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As the two young love birds walked back hand in hand they saw the scouts still with the generals and a little further away Endymion and Serenity were watching the sun set enjoying their time together. Immediately Mars saw the young girl and pushed herself away from Jadeite's embrace and fixed herself up.

"Oh Rini there you are, it looks like it's getting rather late so it's best we head back."

Mars nervously brushed a strand of hair to the back of her ear. Rini couldn't help but giggle. She nodded in agreement and ran towards Serenity. Endymion looked up at the child.

"Are you all leaving already?" asked Endymion

"Yea, I guess the scouts are ready to go." She looked down at Serenity's sleeping form. She looks so peaceful like she's in her own dream world where her dreams were finally coming true. "Don't worry mama, your dreams will come true soon enough." Rini sighed out loud. "I hate to wake her since I know she has been sleeping terribly at night lately."

"It's alright. I'll wake her." Said Endymion. He gently shakes her by her shoulders and whispers in her ear. "Time to wake up, looks like your girls are ready to go." Serenity yawns and stretches out her arms. She blinks a few times and looks up at her beloved.

"Oh I'm sorry, I fell asleep? I wish I hadn't." Said Serenity as she gets up and brushes off the small pieces of grass from her dress.

"I didn't want to wake you; you looked so peaceful. Don't worry though we have the rest of our lives to see eachother so go with your scouts. I'll see you tomorrow." Said Endymion as he gets up with her and looks into her eyes. She couldn't help but smile at his sweet words so she says nothing, gives him a chaste kiss, then walks towards her scouts. Rini follows behind but not without a goodbye.

"See you later Endymion, I still have to say goodbye to someone else..." Said Rini. She walks back to where she left Helios and grabs his hand. She downcasts her eyes and blushes just a bit by her gesture.

"I guess this is goodbye for today."

"Only for today." Said Helios as he grabs her hand and gives it a small kiss. He couldn't help but inhale the natural scent of her hand. "The smell of your skin is like walking through a field of daisies. I will always remember it."

His comment and gesture sent a shiver through her body that she remembered from the days when she first met Helios when she was younger. It made her want to twirl and skip with glee like a young girl that was just given her first ice cream cone but she contained herself and instead it turned her cheeks even more red than they were before.

"Goodbye..." Was all she could mutter after all those feelings rushed through her. She walks back to Serenity and before they knew it they were back at the moon. Before they could enter the palace they were stopped by a guard and were told that the queen needed to speak with them. As they walk down the hallway towards the Queen's chambers they bump into the purple haired woman that Rini saw weeks ago. This time though she was accompanied by a man with long white hair with a white suit to match.

"The Queen wants to speak with the scouts only. Serenity why don't you spend some time with your friend, show her around the garden maybe." Said the woman smiling warmly at Serenity.

"Yes Luna, no surprise that my mother doesn't want me involved. Come Rini." Said Serenity bitterly not keeping eye contact. She starts to speed walk away with Rini struggling to keep up.

"That was Luna?! No way! So if that was Luna then the white haired man must be Artemis...why didn't I recognize them? It's not like I haven't seen them in their human forms before. Were they always human in this era? Things were so different here..."

She stared off as she kept thinking to herself not noticing someone was trying to get her attention.

"Rini? Riniii...Rini...RINI!" yelled Serenity. Rini jumped as she snapped back to reality.

"Huh? Oh! I'm sorry I was just day dreaming..." muttered Rini.

"About what or who? Helios?" giggled Serenity teasing the young girl about her puppy love.

"Uh..No! Just thinking about how things are different here than where I'm from." Rini looks away as she tries to forget how much she misses her parents. She doesn't know how much longer its going to be before she can see them again. Are they looking for her? Do they even know she's missing yet since they always have such busy schedules that they can barely spend any time with her? And if they did know then what's taking them so long to find her?

"Oh...don't worry. We'll get you home soon. I promise." Said Serenity as she smiles at the girl with hope in her eyes. Rini only nods. "Well on a brighter note we're going to eavesdrop on my mother's and the scouts conversation." Rini couldn't help but look at her as if she had just lost her mind. Serenity giggles, "don't look at me like that, I don't like being left out of things and I'm sure whatever they're speaking about is quite important so lets go." Serenity grabs Rini's hand and drags her to the room next to her mother's chambers before she could protest. Serenity walks to the wall that the room shared with her mother's room. She feels on the wall until she finds what she's looking for, kneels down then grabs a small piece of the marble out of the wall and lays it on the floor. The moment she removed it they were able to hear everything everyone was saying in the other room.

"So I see where I get my eavesdropping skills from." Thought Rini to herself but quickly paid attention when she heard the conversation on the other side.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"So what can we do to stop it?" Asked Mars. She knew this was going to be a bad entity that was coming for the Moon Kingdom from the visions in her fire readings. She just didn't know it would come this soon.

"I'm not sure my child but it's coming and it's coming fast. All I have is the silver crystal and to use that alone might be to draining for my body. This power that is coming is nothing that I've ever seen before. Strange but powerful enough to over power the silver crystal."

Everyone gasps as they take in what the Queen has just told them.

"I have informed Serenity of a possible danger coming to our lands but it was not confirmed if it was good or evil...I have kept her from this conversation today because I plan on using the silver crystal to protect everyone even if it destroys me." Said Queen Serenity as she muttered the last words. On the other side Serenity gasps but quickly covers her mouth realizing she was being too loud.

"No your highness there must be another way." Said Mercury with worry evident on her face. "We cannot just stand there as we watch you wither away." Mercury and the rest of the girls both looked at her as they try to convince her to change her mind.

"Now do not speak to me like I expected my daughter to, I expect you all to accept my decision and to only worry about your future and your future Queen; Serenity. That is the reason I am speaking with you all here now." Though it saddened her that there was a chance she wouldn't see her daughter grow to become the great ruler that she knew she will become she still kept her regal like posture and the determination still on her face.

The scouts looked at her in shock but said nothing and bowed their heads in respect and agreement to her decision.

"Now as I was saying, I assume this dark aura will come in a few days time. It will do anything to bring our kingdom to ruin and it's up to us to stop it. What we do first is get everyone in the kingdom to a safe location. Somewhere where they will not hear nor see what is happening. I will have guards in the room with the civilians and also some guarding the doors to this location. Artemis and Luna will be there to instruct those guards in what to do. Once that is done I want you girls to do everything in your power to protect the princess at all costs and to keep yourselves alive in the process." The Queen slowly approached them and smiled at them warmly. "Do not worry about me as I know you girls do. My mission is the same as yours and if I were to perish in order to fufill it then I will do it with honor. Now come we have much to discuss with Serenity." The scouts bowed respectfully and followed her out her chambers and the opposite direction of where Rini and Serenity were.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Serenity couldn't believe what she just heard. Her mother was willing to die to protect her. I mean she knew her mother would protect her at all costs but why would she be willing to sacrifice herself like that so easily? And to have some evil being destroy her just like that without a care in the world. That is not how she pictured her mother leaving her and she will be damned if she let that happen. Serenity stared off into space with a look of determination that had Rini confused.

"Serenity?... Are you ok?" Asked Rini concerned that she would do something drastic.

"We can't let my mother do this. There has to be another way to stop this evil that's threatening to destroy us. I have no choice but to help her." Said Serenity as she got up and sat down on the chair closest to her.

"Let's think about this. How can you convince her otherwise without letting her know that we were just eavesdropping on her? Besides how can you help her with the silver crystal when there's only one? This is easier said than done." Said Rini with a hand on her hip. Rini doesn't have her crystal with her or else she would have probably thought of using it the day of the battle. "This is all too surreal, it's like I'm witnessing history in the making. I wonder if my parents remember what I will be witnessing in a few days here. I don't remember them ever speaking about this though. I know they remember everything that happened in this life time but they have never mentioned this instance." Rini found it rather strange but brushed it off.

"Come; let's go meet them in the garden." Said Serenity. She grabbed Rini's hand as they raced out of the room; down the halls and right through the door that led them to the garden. Once they got there they saw all the scouts there with her mother in front of them. The Queen approached her daughter and placed her gentle hand on her shoulder.

"My darling we must speak about a certain matter that I mentioned to you a few weeks past." Said Queen Serenity. Serenity listened as if she didn't just hear everything that was already discussed just moments ago. Of course she left out some details that she didn't want her daughter to know not knowing that Serenity already knew. Once the Queen finished speaking she looked at her daughter as she patiently waited for her response.

"Mother... I want to help, I want to fight with you. Please just let me show you that I'm capable of protecting everyone just as well as you can." Said Serenity. She looked at her mother and could only hope that her mother would agree to what she was offering but knew the chances of that were very slim. Her mother was a strong woman and also a stubborn one and once she made up her mind about something there was no changing her mind. Guess it's a trait that Serenity managed to inherit as well.

"No and it's not up for discussion. Nothing will happen to me so no need to worry. I will have the scouts with me for support if I need. No need to worry yourself my child, everything will be as it should." Said Queen Serenity calmly without a hint of fear. Serenity looked over at the scouts but they refused to look at her in the eyes and kept their mouths closed as they promised her mother they would.

"But how do you expect me to learn how to protect this kingdom in the future if you won't allow me to show you that I can. I don't want you to get hurt mother." Serenity was getting desperate but she knew the answer she was going to get was not one that she wanted to hear.

"There will be other times when you can show me but the day that is soon to come will not be that day. Now please Serenity just do as I say and stay in the room with the civilians, you can start your royal duties by leading them to safety." The Queen was not going to budge and the sterness in her voice was noticeable.

"But mother if you would just listen.." Serenity approached her but stopped in her tracks as she saw the look in her mother's face.

"Enough! You will do as I say, when I say. Like I said it's not up for discussion. You're dismissed." Said Queen Serenity as she glared at her daughter.

At this point Serenity was beginning to get frustrated but before she could say anything else Rini nudged her with her arm. She looked at the young pink haired girl and sighed in defeat. "Yes mother." And without a second glance she left the room. Rini stared at everyone awkwardly and quickly followed behind Serenity.

"Serenity wait for me! Serenity!" yelled Rini as she struggled to catch up with her.

"This is pointless, all this is pointless. Why must someone want to destroy the peace that we have?" Serenity opened the door to her room and burst through. She power walked straight to her bed and sat down with her arms folded to her chest. Rini stayed silent and could only stare at her until Serenity lowered her arms and began to relax. "I'm sorry, I'm making you feel uncomfortable aren't I?...I don't mean to I just finally want peace. I want my happiness and every time I think that I'm one step closer to it I end up having to take two step backwards because of certain circumstances. Sometimes I feel like I should just give up and run away from everything." Serenity slumps her shoulders and looks down towards her feet.

"Never give up on your dreams because the most precious thing that you could have are your dreams and it's up to you to make them come true. I believe in you and I know you'll do great in helping your mom defeat this evil that's approaching." Said Rini. As Serenity looks up to look at Rini she sees all the hope that she has for her in her eyes and it makes her smile.

"You know what? You're right. Well let's get to bed so we can go to Earth in the morning and warn Endymion about what's approaching us." Said Serenity. Rini agreed and left Serenity's room into her own chambers to finally get ready for bed.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Good night mother." Said Endymion before closing his bedroom door. He turns to his wardrobe to change into his pajamas when something on his night stand catches his eye.

"What is this?" He walks towards his night stand and picks up a folded letter that was neatly laid on top of it. It was addressed to Rini but next to it was another note addressed to him. "Prince please give the note addressed to Rini to her as soon as you meet with her and please I only want her eyes to read it." Once he read his note out loud he placed Rini's note back where he first found it.

"I promise I won't read it my dear friend but how strange of you to write me a note instead of approaching me instead." Said Endymion to himself but didn't think anything of it as he got into bed and turned off the light as a pair of glowing yellow eyes were watching him in the dark.