A Whole New World

A Whole New World

Chapter 1 moving

Gabriella is 17 years old. Two years ago her parents died in an airplane crash on the way back from their honeymoon.

So for the last two years she has been living in a small house in Miami with her uncle David and aunt Grace, but about 3 months ago her uncle Dave quit his job because he wasn't getting paid as much as he should have been paid. Now they are struggling with paying for everything. As if they didn't have much money, her aunt gets pregnant.

So since they didn't have enough money look after Gabriella and the baby she had to move out, because they defiantly weren't going to abort the baby. But there aren't any relatives around that she knew of. She had to go to some of her parent's friends. But the thing is that they live all the way in Albuquerque, and she didn't even no them, but they seemed to know her.

Grace and Gabriella were standing by the front door while her uncle was putting her bags in the car.

"Aunty grace I'm gonna miss you so much" Gabriella sobbed into hers aunts shoulder as they hugged

"I'm gonna miss you too sweetheart. You can still call me and write to me every day," she said back as they pulled away

"Come on Gabriella your plane leaves in about 1 hour and a half" her uncle said as he brought through her last bag.

"Bye aunty grace" she said hugging her aunt one more time. "Bye sweetie have fun with your new 'family'"

They pulled away and Gabriella went out the door. "Bye love you" she called one more time before shutting the door and going to the car.

"Come on gabs you can come and see us sometimes" her uncle said trying to brighten up the mood. "I know it's just I don't know these people I'm going to live with, and its kinda weird" she said with a shrug

"Hey I know them they are lovely people" he told her

"I thought you only saw them once for thanksgiving with my mom and dad"

She looked puzzled.

How the heck could he know them if he only like saw them for like 9 hours? She thought

"Well they seemed nice and your parents said they were nice. They also have a son your age, he could show you around"

"Okay do you know like what school I'll be going to?" she asked.

She didn't really know much about where she was going. She didn't even know where they lived.

"Not really I no as much as you, apart from I actually know them"

About 15 minutes later

We were at the airport. It's a pity aunty grace had to go to work and couldn't come she thought.

"Well then you better get going you don't wanna miss your flight," he said while giving her one last bone-crushing squeeze. She laughed, "Can't breathe," she said trying to get out of his death grip.

They both laughed and pulled away. "Well then have fun kiddo," he said as he gave her, her luggage. "By Dave and tell aunty grace good luck about the baby" "of course now you have to go have fun" she patted her shoulder

"I will" "hopefully" she mumbled as she turned around.

"I heard that" he yelled after her. By she said tuning round and walking backwards. "Bye" she waved back. "Wait look out" he yelled.

Gabriella quickly turned around just before she was about to walk into somebody. She quickly moved out of the way. She giggled and walked off to the check in.

While she was on the plane she got bored because she left her Ipod I her case.

All she had was her phone, but unfortunately she didn't have flight mode. So basically all she had was a window to look out of, but all she could see was the crystal blue sea.

After a while she was there in Albuquerque. She had absolutely no Idea who she was looking for so she was hoping they would find her, her uncle an aunt did show a picture of them but apparently the picture was like 20 years old and I'm sure they look different now and now they have a son and he might be with them.

When she got off the plane she didn't actually know where to go so she just followed everyone. Which took her into a big room with big boards up on the wall and some benches also some vending machines.

She looked up at the boards.

There was 1 saying Miami airport and a number 16.

She guessed it was time to go get her luggage since there were no other flights from Miami.

She looked around to find some double doors Saying EXIT.

Gabriella walked through them and followed everyone through a long corridor.

Then there were some more doors.

When she opened them Gabriella came to a bigger room with lots of machines with people's luggage on them, and adds everywhere she looked up at the top of the machines 12, 13, 14, 15 uhh 16 I guess that where my luggage is. She thought.

She walked over to it and squeezed through the people to get to the front so she could see.

After five minutes of waiting, and watching as the people next to her got all their cases. She saw a big black one with a pink stripe down it and a purple one behind it.

She got ready as they came closer. When they finally made it to her, which seemed like forever. She quickly grabbed both of them.

When Gabriella had them both firmly in her hands, she looked around.

Now she was stuck.

She walked outside and looked around again there were several people outside waiting and lots of cars. But she didn't know which people to go to or what car they had.

She noticed there was a bench against the wall as she looked around.

Gabriella carefully sat down making sure she wouldn't knock her cases over.

Just as she sat down she noticed how hungry she was.

Going a day without food wasn't normal for her. She didn't bother to have breakfast she was to depressed by moving.

Although she was one of the skinniest girls in her old school she still ate quite a lot, but to stay fit she did lots of sports.

Gabriella loved sports. Soccer, dance, swimming, baseball, even basketball.

When she was younger when her dad came back from work they would go to the park everyday.

She stuck her hand in her pocket to search for some money just in case she didn't look properly earlier on the plane.

All she could feel was the bottom of her pocket. She groaned, and rolled her eyes. where is all my money gone these days. She thought

She did have a job well not anymore because she was moving.

She had a Saturday job at a burger bar. That's all she could find. She got paid about 3.00 an hour from 12:00pm till 5:00pm

In school she had lots of friends, some that she would miss terribly.

She didn't have a boyfriend she never really did. She just wasn't interested. Sure she had been on dates but nothing more then that.

She looked around until her tired eyes caught sight of a clock. 4:45pm.

Gabriella sighed and looked around again bored to see if any one was coming her way.

Just as she turned around to sitting normal again she felt someone tap on her shoulder.

She jumped and quickly turned around shocked. "Are you Gabriella Montez?"

A woman with brown long hair asked.