SMACked...Taken from Page Turner

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The Lab...

They heard the sound of the alram. Running down the stairs, Mac and his team seen Sid.

"Don't come any closer."

"What's going on Sid?"

"I'm not sure Mac, looks like radiation."

Mac and his team were concerned for Sid. Putting on a suit, Sheldon seen Sid collapse. Placing the lab in full lockdown, the CBC came in and secured the place.

"You two are going to need to shower up."

Mac and Stella looked at each other.

"What together?"

"Afraid so. though you will have a curtain between you."

Stella could feel her cheeks heat. The past few years she had done nothing but dream about being with Mac. Very vivid dreams. Of his body, his touch, how his kiss would taste.

Reaching over Mac caressed her back.

"You okay Stel?"

"Umm..yeah. Yeah I'm okay."

Knowing she was nervous, Mac couldn't help but tease her. To try and help her relax.

"I promise not to look." He winked.

As they stripped out of their clothes, Mac could faintly see her form through the thin curtain. God she was so beautiful. As he watched her hands stretch above her head, to wash her hair. Trying to look away he couldn't. He had dreamed to many nights of touching, of passionately loving her until she was satisfied and drained in his arms.


"Stel. You okay?"

"No. I have a cramp in my leg."

"Do you need my help?"

"Umm...God she was panicing. But what choice did she have.

"I think so Mac."

Pulling the drape across, She looked at Mac, as he looked at her. God how hard they tried not to admire each other. Walking over, Mac helped her up. But as he had her against him, she could feel his heated body against her. Neither of them could move. The passion was to much. As they could feel their pulse excelerate.

"Maaaaaaaac"...she quietly whispered

"Shh!! It's okay Stella. I know. I'm sorry that you have to see me like this. But I didn't have time to cover up. You were my only concern."

"I understand Mac. But...but..."

"What Stella?"

"I don't want this feeling to end. I'm sorry Mac. I know this is the wrong place to confess to you. But I feel if I don't. We will just become awkward towards each other."

"Confess what Stella?"

Mac was praying that she would tell him that she was in love with him. For if she didn't feel the same he did, he wouldn't be able to survive.

"That my feelings for you have grown Mac. For so many years now I've kept them hidden from you. So afraid that you would never feel the same way. But I don't want to be afraid anymore Mac. I don't want to hide my feelings from you ever again. I love you Mac. Have loved you for so long."

Mac could see the tears slip from her eyes. He could see the pain, the fear that was in her eyes, that he would reject her. God he had loved her just as much for so long. Raising her beautiful face to his, he whispered...

"Stella. I never thought in all my life, that I would ever hear those words again. Especially from you. You know why Stella?


"Because I too have held my feelings in. For years now, ever since Claire's death, I could feel our friendship grow stronger. I could feel our feelings change through the years. But I was also afraid to tell you. I was terrified that you would not want to love me. That you would not want to spend the rest of your life with me. Have children with me, that we would raise to be as loving and caring as we are."

"Oh Mac. I'm so sorry we both felt we couldn't be honest with each other."

"I don't really think it's an honesty issue Stella. I think it was more fear, fear of being hurt. But now that it is out in the open, we can start to build our life together. We can start to love and cherish each other."

Stella was crying from the passion, the love they were feeling. Knowing that for the rest of their lives, they would have each other to come home too. That in the near future, they would have children to love, to fill the void that they had both lived with for so long.

Not wanting to release her from his arms, Mac just held her. Held her until the they became filled with each others love.



"I think we should out of here soon. Before everyone comes looking for us."

"I guess you're right."

"I'll tell you what. Once Flack, Sheldon, and I finish watching the game tonight with Sid. I'll stop by and we can explore our relationship deeper Stella. I really would like to build a life with you. I love you Stella."

"I love you too Mac. I never realized how free we could feel. Until we said these words to one another."

"Well now we have a lifetime Stella. Starting tonight."