Author's Note: This is a little excerpt from the Project Moirae role play. Ever wonder how Ada and Wesker met? This is just one of infinite possibilities, set during the events of the mansion outbreak. To get the full story, visit our board, the link is in my profile.


Albert Wesker: Chaed

Ada Wong: Gramm485

William Birkin: MA-121

Barry Burton: Scholar JVG

Rebecca Chambers: Kitsune Blade

Chapter 1

"This sucks," Ada said to herself, paging through a few files.

There had to be some information in the stack she'd found, anything to point her in the direction of her objective. But no, the blood spattered files only contained biologic garbage: reports that made no sense, charts with chemicals she didn't care about. There wasn't so much as a hint as to where the storage compartments were.

The computer next to the files didn't have anything on it either. Ada was amazed to find one that actually worked properly, let alone still hooked to the network. The better part of an hour was all for nothing, however, as she couldn't access the main data storage. Apparently, the AI had an attitude problem. What was it nicknamed? The Red Queen?

"Bitch..." Ada muttered when the network booted her for the fifth time.

Undeniably frustrated, she slammed the files back on the desk, then settled for tapping the muzzle of her Browning on the dark stocking over her thigh. Her mission was so simple, so laughably easy, but that was before she had known of the damn outbreak!

She had originally intended to sneak into the mansion, looking for her missing "boyfriend" John Howe, one of the researchers, then get caught on purpose. Of course, they weren't really dating, but after the one night stand they'd had, he thought otherwise. It was the perfect ruse to get into an Umbrella laboratory and snatch a sample of the T-Virus. The organization had been simply begging for it.

Unfortunately, the last three weeks of planning went down the tube when she found herself in the middle of the infected staff. Hell, she wasn't even armed! She just happened to come across a gun in a desk drawer. Even by conserving her ammo, she was running dangerously low, already down to her last clip. She'd been hearing sporadic gunfire for a while. At first, she thought of searching out the source, survivors obviously, but then decided against it. She needed to be in and out as quickly as possible.

The only problem was the out part. She couldn't get what she needed. She sighed, then decided to change plans. If one of the survivors had access to the labs, or even knew where she could get a sample of the virus, she could get out faster than she would by her current method.

Straightening herself from leaning over the desk, she smoothed the front of her dress, a black cocktail number that stopped at the middle of her thighs. Not the most fitting outfit for survival, but she'd make do. At least she could move in heels.

She was just about to round a corner when she heard the noise: footsteps. Usually, they were the slow, mindless shuffling of the infected staff, but every so often, they were smooth, accompanied by the click of talons. Ada knew enough about Umbrella's research to know what they belonged to.

These were different. They were steady, but sounded heavy, like the tread of a boot. Every other step was deeper and uneven, as if weight was being shifted. Quietly, she backed away from the corner, tucking herself behind some pipes, then leveled her gun. It sounded like she was about to introduce herself.

She almost let out a breath of surprise when the man walked into view. She expected a scientist, maybe even one of the security personnel. Ada didn't expect to see an official STARS logo and emblem on the vest of the man. Had news of the outbreak already reached the police or military? Impossible, not in such a short frame of time, especially since this was a secret facility. Then what was STARS doing here?

The blond man limped partway into the room. One of his legs was tattered and bloody. From her vantage point, Ada couldn't tell what had caused the damaged. Something with claws or teeth, no doubt. He might even be infected. He paused, giving her a chance to drink him in. Oddly enough, he was wearing sunglasses.

The way he swept the room clear with his gun suggested something peculiar to Ada. He wasn't shocked to see all the equipment, let alone the Tyrant in storage. It was as if he was already familiar with the place, and was just giving it a quick look-see. He hadn't been here when she here earlier, so it wasn't like he was checking his tracks. There wasn't even a hesitation in his awkward gait; the man knew where he was going.

Umbrella had it's fingers everywhere, especially in Raccoon City's offices. The organization didn't have names, but they had enough evidence to assume it. This man was most likely one of their lackeys. And what would someone like him be doing here? No doubt trying to erase evidence.

Ada smiled to herself. This guy probably knew exactly where she could find a sample of the virus. She even had the drop on him. Things were starting to look up.

But how should she play her cards? She could "accidentally" reveal herself, cowering like a frightened woman, then talk her way into it. But if this guy was from Umbrella, he probably would have no qualms with putting a bullet in her head. She was a witness after all. No, she had to take a firm hold on the situation and take the information by force. She had more than enough experience to deal with a single wounded man.

She stepped out from behind the row of pipes, leveling her gun on his back.

"Don't move..."

He proceeded past the pipes, grateful that the console was still functioning - or at least not noticeably damaged. He hadn't chosen the third sublevel computer because of the nice scenery down here; rather, because only a handful of people had access to this floor. The chance of infection was low here, and so was destruction.

He was about to take the last step towards the computer when a cool, female voice advised him to do otherwise. He reacted before his brain could even process the information. Spinning around - much to the disfavor of his leg - Wesker's gun was pointed at the woman, finger on the trigger.

At first, he didn't know where to place her, his mind sorting through the faces of employees working at the Arklay labs. None matched the Asian woman in her black cocktail dress standing in front of him.

"Who are you?" he asked sharply, furrowing a brow behind the sunglasses.

She was definitely no civilian, he could tell by the way she was pointing the gun at him. What then? She didn't seem bothered by the Tyrant standing tall behind him. That left two options and Wesker didn't like either of them. Umbrella had many rivals that only waited to get their hands on confidential information, but was it even possible for them to learn of the outbreak and send an agent so soon? The incident had even caught him off guard, and Wesker had been in contact with HQ not even twenty four hours ago.

Option number two - she was working for Umbrella. One of Vladimir's companions?

"You didn't listen," she said, smirking confidently despite his weapon. "And doesn't Umbrella teach any manners nowadays? It's rude to ask a woman for her name without introducing yourself first."

The corner of his mouth dropped at the woman's sly remark, not favouring it in the least. Who did she think she was to address him in such a cocky way? Didn't she know that it could get her killed, right then and there?

There was only one thing keeping Wesker from pulling the trigger and that was additional injuries. He couldn't tell how good she was, whether he would be able to take her down in one go. The leg was bad enough.

"I don't have time for formalities, Lady," he said, stressing the last word. "State your business or leave. Refuse these options and I'll have no other choice..." To clarify he lifted the gun to the level of her head.

Whoever she was, she didn't work for Umbrella. But she knew of them and their true nature. The company itself didn't worry Wesker so much. For all he cared she could pack up the Tyrant and present it to her higher-ups with a red ribbon around its neck.

As soon as he got out of here he would be an enemy to Umbrella just like the Asian woman. That was, if she got out.

"You want to know my business?" the woman asked lightly. "I know a few people who would just love to see Umbrella's research." Her voice dropped to a more serious tone. "But no doubt you already know that. So let me ask you something. Is there a reason you haven't killed me yet?"

Almost absently, she paced a few steps across the floor, her gun never leaving its target. "The way I see it, we could both use each other's help. How far do you think you can make it on that leg? And if you've made it this long, I'd hate to see how much ammo you have left."

He followed her with his gun as she started to walk across the floor. So one of Umbrella's rivals had indeed learned of the outbreak.

And sent her? A woman in a black cocktail and high heels? That doesn't make sense.

He frowned at her offer, not liking the way she approached things. Training a gun on him while suggesting cooperation, no thanks, Wesker could do without the extra bullet in his back. He still had half a clip of ammo apart the magazine he was using right now, and the woman didn't look as if she'd carry an armory under that dress.

"I appreciate your concern about my situation, lady, but I don't see what profit I'd draw from this. Samples are all over the estate, you'll have no troubles seeking them out. They'd quite... love to scratch your back, if you let them, I'm sure." He raised an eyebrow. "What would you need my help for anyway? As you've wisely noticed I'm not in the best condition and certainly not in the mood to go hunting for 'research'."

"The door is behind you. Take the elevator up the way you came." He smirked. "Don't let your samples wait too long."

Ada's smile wavered at his remark. Who did he think he was talking to her in such a condescending tone? She now almost wondered if she should have just up and shot him when she had the chance; he was quickly becoming a nuisance. Too late for that now.

"Profit you ask? Just how much is Umbrella paying you? I hope it's enough to cover the medical bill. Besides, what's preventing them from simply taking you out afterwards? After all this, you're just one more me."

Her eyes suddenly fluttered down his form, as if she was casually checking him out. "But I wonder, why go through all the trouble just to end up dead? You seem like you've got plenty of information. I'm sure my employers would much rather have a talk with you then some disgusting blood sample. But since you're not interested..."

She slowly backed away, heading in the direction of the door. If he was going to shoot, the highest probability would be now. The black mirror of his sunglasses began to make her nervous. She couldn't read him. Just another few feet to the door-


-when a male voice jerked her attention away for a critical moment.

Ada could hardly believe her ears, and eyes when she saw the man put away his gun.

"Hide!" he hissed, then stepped away from her. It was almost as if they were a pair of teenagers about to get caught by his parents for fooling around. At first it sounded to good to be true, but if he was willing to leave himself wide open after the authority he commanded, she'd take the chance. It could only mean one thing: he was interested. So, as he requested, she hid, behind a cabinet near the wall.

What had the second man called the blond STARS officer? Wesker? Just from what she'd seen, he sounded like a very interesting man...

Wesker spoke to the newcomer. "You were successful?"

"The timer is set. We have...49 minutes before this place blows to ashes. Have you activated the lift?"

Wesker's voice again. "49 minutes is more than enough. I was just about to activate the elevator when you came.

She heard the second man's voice.

"...Is there anyone else in...Never mind. Let's just get out of here."

Her grip tightened on her gun, but the man seemed to let it go. She let out a tiny breath of relief.

"There is still something we need to check before leaving," Wesker said. "I noticed some of the structures- metal pipes, doors, stairs- have been heavily damaged by the specimen. I can activate the elevator from here, but I don't have access to the cameras. We have to make sure the elevator isn't broken. We have a time limit now, and we can't afford to waste it. You should go ahead and see whether the lift is still intact. If it's not, I can open and close other paths that lead to the heliport from here. It would be too much of a risk to go there and find the only escape route blocked. We would have to backtrack, and that takes time we don't have."

There was a pause, then he continued. "If the elevator is still working I will initiate the lockdown of the lower levels after my department. It will hinder the virus to leak to the city and...keep other things secret from eyes that aren't supposed to see them, if you understand what I mean." Ada heard the slightest sound of something transferring hands. From what he said next, she guessed it was a radio. "It's a safe frequency. I'll take one of the spare ones from here. Contact me when you reach the elevator. Now go. There's no time to waste."

She didn't want to miss a single detail of their conversation. From what the second voice said, it sounded like the facility's failsafe had been activated. A setback, but she would have plenty of time to regroup if the shit hit the fan.

After the elevator door clanked shut and the winch began to whir, Ada poked her head cautiously from her hiding spot. Wesker's friend had left. They were alone again, and hopefully he was ready to stop being so stubborn. She still held her Browning, finger on the trigger, against her leg. She was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but she didn't want to get too relaxed around him. He had just held a gun to her only seconds before, after all.

"Less than 49 minutes?" she asked lazily, leaning on the cabinet she'd ducked behind. "And I thought we weren't going to have a lot of time. At any rate, judging by the fact that you didn't blow my head off means that you're willing to talk?"

Whoever he just spoke with was obviously working with him, someone from Umbrella. They seemed to know the layout of the facility well. What struck her as interesting was the fact that he didn't want to be seen with her. He had his own agenda outside of Umbrella, she was sure of it. Now she just had to see if it worked with hers.

As soon as he heard the mechanical departure of the elevator, Wesker limped towards the door himself, stopping infront of a box hung on the wall. The word 'EMERGENCY' was printed on it in big bold letters. Wesker opened it, finding it stocked with a first-aid kit and two small radios.

He took one of them, before the woman started to talk again. "I am indeed willing to talk," he said, while focusing on circumventing Umbrella's parasitic frequency to get Birkin on the line.

"And I will repeat my questions - who are you and who do you work for?"

He brought the radio to his mouth and pressed a button. "Can you hear me? Over." Birkin had complied with his orders surprisingly easy, making Wesker wonder. He shook his head. It was probably only the situation getting to him, making him worry too much. Birkin was stressed and wanted to get out of here alive just as him, that was all.

Birkin's voice crackled over the radio. "Loud and clear. I'll call you when I reach the elevator. Birkin out."

Dismissing the thought, he moved back to the monitors, glancing at the woman in passing. Her weapon was still drawn, though she wasn't pointing it at him anymore. It was an improvement. He didn't bother to unholster the Beretta. She hadn't shot him yet, and he doubted that she would in the near future. They both had a time limit now, and currently she was the one needing his help, if she didn't intend to return to her employers with empty hands.

He sat himself in the chair in front of the computer, clenching his teeth against a groan as the weight was lifted from the leg. The dull throbbing he had gotten used to was replaced by a piercing pain again, forcing Wesker to look down. Up to the knee the fabric was soaked a dark crimson, making it hard to distinguish between bandage and pants. He gently brushed a hand across it. It came back sticky with blood, letting Wesker grimace slightly.

Still fresh, he thought, wiping it off on his combat pants. Not that it was surprising. It was astonishing that he was still in his right mind and able to stand straight. The initial damage had been bad enough and Wesker figured that the additional work he'd forced upon it hadn't exactly improved the situation.

Wesker sighed, turning his attention to the computer. It would soon be over.

"Ada," the Asian woman introduced herself. "Ada Wong."

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Wong," he said lazily, loading the computer's mainframe.

"You'll have to forgive me if I don't disclose the name of my employers this early in the game. I can't tell you much, other than what I said before. I can, however, say that we aren't some small time company with a chip our shoulders."

She didn't give away much, but he hadn't expected otherwise. Whoever the company she worked for was; they had the means to find out about the outbreak in time and send one of their agents. If he hadn't accidently come to the labs she would have remained unnoticed completely. No doubt - it had to be one of the big fish.

"I don't suppose you could let me in on what you know about Umbrella, Mr. Wesker, was it?"

He smirked when she asked the inevitable question, briefly stopping in his typing to look at her. "You'll have to forgive me," he said, using her words on purpose, "but forty minutes will hardly be enough to start a decent conversation. And I presume that you aren't overly interested in molecular chemistry or biology at the moment. If your employers play in the right league, they will understand."

On the monitor a window popped up, requiring his log-in data. Wesker typed in his name and password and pressed enter. The screen froze for a second, before the bold letters 'Access Denied' blinked up.

Wesker, Albert...

He recognized the voice immediately. It was what Spencer had chosen for Umbrella's security system, the Red Queen.

I am afraid that of 24 hundred hours, I have taken it upon my authority to revoke your access priviledges to the mainframe system.

He couldn't help but stare at the screen for a moment, before quickly entering another command. In her mechanical accent, the Red Queen replied:

Due to emergency conditions all data has been backed up to the U.M.F. 013, as issued by Colonel Sergei Vladimir.

Wesker was suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to slam his fist into the monitor. Taking a deep breath and letting it out through gritted teeth again, he tried to calm down. There were other possibilities.

Birkin's account was still activated, at least to the extent of being able to access the SDS program. He wouldn't need a higher security level than that anyway.

Wesker pressed a key and the login window appeared again. He typed in Birkin's name, before pausing a second. The other man had never learnt of his knowledge to his access data. Perhaps, Wesker thought, he would never have to find out either. He typed in the password and hit enter.

The Red Queen's response was prompt.

Birkin, William... Access Granted.

"Fuck you, Sergei..." Wesker murmured, but kept his voice low enough for Ada Wong not to hear.

Ada only shrugged at his response. She really didn't expect Wesker to give her anything. At the very least, it sounded like he wasn't just some foot soldier. He seemed to be more the science type.

She looked over his shoulder as he worked at the terminal. As it did with her, it prevented him access. The computer artificial intelligence mentioned the name Vladimir. It was a familiar name. She didn't know the details, but she did know that he was the UBCS commander. The organization didn't have a lot of information on him, but judging by the way he reacted, Wesker did.

He tried once again to enter information into the computer. This time, he met with success. Ada recognized the name the computer confirmed, her heart beating faster in excitement. William Birkin, Umbrella's top scientist. He knew him close enough to know his access codes?

The organization had their eyes on him for years. He was one of the most tantalizing targets. His abilities as a researcher were unmatched. If the organization could get their hands on him, they'd never need to bother going after another sample again. He lead the T-Virus project and, according to some recent information, was working on a new project. The only thing preventing them from capturing him was his status. The organization didn't want the full force of Umbrella to come down on them.

Come to think of it...Wesker's friend had just signed off on the radio. It was a little garbled, and she really wasn't listening closely, but hadn't she heard him say...Birkin? Why, oh why hadn't she bumped into him first? She was sure that she'd have no problem putting the moves on him. At least more than Wesker; it was like trying to talk to a wall.

But this late in the game, she would take what she could get. If she was careful, the organization might be able to get to Birkin through Wesker. She'd have to play nice though, and keep him interested in her offer.

She leaned down, looking closer over his shoulder.

"So, we can save business for later then," she purred next to his ear. "Do you mind at least telling me what you're doing?"

She felt him bristle as her breath gleaned the back of his neck, then grinned to herself.

"I'm preparing my escape route," he replied. "As should you, if you don't want to get caught by the self-destruct system my friend activated. There is nothing left for you to do here, if you don't intend to chase down the creatures for their blood samples."

Ada gave a small chuckle, thinking of the all terrain vehicle parked a quarter mile away in a small clearing from the mansion. She saw the confirmation message on the computer screen; he was going to try for the roof.

"Oh, don't worry about me," she said. "I've already got a plan. I'm more concerned about you. Do you think you'll be able to make it alone on that leg?"

Her voice was toned with genuine concern. She didn't want him to end up running into a loose B.O.W. Now that the self destruct was active, she wouldn't have enough time to grab a sample and get out before the facility blew. She was putting all her chips on him. Plus, there was the possibility that he was just playing her so he could ditch her. She needed some way of keeping track of him so she could contact him when they got out.

She nodded towards the last radio. "How about letting me stay in touch, in case something comes up?"

Unfortunately, if he decided to try and make a run for it, there was nothing she could do. She would fail her mission, something that irked her greatly, especially given the opportunity that the evening had given her. But he wasn't stupid. He recognized the status of the organization. That should be enough to bring him back.

"Uhm...Wesker?" his friends voice said over the radio. "Birkin here. I've reached the elevator. The path is clear and everything is working. Over."

Wesker brought the radio to his mouth. "I'm on my way," he said, then to her, "There's not really a choice, is there?" He flexed the leg, and Ada saw a slight jolt run through him. It was definitely hurting him. "The only line that works here is a special Umbrella frequency. I'd rather avoid them overhearing any discussions, if you understand."

Ada nodded. "I understand completely. I can't say that I'd want Umbrella to overhearing me either. Do you have any other suggestions?" She smirked slyly. "Or do you want my number?"

Wesker's brow furrowed again. Ada could only imagine how bad his leg hurt. She was lucky, being able to get access to the labs right away and not a scratch on her. It sounded like most of the carriers and creatures were lurking around the mansion. But he seemed fairly set on going it alone.

She straightened from her perch over his shoulder, habitually tugging on the hem of her dress. Like he'd said, there was nothing else to do for her. All that was left to do was to escape alive. Once they were both out, she could contact him, then get to business. If things kept going the way they were, she didn't foresee any problems.