Some Ways to Know you watch Inuyasha too much

Number 1

Hi everyone. I am KatiechanXoxoXSesshoukun, and to start with, I would like to say that I do not own the characters from Inuyasha. This is from my story, 12 Ways to Know you watch Inuyasha too much. I just changed the title a little and combined some of the chapters.

These are little things that tell you that you watch Inuyasha too much. I hope you all like these.

1. You start to dream about the show and what you would do if you were in it.

2. You start wearing kimonos and harikos in red and white with red hexagons.

3. You start calling yourself I, and your name.

4. If you really like Sesshomaru and want to be his mate.

5. You stop showing all emotions except in battle.

6. You want to kill your little twerp brother.

7. You start calling yourself the Lady of the Western Lands.

8. You pack your stuff and move to Japan and start jumping down wells to see if they will take you to your beloved Sesshomaru.

9. You name your cat Kirara.

10. You start carrying around two swords.

­11. You want to bonk little annoying people on the head.

12. You want to dye your hair silver.

13. You start dressing up just like Sesshomaru.

14. You want the Tetsaiga really bad that you would kill Inuyasha for it.

15. You started pretending you are a dog demon.

16. You start to act like Sesshomaru.

17. You started to pretend you are a dog demon like Sesshomaru.

18. You started to pretend that you are a priestess like Kagome.

19. You start to act bullheaded like inuyasha.

20. You get a necklace like Inuyashas and put it around your boyfriend and say sit.

21. You start to to carry a giant boomerang.

22. You suddenly start sensing jewel shards.

23. You start going door to door saying "You have an evil spirit here".

24. You start loving flowers and you want to pick them everyday.

25. You start dripping green poison from your fingers.

26. You start start slapping your boyfriend for touching your butt.

27. You start hating humans but you save one of them.

28. You start bonking little kids on the head.

29. You start dreaming that you are a dog demon and you are mated to Sesshomaru.

30. You start saying "I don't eat human food".

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