Some Ways to Know You Watch Inuyasha Too Much

Number 3

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1. You find a well on your property and jump into it, thinking it will take you to the past but it doesn't, but when you get out of it, you think you are in the Feudal Era.

2. You start using make-up as demonic markings like Sesshomaru's.

3. You start to have weird dreams of you and Sesshomaru as mates fighting Inuyasha.

4. You start to carry a sword to school or where ever you go in case a demon would come to attack you.

5. You start to act like Naraku.

6. You start to act like a pervert towards the person that you love.

7. You start carrying around Sutra's like a priest.

8. You start acting over possessive over a person you love, but they don't love you back.

9. You start to dress like the people of the Feudal Era.

10. You start calling people humans as if they are lower then you.

11. You start a club of the Lord and you are the Lord or Lady of the West.

12. You start wearing a crown and give one to your boyfriend and say that you and him are the Lord and Lady of the Western lands.

These are from my friend MyNameIsKagomeHigurashi:

1. You wear fake dog ears and pretend you're Inuyasha.

2. You only eat Japanese food like Ramen.

3. You buy a costume off EBay that looks like Kagome's outfit.

4. You try to convince your friends at school that Sesshomaru is sexy.

5. You get psychics and witches to get you to Fuedal Japan.

These are from my friend Toph-ums:

1. You start listening to Inuyasha theme songs, though you have no clue what they say.

2. You dream that you're in Fuedal Japan, only to wake up the next morning to be disappointed.

3. You find a flea on one of your pets, and ask if it's Myoga.

And these are from me:

1. You try to convince every one of your friends that dog demons and other demons are real.

2. You find a silver dog somewhere and think that it is Sesshomaru.

3. You go to a pawn shop and find three swords that are Tetsaiga, Tensaiga, and Tokajin, and you buy them.

4. You find a girl that looks like Kagome and ask her, "Hey Kagome where are Inuyasha and the others" and she looks at you like what are you talking about.

These are from my friend MyNameIsKagomeHigurashi:

1. You start going around yelling, "Wind Tunnel" and start dressing up like Miroku.

2. You put on a fake you're short, and spread a rumor that your name is Shippo.

3. You get a cat and put another tail on it and name her Kirara.

4. You get into a band, make them learn an Inuyasha song, and sell a CD for one million dollars each.

5. You grab a piece of paper, cut it into a rectangle, put Kanji symbols on it, and go door to door saying, "This will keep evil spirits away! Buy 3 for only 200 Dollars!"

These are from me:

1. You start wearing a demon slayer's outfit like Sango's including a giant boomerang.

2. You walk around in a mall and spot a store that has nothing but Feudal Era stuff, and you go over to it and ask the manger, "Do you have any dog demons working for you" and he looks at you like you are crazy.

3. You are in class and all of the sudden you feel a jewel shard and you get up and run out of class. When you come back and the teacher says, "Were did you go" and you say, "I felt a jewel shard nearby" and she looks at you and shakes her head and then sends you to the Principal's office.

4. You start training for a sword battle somewhere and when you get there you ask if there are any demons fighting and they look at you and say, "No, demons are just a myth what, are you, crazy? "

5. You start practicing bow and arrow and you become really good. You then spot what you think is a demon so you shout, "Die demon" and you shoot an arrow and when you go over, you find out it was an animal.

6. Your mother finds you meditating in your room and on your bed, and she says, "Honey what are you doing?" "Meditating to find the netherworld," and she shakes her head and leaves.

7. You go to Japan and to one of the shrines and find the priest and you say, "Can you train me to be a miko," and he looks at you and says, "There are no demons, so no I will not train you," and you walk over to him and place a curse on him.

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