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Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn is coming out August 2nd! Though, this story will probably be up on like, years after that lol XD (exaggeration, of course)

So, The Akatsukis you all know and love have been ranked up to vampire. On one of Deidara's rounds to quench his thirst for blood, he finds out that a girl survived his bite. With her last bit of strength she asked him to take her with him to the Akatsuki Lair. It was a pretty large demand for someone in her condition, but for some reason, he couldn't leave her there.

Enjoy your stay.


"There are constant reports about a band of vampires raiding the city. We strongly advise you to stay in your homes and lock your doors at night; protect yourselves any way you can until we find a solution to this vampire invasion."

A dark figure rose up, silhouetted by the bright screen of the TV, letting another body slip out of his blood stained hands. He wiped his face, smearing blood over his cheek as well.

"As if locking your doors will hide your scent." He murmured darkly, watching as the dead girl lay lifeless on the ground. "Nothing can shield your kind from us."

The man turned and began walking out of the room, pausing only to turn off the television that was still announcing useless ways to keep vampires out of your dreams at night. He stopped again when he sensed something moving when it so clearly shouldn't. Turning around to look, he saw the girl he so carelessly threw to the ground a few minutes ago reach out to him.

"Take… me with you…" She croaked, her clear eyes pleading.

More screams were heard throughout the night, and a shadowed figure walked through the empty streets carrying a near-lifeless body back to his lair.


Deidara grimaced.

This girl… why was she here again?

Ah, yes, she was dying and asked him to take her with him.

But did she honestly have a clue as to where he was going?

Surely she must have mistaken him for some form of help.

But… why did he play along?

As he thought of an answer, the girl started to wake up. She made small noises as she stirred slightly and sat up in bed. She rubbed her eyes as if she just woke up from a nap. He expected her to scream when she saw him – since she so clearly didn't know what she was in for in this place. But when she turned to him, she didn't make a sound except for a soft, throaty question.

"Who… are you…?"

Deidara stared at her for a few seconds. "Deidara. Your savior and most likely your end." He introduced darkly. The girl nodded calmly. Why wasn't she afraid?

"That makes sense… thank you for saving me. I didn't think you'd listen when I asked you to take me with you…" she smiled a little. Deidara was surprised, to say the least. Normal people would be wetting themselves with fear at this point. He was sure he'd get her with the 'most likely your end' line.

"And who, may I ask, are you?" he asked with the same level of cool she had. Possibly more. "I am Hinata Hyuga. The person you saved and most likely the person you'll kill in the next few minutes." She smiled a little. That caught him off guard. "Pretty sharp tongue you got there…" he commented. "Thank you." They shared a silence. They turned away from each other.

A few minutes later he heard a soft thud – the kind you heard when someone fell onto a bed. He turned back to find the girl – Hinata – her head resting on the pillow again, sleeping. He decided to let the girl sleep. He had big plans for her already.


Hinata woke up a few hours into the day, around 2 pm. When she did, she found herself in a different room, much brighter than the room she was in before, and in a much larger bed. Though the room still held a feel of darkness to it. There was a set of clothing at the foot of the bed, a black and purple Lolita dress with gloves and matching boots. After taking a look at the clean clothes, she took a good look at herself. She was filthy with blood stains and a few rips on her shirt and raggedy jeans.

There was a sign on a door to her left that read 'Washroom' and walked to it. Well, to say the least, it was bigger than her room back home. A hot tub, a shower, a toilet, and two sinks filled the room only halfway, and the rest was a sort of lounging space with a radio of sorts in the corner. All in all, it was an awesome bathroom.

Hinata went back to get the Lolita dress and freshened up in the bathroom, relaxing there for almost an hour. She decided to change and get out of the bathroom to see the rest of the house she was in. Or, judging by the size of this bathroom, mansion.

When she walked back to her room, she saw that her bed was made and two ribbons on the dresser for her hair. This was no doubt a little strange, but she tied the ribbons in her hair to complete her look. She twirled around and suddenly came face-to-face with the man she talked to before she passed out. "So you're awake and well, I see." He said observantly. Hinata nodded slowly, managing a small smile. "Thank you very much." She breathed, a small blush creeping on her cheeks. He was standing really close to her, and that made her blush.

He backed away, and she relaxed a bit more. She took note that she felt warmer than when he was right in front of her. Like he was cooling her down. He moved to sit on the bed. Something about him pulled her to sit beside him. He smiled a little, content with the action perhaps.

"I have a proposal for you." He began, closing his eyes and gathering his thoughts. Hinata nodded. "In return for your life, you become our maid. You'll clean, cook, and take care of any tasks we ask of you. And also, you'll have this room as your own. We here won't enter without your permission, nor will we change anything while you're busy tending to the mansion." Hinata thought about it for a minute or so, thinking that being alive was a little better than being torn apart limb from limb by a vampire. So she nodded in agreement, and took the man's hand when he extended it to her. It was ice cold, if not colder.

Hinata, feeling concerned for the incredibly cold man, grasped both hands over his. He looked confused, but curiosity kept him still. She rubbed his hands and breathed on them, waiting for them to warm up. He soon realized what she was doing and chuckled a little. Gently, he pulled his hand away. "You can do that for a hundred years and they'll still be as cold as this." He said. Hinata looked worried for a moment, but returned to normal when she calmed herself.

"Your name… I forgot your name…" she murmured. "My name is Deidara. Your name is Hinata, correct?" he stood up. Hinata nodded. "Alright. I'll leave you to settle down; you start tomorrow." Before Hinata could give a proper good-bye, he was gone, leaving her to warm herself up from his cold touch.


She found food on the table beside her bed while she was in the bathroom listening to the radio. After she ate, she couldn't remember anything, except for the fact that she woke up that evening. However, she did not feel tired because of her day-long sleep. In fact, she found that evening and nighttime was when the residents of the mansion were most active.

"What? A girl?"

"Woo-hoo! Dei-Dei finally sco-"


"I don't need this crap!" – this was a particular familiar voice to her.

"Aw, no need to be ashamed 'bout it. What's she like?"

"I don't need this… I'm going ahead." There was a stomping noise and a slamming of a door.

There was a silence after that.

"He's having a hissy fit." Someone giggled.

"I'll say. Hehe…"

"I think he said something about the girl's room being…"

Hinata realized that she had opened the door to her room a little to hear the conversation. But already someone noticed her and was walking towards the room. She thought it to be rude to close the door on him, so she backed away a little. But the man stopped at the door. He brushed some of his red hair from his eyes and smiled at her.

"May I come in?" he asked. Hinata blushed and backed away from the door, opening it to let the man in.

He introduced himself as Sasori, and for some odd reason, he didn't sleep much. Not even during the day, when vampires were usually known to rest. He told her that she could talk to him whenever she wanted to, and that his room was right down the hall, fifth door to the left. However… he advised her not to go near him when he was thirsty, because he was near uncontrollable when he was. He didn't want to hurt her yet, unless she gave him a reason to.

Hinata was both confused and happy that she met Sasori. He seemed nice.

The third person she met was a bubbly and happy vampire who called himself 'Tobi'. She liked him very much as well. He mentioned how long it has been since a human last lived here. He said that it was also a girl, and that she was still here, somehow. She'd have to look into that one.

Then, before she knew it, it was already almost morning. The vampires that had left were returning, yawning sleepily after a night well done. In fact, Hinata felt a bit sleepy as well. She felt bad for wasting another day sleeping, but she couldn't help it. The second she got back to her room, she changed into the pair of pajamas that was laid out for her (she was too drowsy to care where it came from) and plopped down on her bed.


She woke up in late afternoon, around 4. She changed into the clothes once again laid out for her and stepped outside. It was dark, except for the light streaming in from the windows. She had a sticky note attached to her head, reading: 'First day on the job – sweep the floors on the first floor. – Deidara'

"First floor…" she murmured to herself, noticing a maid's outfit lying at the foot of the bed. She blushed – they expected her to wear that? Shrugging, she changed and walked out of her room, finding a broom and dustpan beside her door. Then, she got to work.

Everything was very dusty, due to the lack of care over the long years before. Hinata ended up dusting everything off, only to find a note attached to the kitchen door. 'Good job – Next task: Wash the dishes. – Deidara.' It was funny, because there was a century's worth of unwashed dishes stacked up in the sink. Still, it was work, and somebody had to do it. There were spider webs everywhere, rust on the handles of the sink, and spiders crawling at the bottom. She didn't like spiders…

Somehow she got through it; ended up going to the river in the back yard (which was practically a forest) and bringing it back to clean. When she finished, she found a note on the fridge. 'Thank you – Next task…' she took a second to look at the clock. It was already pretty close to 11 pm, and everyone was almost awake by now. 'Next task: Look behind you.'

Puzzled, she turned slowly to come face to face with Deidara. "Thank you for your hard work. If you wish, you may go to bed now." Hinata nodded, tilting her head to look at the other vampires gathering out into the hall.

"-yawn- Are we going soon? Damn, I'm thirsty…" This man had silver hair combed back and purple eyes. He suddenly turned to her and grinned. "So dinner came to us this time, huh?" he took a step towards Hinata, but Deidara suddenly pushed her behind him, shooting a glare at the sliver-haired man. "Back off, Hidan. She's mine." Hinata blushed a little, ducking under Deidara's arm to see the other person's response.

"I see. This sucks – you're not really one to just get it over with. Why's she here?" he asked, eyeing Hinata and smirking. "If you haven't noticed, the floors are clean and the dishes are washed." Hidan glanced at the sink and at the floors. "…Oh. So she's the maid now?" he looked disappointed for a second. "Fine, I'll just go hunting like everyone else. Let's go, guys." He paused to wink at Hinata, then in a blur him and the rest of the people (except for Deidara) were gone.

Deidara turned to her. "Sorry about that. He's rather rude and… idiotic." Then he added, "But they're family to me." It came almost as an afterthought.

The word 'family' brought something to Hinata's attention: What happened to hers? Neji, Hanabi, Mother, and Father? Were they alright? She almost hit herself at forgetting about them. "Deidara…san." She attached the suffix awkwardly. He looked at her. "What… Where is… my family?" Hinata shuddered a little at the possibility of…

"Your family?" he stared at her with a small hint of confusion. "Your family is dead."


"Sheesh, dude, what'd you say to her?" Sasori was standing outside Hinata's room, beside Deidara. Both were confused upon hearing the uncontrollable sobbing coming from the girl. Deidara, in response to his friend's question, shrugged. "She asked about her family, and I said they were dead." Sasori was silent, then laughed at his friend's stupidity. Deidara reddened a bit and glared at him.

"You don't just say that kind of stuff to a girl, dude!" Sasori patted Deidara's back. "What do I do then?" Deidara asked, annoyed. "You have to apologize to her." The sobbing seemed to have grown louder. "Now seems a good time." Deidara motioned to knock on the door, but Sasori stopped him.

"If you want the girl, you're not supposed to be polite. Sweep her off her feet, barge in there." Deidara whacked Sasori on the head, but let himself in the room anyway.


Hinata was still in her maid's outfit, sobbing into a pillow. Her family was dead; killed off by a band of vampires. It was selfish of her to ask for help to live when her family was suffering and dying around her. She was terrible.

She heard someone come in, but at this point she didn't care. She was better off dead, with her family and relatives…

"Hinata…?" A cold hand was placed on her shoulder, and she shivered. Almost effortlessly, the hand turned her on her back. The person was Deidara. "I'm sorry." He said softly. More tears streamed out of her eyes. "I wanna die…" she moaned, rolling back on her face to cry. Deidara frowned, turning her to lay on her back again. "That's a very dangerous request in a place like this. Don't tell me that unless you really are willing to die." He said coldly, earning another wave of sobs from the girl.

Suddenly, she sat up and hugged him tightly. "I'm sad…" she murmured into his chest. Deidara paused, surprised at her action, but then rested an arm around her. "I can see that." They stayed like that for a while until the sobbing stopped.

"Hey… Deidara-san?" Hinata started. "Hm?" he looked at her. "Why are you… Why do you feel so cold?" she held his hand, trying to warm it up with her body heat. "Cold? Hm…" Deidara watched her in small amusement as she tried breathing on his hand to warm it up.

"It's… A vampire thing."

Hinata looked at him and smiled.


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