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I wonder if I could get a passing mark in Latin if I broke my professor's brain by telling him this is why my homework is late?

Prompt: "Scream." "Make me." (from the pjpainstreaks community on LJ)

- Make Me : How it All Began -

Carly and Spike likened it to a human child first discovering the word 'why'. Ratchet likened it to a glitched out processor. The rest of the Ark just found it extremely entertaining.

"Jazz, where is the report on your mission yesterday?" Prowl's innocent question was the start of it, the day after Jazz went on a 'mission' to a human elementary school to talk to the children. He'd had to hunt Jazz down in the twins' room, where the saboteur was busy playing a racing game against Sunstreaker.

"On my desk." Jazz replied easily.

"Could you perhaps give it to me at some point today?" Prowl asked, sounding irritated now that he knew it was completed.

"Make me." Sunstreaker gave Jazz an incredulous look before returning his attention to the large TV screen, but Sideswipe had no problems staring in shock at the saboteur. Prowl, for his part, seemed to be at a loss as to how to respond to that, and after a moment, withdrew silently, only to go dig through the mess of data pads on Jazz's desk to find the report himself.

Jazz's apparent rebellion against Prowl was the twins' favourite story that night, but nobody quite believed them. It wasn't until two days later, when Jazz was listening to music on monitor duty, that other mechs got any proof.

"Jazz, some of us are trying to work. You can do monitor duty without listening to your music." Prowl stated, looking cranky as he stalked into the control room.

"Make me." Jazz replied airily, and Brawn just stared as Prowl froze. The minibot then watched with horrified curiosity as Prowl went through an array of expressions, from shocked, to angry, to confused, before growling and turning around, going straight back to his office without even trying to turn off Jazz's music.

After that, it became at least a daily occurrence, and the inhabitants of the Ark could only watch with growing amusement - and slight awe - as Jazz continued to rebel against every single direct order Prowl gave him that didn't directly involve doing his duties. Every single time, Prowl would pause, looking confused, and then slink away. The twins wanted to do some experiments to see if Prowl would do the same thing if they started telling him to 'make them' follow a direct order, but Ratchet firmly squashed the idea. Jazz didn't even hold back when Optimus was present, brushing off Prowl's request in a staff meeting that he try to curb Sideswipe's pranks a bit more with a grinning 'make me'. No one what quite sure what the Autobot leader thought of Jazz's new favourite phrase, but Ironhide made the observation that Optimus seemed to be in one of the best moods he'd had since coming to Earth.

Half the interest with Jazz's rebellion, of course, was curiosity about what Prowl's inevitable response was going to be. Because as sure as Starscream would try to overthrow Megatron, Prowl's processor would inevitably adapt and come up with a response, and Jazz would get what he had been asking for. What, exactly, Jazz was asking for, nobody could quite agree on, but they all agreed that they wanted to be in the security office watching when he got it.

As it happened, some of them got a much more personal view of the event.

"Jazz, could you come to my office for a few moments?" Prowl's bland question brought instant quiet to the rec room as mechs turned with smirks to wait for the inevitable response. They weren't disappointed.

"Make me." the saboteur didn't even look away from the TV, currently showing some human movie. The others, expecting Prowl to frown and walk away, had already half returned their attention to whatever they'd been doing when they realized it was time for Prowl's inevitable response. Most were already grinning as Prowl stepped around the chair Jazz had been sitting in, blocking the saboteur's view. Before Jazz could protest, however, he found himself slung over Prowl's shoulder and being carried out of the rec room, followed by the laughter of everyone inside.

Jazz's "Hey, no fair!" could be heard clearly in the rec room as Prowl made off with him, and only made the others laugh harder.

- TBC -