Better Left Alone

Better Left Alone

By Gecko

"Superman," Shayera asked Clark one day, "how do you wear your cape underneath all of your clothes?"

Clark gave her a funny look. "Pardon?"

"You wear your costume under your civilian clothing, right?"

"Yes . . . ."

"Well, then how do you wear your cape underneath without looking like a hunchback?"

Clark opened and closed his mouth a few times, looking baffled, before countering her with, "How do you put your shirts on with your wings there?"

"Yes, how do you do that?" Diana piped up, "I've always wondered that, but I keep forgetting to ask."

Shayera looked at them blankly. "Uh . . . ."

"Diana," J'onn said suddenly, "this reminds me. You are Greek, yet your costume is patriotic to America and your name is Roman. Why is this?"

She narrowed her eyes. "Are you questioning my herit –"

"I am not questioning anything of the sort," J'onn said soothingly, "I am merely trying to understand the logic"

"Hmph. Well, shouldn't you logically turn back into your true Martian form when you are unconscious, rather than the one you are in now?"

While J'onn tried to figure out how to answer that, Bruce walked into the room, soon followed by Wally.

"Hey, Bats," he began, :how come the Gothamites haven't figured out your identity? I know, Batman's all dark and scary and Bruce Wayne's . . . not, but how many guys are there in Gotham who have a good enough reason to be all 'anti-crime' and have the money to get all your gadgets and batvehicles and stuff?"

Bruce sent him a long slow look.

"How come you're still alive?"

Wally blinked. "Come again?"

Bruce said again slowly, "How come you're still alive? You shouldn't be able to survive the speeds you run at. The wind should at least break every bone in your body."

Just then, John walked into the room. "Sorry I'm late, there was – what?" He felt disgruntled by the stares the others were giving him. "Is something wrong?"

"I can't think of anything," Shayera said.

"Me neither," Clark agreed. Diana shook her head.

"Nothing comes to mind," J'onn admitted.

Wally grinned. "I guess you're perfect, GL."

Bruce narrowed his eyes. Then –

"Why are you late?"