It is here, about fifty years later, that we come back to the couple this story was originally made for: Deidara and Hinata. Long ago, they fell in love, long ago, they fell in love again. They have a family with twins and an Uncle, living comfortably in their home. The VRC left them alone, but Deidara made sure to document any discoveries made about the half vampire half human children. The main ones were that they grow faster after the first month after birth, their minds mature with their bodies, they can split their strength between human and vampire, they cannot age, and they cannot die. He was very pleased with the last fact, because then he'd have, not only Hinata -the love of his life-, but his two beautiful children to boot.

Despite all of this, Hinata felt the need to ask him this question: "Deidara, are you happy?"

The twins were out, hanging out with their friends from work. Sasori was out as well, doing who-knows-what, who-knows-where, with who-knows-who. Deidara and Hinata were left alone in the house, and of course they were spending it with each other.

"Of course I'm happy, Hinata. I have you, first of all. My children, and my best friend doesn't want to fuck me every other minute." he laughed. Hinata smiled and ran her hand idly over his chest. "I know, I'm happy with all these things too. But... is that really all you need? I mean, do you need anything from anyof those things? Me included?" she asked, looking up at him. She had a glint in her eye that he recognized, but not enough to name it. "Hm... I want my children to do the absolute best they can in what they do. I want Sasori to be happy in every way he can. I want you to..." he paused, still puzzled about her look. "Go on." She said, now in a voice she didn't often use.

"Is there something wrong, Hinata?" He asked. She shook her head. "I was just thinking..." She went up to stand on her knees, then suddenly straddled Deidara, which would be a surprising act even if she weren'ta vampire. He rested his hands on her waist to keep her from falling. Even if she was virtually unbreakable, he kept the habit of worrying over her human self. She didn't seem to mind this time. "Do you want anything from me?" she brought her face close to his. He almost turned pink. They hadn't been this frisky in fifty years. "Well..." He was trying to remember what turned her on, but he didn't seem to be having a hard time with that - She looked pretty horny right now.

His eyes rolled over her body. He almost forgot how curvy she was. "Hinata..." He leaned a little bit to whisper in her ear. "Are you suggesting we..." he finished his sentence with a kiss to her ear lobe. She smiled a little. "I'm wondering if vampire women can still feel... pleasure." she kissed his cheek. Deidara chuckled, bringing her up in his arms. "You know, I'm beginning to wonder the same thing. We should test this out, yes?" he mumbled against her neck. He walked into the bedroom, closing the door and locking it.


"Oh, Deidara!"

Tsuki and Yuki were not pleased.

"Hinata! Oh God!"

Not one bit.

"Yes, YES!"

Yuki adjusted his glasses, turning a flushed red.

Just how long have they been... they both thought.

"Faster, YES!" -heart-

It wasn't long until Sasori arrived home. He found the twins still standing, frozen at the door. "Yuki? Tsuki? What's up?" He paused. Then he heard it.

"-groan- Deidara... Yes!"

"Holy shit! Hinata... Hinata!"

Sasori burst out laughing. Yuki and Tsuki were standing there, turning only slightly to look at their Uncle. "Uncle Sasori...?" they called in a ghastly tone. They were clearly traumatized. Never before had they heard...this.

Sasori, who seemed to know what to do all the time, walked up to the bedroom door and casually knocked on the door. "Me next, me next!" he purred, laughing. The moaning came to an abrupt stop. Then a thumping. A crash. "Fuck!" Deidara cursed a little too loudly. Sasori opened the door, not bothering to check if they had their clothes on. "S-Sasori!" Hinata squeaked, covering herself with the blanket. Deidara was rubbing a sore spot on his head from where he hit the lamp table. The lamp was shattered on the floor.

"Dammit, Sasori!" he yelled. "What? You're scaring your children." Sasori grinned at how perfectly timed everything was. Tsuki and Yuki were slowly -but surely- making their way to the bedroom to talk to their parents. "T-Twins!" Hinata yelped, hiding herself under her blanket.

"M-Mom... Dad... What were you..." Yuki started, then covered his mouth and looked away, blushing. He had to admit, his mother was sexy.

Sasori felt his inner gay coming back to him after all this time. "Why don't we play with that woodchuck of yours sometime, Yuki?" he flirted, winking. He stared at him, horrified. "Hey, cut that out!" Deidara called, pulling his pants on and walking towards them. "Hinata, say something to him!" Deidara huffed. She was still too embarrassed to emerge from under the covers. Deidara rolled his eyes. "I'd rather you flirt with me than my own son." he told Sasori, who grinned.

After a few minutes, the family was in the living room. The twins felt a sense of deja vu, sitting across from their parents, about to have a short orientation on sexual intercourse.

"Now, kids, we've been through this before." Deidara said in the most fatherly tone he could muster. "What me and Mommy were doing was a good thing."

"Sure sounded like it." Sasori chimed, chuckling. Deidara shook off the growing pink tint to his cheeks. "We were, as you heard, having sex." he admitted, making Hinata fidget uncomfortably. "You've been in this world for fifty-one years now, you should have expected this of us sooner or later." Hinata managed to add to this. "W-We didn't h-hear you two c-come in." she said softly.

"Besides, it was all your mother." Deidara said, laughing. Hinata, who was able to bring out her inner human, blushed.

Tsuki and Yuki just stared. For the longest time, with their mouths agape. Sasori grinned. "Well, wasn't today fun?" he got up and left them to go to his room.

"What was that!?" Tsuki shrieked. "It sounded like you were- Like you were killing each other! Only you liked it!" Yuki agreed, equally freaked out.

"We're sorry! I didn't know we were at it for so long!" Hinata apologized hastily.

"'At it'!? Oh my god!" Tsuki sighed and flumped back in her seat. Yuki did the same. "You two were more than 'at it'!"

Deidara couldn't help but feel proud.

Which was just a little... odd.


A few days later, everyone was able to put the whole thing behind them.

They were able to get back to their normal lives, and to both Deidara and Yuki's relief, they didn't see Sasori's inner gay for a very long time.

Hinata tried to keep her sexual urges to herself, and she succeeded.

Tsuki, who enrolled at the local college met the perfect vampire for her. They were dating in less than a second, much to the annoyance of Deidara. But when they actually met...



It was an awkward moment indeed.

Yuki found a girl for himself at his job. Her name was Claire (yes, THAT Claire), and she held just the right amount of mischief that yuki simply adored. When their parents met...



Yet another awkward moment.

Alas, among all this chaos, this story must come to an official close via epilogue. It is quite clear that a happily ever after is in order, along with a little extra.

The End


(Claire, as in Pein and Konan's daughter in the Akatsuki Trilogy)

Well, that's that.

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