This story is based on the developing relationship between John and Cameron, including Sarah and Derek and the interactions between these main characters. It starts off two weeks after Cameron was caught in the car bomb in Season 1. There is a different storyline to Season 2, as I began writing this earlier in the year. However in later chapters there will be some references to Season 2. Other characters will also be introduced in later chapters and the level of action will also increase.

Chapter 1 - Moving On

Looking in the mirror, Cameron gently tore off the last dressing from her forehead.

"It's healed pretty quick hasn't it" came John's voice from behind her.

Cameron reached for her make up to cover up the slight scarring that was left.

John had waited nervously for the last two weeks to see if Cameron's burns would heal. He still couldn't wipe the sound of that explosion from his head.

But he was glad it was Cameron in the jeep, it so easily could have been his mother!

"There, all put back together now" said Cameron as she turned towards John. She seemed so unaffected by her ordeal.

John smiled at her "As good as new" he said, relieved that she was a machine and not a 'real' person. The living tissue that covered her metal endoskeleton had advanced healing properties and was able to repair far easier and quicker than ordinary human skin, which would have reqiured extensive plastic surgery over a long period of time. And John had helped with the recovery process by cleaning Cameron's wounds and changing her dressings every day.

"We best get our things ready for our new school tomorrow" said Cameron.

"Yeah, again!" sighed John, not really happy about it.

After the jeep had exploded, Sarah and Derek whisked John and injured Cameron away to another location the other side of LA. Sarkisian and his gang had not only known where they were living but also knew Sarah and John's identities which could lead the authorities or the terminators like Cromartie to them. It was just too risky to stay there.

John was used to this now, he knew that as soon as he got comfortable he would have to move on. So there he was again, new home and a new school to go to.

Early the next morning, John sat at the kitchen table while his Mother placed a plate of hot pancakes infront of him.

"I really don't see the point of going to school, mom. What's the point when the world is going to end in four years?" complained John.

"So that I know where you are and that your safe" replied Sarah.

"But I should be out with you trying to find the Turk and to try to stop Judgement Day" said John.

"Look John" Sarah said in her snappy voice "Derek and I will find the Turk, or do whatever we have to. You just finish your breakfast and get yourself off to school".

On their way to school John and Cameron chatted just like they were ordinary teenagers.

John couldn't keep his eyes off Cameron, she looked amazing.

"Why do people need to yell?" asked Cameron.

"For all sorts of reasons, maybe they're angry about something, I don't know. Why do you ask that?"

"Your mom is allways yelling" said Cameron.

John laughed "That's because she's a 'Mom'. Mom's allways yell, and I guess so do...". His tone of voice then changed as he remembered that he has never had his dad around him.

As they walked near to the school John slowed his pace. "So are we going as brother and sister again?" asked John.

"Yes" Replied Cameron. "You are John Baum and I am Cameron Baum. We are from..".

"I know that, it's just..." He looked at Cameron. He hated pretending they were brother and sister as even though she was just a machine he had really grown attracted to her. "It's just, oh never mind. Come on or we'll be late".

They rushed off towards their new school.

At lunchtime, John and Cameron sat in the school yard to eat their lunch. Or should I say John eat his lunch and have second helpings off Cameron.

"John, thankyou!" said Cameron as she looked into John's face.

"For what?" replied John, suprised.

"For taking care of me and making me better" said Cameron.

"But I'm the one who should be thanking you. You saved my life and your always there for me" John reached out over the table and held Cameron's hand.

"It's my mission to be here for you. In the future we are there for each other" said Cameron.

John wasn't sure what she meant by this. What was going to happen between them in the future? What was it going to be like in the future? A cold shiver rushed down his back. Each time this thought about 'his future' came to his mind he would try to shut it out.

Cameron squeezed John's hand and he came 'back to earth' again. "What's the matter John?" Cameron asked.

He looked at Cameron, her soft brown eyes staring into his. "Nothing, I'm fine" He replied, not able to tell her the turmoil that was going on inside his head. She wouldn't understand anyway, she was just a machine she would never understand his feelings.

"You seem troubled by something" said Cameron.

'How could she possibly sense that', John thought. "How do you know? How can you know about being troubled?" John asked Cameron in a soft voice.

"Because I'm an advanced model and I can analize changes in human emotions. And your pulse is suddenly high..." With that John loosened his hand from Cameron's, unsure of exactly what she could sense.

"So can you tell anything about people's feelings?" asked John curiously.

"I cannot analize pain" replied Cameron.

"No that's not what I mean't. I mean feelings, as in how a person is thinking?" said John wondering if she could sense how he felt about her.

"Telepathy?" asked Cameron

"No, like how a person is thinking or feeling about something or someone, like an emotion" said John.

"I can tell if a person is happy or sad, is that what you mean?" said Cameron.

"Yeah, kind of". John decided to end it there, it was getting confusing. He daren't have asked her if she could analize any emotion or feelings or thoughts in him.

"Come on" said John as he got up from the table "We'd better get back for our afternoon lessons".

Cameron followed him, yet again as his protector.