"I don't know my darling, maybe he's been really busy and is trying to find the time to finally come and see you. But for now he can only come in your dreams, does he not?"

"Yea I see him all the time in my dreams." said Rini as he crying subsided and she started wiping her cheeks dry.

"Well you can get the chance tonight, just like you do every night and see him." said Serenity

"I guess you're right…ok… I'll go to bed then so I can see him on my birthday. Goodnight mom, dad!" said Rini as she hugged her mom and dad goodnight and ran to her room.

"You know she gets that hopeless romantic stuff from you." said Endymion as he kissed her softly on her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. Once they pulled away they looked at each other lovingly.

"I can show you how much of a hopeless romantic I can be if you join me to our room." said Serenity with a sly look on her face.

"Sounds like a plan." said Endymion as they both walked hand in hand to their bedroom and closed the door behind them.

A few minutes later Rini came back down the stairs still in her birthday dress and looked around the corner to make sure her parents were in their room. She let out a breath of relief then walked down the hall, past her parents room, and towards the door where the keeper of time lurked. She slowly opened the double doors and immediately was blinded by the fog.

"Pu?…Pu?! I need your help! Where are you?!" yelled Rini as she tried to make her way through the fog. She looked around and still couldn't find where her friend was hidden.

"Pu? I need you to help me get to Helios. Please help me!" yelled Rini towards nothing it seemed. "where could she be?" she asked herself as she continued to wonder around the eerie place.

"Oh I give up." said Rini after ten minutes of looking for Sailor Pluto. She headed towards the doors but ended up tripping on something and fell what looked like to be face first to the ground but instead of hitting the floor she continued to fall. When she noticed this she began to scream. She tried to grab onto something but there was nothing around her to hold on to so she continued to fall. After what seemed like forever she finally hit the ground with a loud thump.

"Ouch!" said Rini as she rubbed her bottom trying to sooth the pain. She got up once the pain subsided and observed the area around her. It was a small open field covered in flowers with trees and bushes surrounding the meadow. She giggled as fireflies swarmed around her in a circle then flew away. The place was absolutely beautiful and although Crystal Tokyo had plenty of areas like this because she knew her hometown like the back of her hand, she had never seen this place before. She decided to see if maybe if she climbed up on something that she would be able to see anything further up ahead. Before she could find anything useful for her; she heard someone coming in from a distance. She quickly knelt down behind a bush and looked out. Not even a minute later a tall man in black armor came into view.

"That kind of looks like…" whispered Rini but stopped when she heard someone else close by.

"My love? Is that you?" asked the man as he looked to where the noises were coming from.

"Yes, it is me. I'm so glad you could make it." said the woman as she walked into the man's embrace.

"Me too, it was a hassle with my guards but I made it nonetheless. I could sense the sadness in you. What is wrong?" asked the dark man.

"What else would bother me? You are to be wed to another, it's all I think about." said the woman as she buried her face into his chest. The man stayed silent and soothed the woman in pain by caressing her head lovingly.

"Please say something." said the mysterious woman into his chest.

"What do you want me to say? I do not wish for this but I have no choice. My father arranged it and does nothing but lecture me on how good it would be for our planet whenever I refuse the marriage. He is the King after all and if this is what he wants then that is how it will have to be." said the man.

"It's not fair, I cannot let you be with another; I cannot!…It pains me so." she said softly then she lifted her head and looked at the man straight in the eyes. "Lets leave…lets run away together and never come back." said the woman as her tears streamed down her cheeks like mini waterfalls that reflected off the moonlight.

"It is not that simple my love. We will be found and either way our love is forbidden. You know you cannot leave your people as I could not do the same to mine." said the man feeling his heart break in two as he watched his love cry in pain of her heart. The woman felt reality hit her again and continued to cry into his chest.

"Shh…you should go to bed my love. I will see you tomorrow, I promise." said the man. The woman only nodded and lifted her head up once again.

"I love you Endymion." said the woman as she leaned towards the man's face.

"And I you Serenity." said the man in black as he closed the gap between them and gave her a passionate kiss. She gasped a little not thinking his kiss would be so passionate and he quickly slipped his tongue into her mouth. After a few moments they finally broke apart panting because of lack of air.

"Good night my darling." said Serenity as she walked away back to the moon.

"Good night." said Endymion as he watched her walk away.

Rini gasped as everything hit her. "Mommy, daddy?" she said but then she quickly put her hand to her mouth as she noticed she was being quite loud. Endymion quickly turned his head hearing a voice close by.

"Who's there?" said Endymion as he continued to look around and began to walk towards where Rini was hidden. Rini shut her eyes tightly and kept her hands on her mouth.

"Please don't find me, please don't find me, please don't find me." said Rini mentally as she felt him getting closer and closer to her.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"