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Camp Pop!



Nate Grey solo tour: 'Coming Home' line up:

Support Acts:

Margaret Dupree: Becoming Me

Ele Martin and Jason Grey: Do The Impossible

Mitchie Torres and Shane Grey: This is Me

Mitchie Torres and Caityn Geller: Together

Tess Tyler and Lola Armenio: Shadow


Back to Back


Scared to Sing

Why Should I?

Fading Away


Coming Home

It's My World

Just Friends


There's a Dream


Shout It!

In Love

Lights Out Over New York City


Connect 3: In This Together

Nate took a few deep breaths, looking around at the half-circle of people standing watching him. They were backstage, Tess and Lola had just finished their performance and the crowd were screaming for Nate Grey. Not for Connect 3, for him. He hadn't even stepped onto the stage and he was already starting to realize what he'd been missing. So a few people had been more into his fame than him, they weren't the majority.

Shane and Jason were first, standing side by side. They'd originally planned to watch the show from the auditorium but that had proved impossible due to the crowd of over-enthusiastic fangirls out there. Shane had even admitted to realizing that Nate may have had a point when he got scared of them.

Still, they were here and they were travelling in the tour buses and between gigs they were writing songs for a new album and everything was coming together.

Next in the circle was his new band: Ele on bass, Mitchie on backing guitar and Andy on drums. Three people he hadn't known at the start of the summer and who now he was trusting everything to because they were amazing and they were proof that there were brilliant people in the world.

And last but not least, his girlfriend. The one he never thought he'd find in a million years: the girl who was perfect for him. He met her eyes now and she smiled.

"Okay, guys. Let's rock!"

Everyone cheered and the band ran out on stage to grab their instruments, Jason and Shane mumbling something about going away for a moment which meant they were tactfully giving Nate and Caitlyn some privacy.

"Are you sure you don't want to plug your guitar in too?" she asked uncomfortably. "I mean… just in case."

Nate glanced down at the instrument in his hands. They were getting another two Aquitars made, one a bass, but until then he was using his own, dark grey electric guitar with the Do Not Touch stickers he'd adorned it with when he was twelve. "I trust you," he replied simply.

"Are you sure?"

"I trust you." He leant forwards to kiss her gently. "And I love you and that's all that matters."

She smiled, turning faintly red in the dim lights. "Then go for it."

He pulled her into a hug then slung the guitar strap over his head and ran out onto the stage to a wall of sound. If there had been a microphone he would've walked up to it but without that anchor he had to just head to the middle of the stage, passing Mitchie on the way who gave him a reassuring smile.

The lack of a mike was starting to put him off. Maybe he shoulder get some wires, maybe he should get some completely infallible wires which wouldn't fail and then he'd be fine and then…

He was panicking. He was supposed to be over this but the crowd was huge and he felt ill, like he was back on that night and everyone was swarming forwards and he was turning his head to catch the eye of the tech guys.

His eyes met Caitlyn's and suddenly all the fear was gone. All the fear was gone because there was a small, brown-haired girl who was magical and who he trusted more than anything. Because he loved her.

"Hello L.A!" he shouted, and was greeted by another surging cheer. "I'm Nate Grey. This is my band: Ele Martin, Andy Hunt and Mitchie Torres. I haven't been playing for a while, as you know, but I'm back now because there's magic in the world and you have to believe in it." He struck a few chords and they rang out as though he was connected to every amp in the stadium. "I've got some awesome songs lined up for you this evening, most of them new and unheard so lucky you." He swallowed the usual concert nerves and smiled down at the crowd. "I wrote this song near the start of Camp Rock, at a time when it felt like the whole world was against me. At the time I didn't know who it was written for, but now I do. This song goes out to Caitlyn Geller and it's called Back to Back." He glanced around at the band and they started playing.

"Sometimes it feels, like the world is out to get you.

Sometimes it feels, like all paths lead to the same dead end.

Sometimes it feels, like the world just has no clue.

We close our eyes, we dream and pretend."

He couldn't resist a quick glance into the wings at Caitlyn, who was standing with her mouth slightly open in surprise. "I know that song."

It must've been the helium because he could hear her words in his ear as though she was right beside him. She knew the song? How?

Magic... he remembered sitting in the hut and singing half the words because it felt like someone else was singing them with him and his guitar had been electric but it had sounded incredible and indefinable and...

Maybe he'd been the catalyst all along.

"Sometimes we hope, and sometimes we dream

That nothing in this world, is quite as it seems.

Sometimes we cry, and sometimes we fall

But a friend will take our hand to see us

Through it all

'Cause when the world comes hunting for you

You don't want to feel alone

Stand back to back with me

And I swear we'll make it home.

When the world is getting older

And leaving you behind

Stand with me

I swear I'll never leave your side.

Sometimes you think that nobody wants to know you

Sometimes you think that there's no way to live a dream

Sometimes you think all those happy songs can't be true

But nothing ever is, quite what it seems

Sometimes we wish, and sometimes we pray

That the sun will rise and bring a bright new day

Sometimes we cry and sometimes we fall

But love will take our hand and see us

Through it all

'Cause when the world comes hunting for you

You don't want to feel alone

Stand back to back with me

And I swear we'll make it home.

When the world is getting older

And leaving you behind

Stand with me

I swear I'll never leave your side.

I swear I'll always want to hold you

Don't you know I'll never leave you

Living just to say I love you,

Love you

I pray you'll always want to be with me

Pray you mean it when you say you love me

Pray the future has a life in store for

You and me

'Cause when the world comes hunting for you

You know you're not alone

Stand back to back with me

And I swear we'll make it home.

When the world is getting older

And leaving you behind

Stand with me

I swear I'll never leave your side.

Swear I'll love you until the end of time."

He ran off stage suddenly and grabbed Caitlyn, pulling her out into the spotlight with him. "This is Caitlyn Geller," he announced to the audience, as the band started up the next song behind him. "She's my girlfriend and my best friend and I love her." And he kissed her in front of everyone to thunderous applause and cheers and whistles and when he moved away she was smiling like she never wanted to stop.

"And here we are," he sang, staring into her eyes and holding her close.

"Riding off into the sunset,

With a happily ever after

To see us on our way

Fade to black

Show the credits

And everybody's leaving

It's the end

But the end

Is just the start of a brand new day."